20 Ideas to Install Bathroom Splashback (1)

Vinyl, cement, glass, mosaic, tiles or even laminate, there are many formats, textures and colors of splashback. It is true, originally the splashback is mainly installed in kitchens to protect walls and furniture against all dirt and splashes. However, with the help of its many advantages, splashback is more and more present in bathrooms. So between tips, advice and decorative inspirations, come and discover how to install bathroom splashback.

1. Install a bathroom splashback for decoration

Install a bathroom splashback for decoration (1)

This is certainly one of the first reasons people think of when it comes to having a splashback in this room. Available in many materials and finishes, this wall covering is resolutely aesthetic and gives the bathroom a unique and personalized touch. Vegetal atmosphere, floral patterns, shades of colors… Anything goes and you can let your imagination run wild!

2. Install a bathroom splashback to protect your walls

Install a bathroom splashback to protect your walls (1)

It’s not just our exterior walls that are subject to moisture problems! The interior walls also and this is particularly the case in the bathroom. This room is a humid place constantly subjected to water splashes, your walls near a faucet are put to the test. To avoid this, the credenza turns out to be very useful. Completely waterproof when properly installed, it acts as a barrier against infiltration.

3. Install a bathroom splashback for easy maintenance

Install a bathroom splashback for easy maintenance (1)

Just like the walls in the kitchen, those in the bathroom are also put to the test on a daily basis: splashes of toothpaste, shampoo, soap and cleaning products gradually end up damaging it. The splashback protects the wall surface and also allows for simplified maintenance: you usually just need to wipe the surface with a damp sponge.

4. Vinyl bathroom splashback

Vinyl bathroom splashback (1)

Adhesive vinyl splashback is budget friendly and offers a wide variety of paterns. On the other hand, it will not be as durable over time as a splashback in another material …

5. Bathroom splashback in composite or laminate panel

Bathroom splashback in composite or laminate panel (1)

The splashback made of laminated panels is a good compromise for those who want an aesthetic and inexpensive result. Available in a wide range of colors and finishes, laminate panels can imitate multiple materials such as wood, marble, stone, aluminum, stainless steel or cement. You can therefore give the illusion of having a luxurious bathroom at a reduced cost! For a more durable and upscale rendering, opt for composite panels, with equally varied renderings.

6. The tiled bathroom splashback

The tiled bathroom splashback (1)

Classic in the bathroom as in the kitchen, wall tiles or earthenware is mostly made of glazed stoneware. Adapting to both classic style and modern design, wall tiles are available in multiple colors and finishes. Its installation, on the other hand, is more complex and requires the intervention of a professional.

7. The mosaic bathroom splashback

The mosaic bathroom splashback (1)

With its little retro side, the mosaic splashback is perfect for giving character to a washbasin, which we will choose sober enough to avoid visually overloading the space or completely covered with the same mosaic , for a pool spirit. Its installation must be carried out perfectly so that the maintenance is simple and that the tiles do not catch the limestone.

8. Glass bathroom splashback

Glass bathroom splashback (1)

More delicate to maintain, the glass splashback is nevertheless more and more trendy. Placed transparently on a wall, it is ideal for highlighting a paint color or a frieze. Reflecting light, glass can also serve as a mirror and give a sense of grandeur to the room. Its installation requires a complete preparation of the wall which must be carried out by a qualified craftsman.

9. The cement bathroom splashback

The cement bathroom splashback (1)

For a successful vintage effect, cement tiles offer a perfect result! Thanks to its many colors and its infinite possibilities of patterns, this splashback satisfies all desires, can be done in any decor and ensures a tailor-made rendering.

10. Vinyl: ideal for small budgets

Vinyl ideal for small budgets (1)

One of the advantages of vinyl is that it is suitable for every low cost bathroom remodeling project. In addition, it offers a wide variety of patterns. Retro vintage style, art deco, vegetal, geometric, neutral, elegant… all universes are allowed! However, be careful to put the splashback to avoid any infiltration into the wall.

Are you a fan of art deco style? Here is an example of vinyl that you might like! Thin and triangular lines in brown / gray tones, it is a soft retro atmosphere that awaits you.

11. Neo art deco atmosphere

neo art deco atmosphere (1)

Still in this neo art deco atmosphere , here is a second example that works just as well. In white and khaki green, this cement tile effect vinyl is perfect for bathrooms. In addition, associated with the copper sink, this little colorful touch brings modernity, thus counterbalancing the vintage look of the splashback.

12. Composite or laminate panel

Composite or laminate panel (1)

The panel is an excellent combo between aesthetics and low budget. Indeed, between ranges of colors, textures and various finishes, the laminated panel can imitate wood, marble, stone, aluminum, stainless steel or even cement. The latter thus gives the impression of an elegant and sophisticated bathroom at low cost! The copper panel will add a trendy touch to any bathroom. Its light reflections will diffuse shine and clarity throughout the room. Clever isn’t it?

13. Urban jungle atmospheres

urban jungle atmospheres (1)

Rather adept at urban jungle atmospheres? So opt for this vegetable splashback that will bring a little nature to your bathroom. Each piece has a different pattern. This blend brings a deconstructed note, thus creating more textures and an intriguing visual effect.

14. Tiled bathroom splashback

Tiled bathroom splashback (1)

Earthenware, generally made of glazed stoneware, lends itself to all styles. Whether classic, modern or industrial, there is something for everyone. However, the installation is more complex than the other splashbacks. It is therefore advisable to call in a professional.

In terms of visual, all desires are possible. Square, rectangle or fish effect tiles, let your imagination run wild. Fish-scale effect splashbacks are a frequent feature of bathrooms. In shades of blue / green, its cool colors spread freshness throughout the room. Associated with brass elements, these add a note of modernity.

15. Opt for mosaic

opt for mosaic (1)

The idea is to deposit it sparingly in order to avoid overloading the room. On the whole of a wall or in a frieze above the sink, the mosaic can enhance each of the decorations. However, be careful to position the splashback in order to facilitate maintenance and prevent lime deposits.

Blue splashback with green reflections and wooded mirror in the form of the sun, this bathroom plunges us into Mediterranean waters. In addition, the mosaics can also very well take on hexagonal forms. Here, in bluish tones, the latter offers a sober and elegant atmosphere.

16. Cement bathroom splashback for a retro effect

Cement bathroom splashback for a retro effect (1)

Always in a retro atmosphere, the cement splashback also adapts very well. There are endless possibilities and combinations. So don’t hesitate any longer! Juggle, play, mix colors, materials and textures as you see fit.

I love the structure in the form of a chevron decoration . Indeed, pastel ice blue brings softness while illuminating and enlarging the room. In addition, using the chevron format, the latter offers modernity and design. It is a real burst of freshness that is offered to us.

17. Bathed in powdery pink tones

Bathed in powdery pink tones (1)

There is also the horizontal splashback. Here, bathed in powdery pink tones , a retro allure is diffused. In addition, the double round basin as well as the curved shape of the mirror reinforces this vintage allure thus harmonizing perfectly with the atmosphere of the room. Finally, darker finishes in black tones reinforce the character of the bathroom.

18. Aluminum, a new bathroom ally

Aluminum, a new bathroom ally

Usually installed in a kitchen, aluminum is increasingly needed in bathrooms. Equipped with a fine protection, it ensures a barrier and a support against any deterioration. However, relatively higher than the previous ones, it is however possible to lay a polyethylene panel covered with a layer of aluminum. The price will thus be lower.

19. A glass splashback for a spacious effect

A glass splashback (1)

More and more trendy, the glass splashback is ideal to highlight a painted wall or a frieze. It will bring brightness and grandeur to the room with the help of the light rays reflecting on the wall. However, she requires more thoroughness in her interview. Its installation also requires the intervention of a qualified craftsman to prepare the wall beforehand.

20. Relief earthenware

Relief earthenware (1)

With its shapes that stand out, earthenware in relief brings a plus to the decor of the bathroom. Undulating shapes, colored bubbles or trompe l’oeil, the 3D shapes of certain earthenware guarantee a rare decoration, as if the wall were textured. Depending on the relief motif chosen, you can give your bathroom a romantic style (moldings, floral or arabesque patterns) or on the contrary a very modern style (bubbles, geometric, waves …).