25 Ideas of a Yellow Kitchen to Make Your Interior Sparkle (1)

Yellow is a bold design choice. To avoid the design faux pas, I therefore suggest you discover 25 yellow and design kitchens from which you can be inspired to create your own.

1. Modern kitchen

Modern kitchen (1)

This kitchen is in a contemporary style. Yellow accompanies much more neutral colors like black, woody and gray. It allows it to stand out more without it taking an integral place in the room. The latter gains in sobriety by its mat colors but in intensity by its luminous yellow.

In short, a pretty kitchen in tune with the times which manages to have a little something extra with its little touch of the sun.

2. New York cafe vibe

New York cafe vibe (1)

This countertop kitchen has a charming New York café vibe. It is very fresh and welcoming. Unlike the previous kitchen, this one has more shiny colors which attract even more light whether on the furniture or on the floor except on the yellow which remains rather matte.

Here you have a very trendy kitchen with a yellow that combines with other colors that attract clarity not by their color but not their finish.

3. The yellow and black kitchen

The yellow and black kitchen (1)

Matte black is very trendy for kitchens lately. It recalls an industrial side appreciated by many. Associated with yellow, you gain in brightness and originality. Indeed, it is very rare to see such a kitchen and yet it has a lot of character. Between sobriety and luminosity, mystery and warmth, yellow brightens up this room with perfection.

4. Small touch of yellow in a black kitchen

Small touch of yellow in a black kitchen (1)

Here, black is clearly predominant in this room. The idea is to bring a touch of eccentricity to the room with the yellow but without overdoing it. And, we notice that the luminosity of this small yellow part manages very well to contrast with the dark side. You could call this cuisine “eccentric sobriety”.

So if the yellow hue scares you a little too much for your kitchen, it’s an idea that can be a good compromise between what you want and what you dare.

5. White and pastel yellow kitchen

White and pastel yellow kitchen (1)

Pastel colors are very popular at the moment. Their softness attracts a lot of people in the decoration and yellow is no exception.

Here, yellow is associated with a backsplash in metro tiles, two luminous shades that oppose the worktop and the table and chair assortment. A very pleasant and fresh coordination. Yellow is soft and has its place in this kitchen.

6. Pale yellow kitchen

Pale yellow kitchen (1)

Another kitchen style with a pastel yellow but much more present this time. It encompasses almost the entire room as well as part of the wall. Very few elements contrast and yet the room remains very warm and not at all stuffy. You can notice that this kitchen is rather clean and minimalist, which favors the fact that it is light and not oppressive. 

Pastel yellow is a great alternative when you’re not sure if you want to take the plunge. It illuminates the room at its level and does not crush it even if there is a lot of it.

7. A retro kitchen

A retro kitchen (1)

The retro, this trend which is back soaring! This kitchen is somewhat reminiscent of the 1960s with this chick yellow, its oval shapes on its furniture and its diamonds on the floor. A very pleasant flashback for vintage enthusiasts. A duo of clarity with this very bright yellow and this gray stainless steel effect. If you like the sixties, this cuisine is sure to please you!

8. A yellow kitchenette in a studio

A yellow kitchenette in a studio (1)

So yes, you might think that yellow is an invasive color but if it is placed well and in good quantity, it can have a very nice rendering even in a small space such as the kitchenette of a studio.

Here, yellow is married with a totally white decoration, so it finds its place perfectly and brings a trendy effect to this space. It is all the more judicious to put yellow in a house such as a studio because the square meters are generally not very numerous and the yellow will give an impression of larger by its clarity!

9. An ultra yellow kitchen

An ultra yellow kitchen (1)

This kitchen is for you if you are a daring (even very, very daring) person. A kitchen with a total yellow look to neon lights, so that’s for sure, you surely won’t see it at one of your loved ones. This may be one of the reasons that will make you take the leap?

If you have atypical accommodation, it can be very nice and go very well with your other rooms.

10. Subtle blend of shades

subtle blend of shades (1)

Look at the subtle blend of shades that is used in this kitchen. The seats are slightly darker than the worktop and thus allow the effect of a pure yellow theme to be broken and varied without departing from the theme that has been chosen.

11. Yellow highlights the warm tones of the wood

yellow highlights the warm tones of the wood (1)

Here, each material appears to have been carefully chosen to accentuate the brighter parts of the color palette. The yellow highlights the warm tones of the wood while the coppery bronze seems to reflect the depth of the orange.

12. Lacquered finish

lacquered finish (1)

Here, for this kitchen deceptively open to the outside, a lacquered finish was chosen to reflect the garden inside the kitchen.

13. Minimalist kitchen

minimalist kitchen (1)

In this kitchen, the yellow tones are brought by the color of the wood. Mainly white, this minimalist kitchen is designed thanks to these warm and subtle tones.

14. Perfect vibrant yellow

perfect vibrant yellow (1)

I like this kitchen because here, the yellow color is used to delimit the spaces in a clear and frank way. The kitchen then becomes a perfect vibrant yellow cube encompassing every work surface and even the floor.

15. Yellow with green and red

Yellow with green and red (1)

The kitchen here is bright yellow, the seating pale green, and a hint of red emerges from the living room. Like what the colors can marry perfectly if they are used well.

16. Perfect monochromatic kitchen

perfectly monochromatic kitchen (1)

Here is another perfectly monochromatic kitchen. The only variation comes from metal utensils; a great way to recall with Eames metal chairs in the dining room.

17. Chairs are the only yellow furniture in the kitchen

chairs are the only yellow furniture in this kitchen (1)

While the chairs are the only yellow furniture in this kitchen, the theme is however respected with the use of pots, coffee mugs, and other utensils in this color.

18. Subtle mix of accessories and furnishings

subtle mix of accessories and furnishings (1)

Yet another kitchen from this selection of yellow kitchens that uses a subtle mix of accessories and furnishings to create a yellow kitchen respecting our theme of the day. Note that the lighting also helps to respect the theme.

19. Yellow sublimited by the light

Yellow sublimited by the light (1)

In this kitchen, the yellow is once again sublimated by the light. Do not neglect the lighting of your room, it is a determining element!

20. Yellow with dark colors

Yellow with dark colors (1)

If you want to bring color to a dark colored kitchen, sometimes just one element is enough to liven it up.

21. Tile made of white, brown and yellow herringbone

tile made of white, brown and yellow herringbone (1)

In this kitchen, it is a tile made of white, brown and yellow herringbone that brings color. The yellow tiles have been strategically positioned in order to break the symmetry in certain places.

22. Different types of yellow on a wall of a kitchen

Different types of yellow on a wall of a kitchen (1)

Another tip to try in yellow (or very colorful) kitchens: try color gradients. Here, a single wall painted in seven different colors brings personality to a drab kitchen.

23. Yellow for a vintage kitchen

Yellow for a vintage kitchen (1)

Give an old kitchen a makeover with the Pantone 2021 color duo. A touch of modernity that we love!

24. A touch of yellow in a gray kitchen

A touch of yellow in a gray kitchen (1)

Very elegant, gray is perfect for a small or large kitchen. To brighten up a dark shade, add a touch of bright yellow by repainting the furniture!

25. Gray and bright yellow

Gray and bright yellow (1)

Adopt the pantone 2021 shades by combining gray with a luminous yellow.