25 Ideas of Yellow Armchairs to Illuminate Your Living Room

Yellow is currently popular and we know why. It gives shine and light to a room. He wakes her up by bringing more warmth and friendliness. On an armchair, this shade works wonders, adding a lot to your living room. One piece is enough for a very trendy atmosphere, because yellow is currently very trendy in its mustard, curry or paler tones.

1. Mustard yellow armchair

Mustard yellow armchair (1)

Regulars of For Interior know that there has already been talk of mustard yellow, so much this color is in line with the trend. If you are particularly fond of this shade, you will definitely adopt a mustard yellow armchair for your living room. I have also found a model that can only delight you! This is the Quilda mustard armchair. Cozy and lounge as you wish, it has welcoming lines and ideal proportions, making it a great ally in any room of the house. It is covered with a mottled fabric which gives it a retro charm, which will not leave fans of vintage furniture unmoved!

2. Yellow velvet seat

Yellow velvet seat (1)

The velvet is a sought material for its cozy and chic, so Deco boudoir. Is this exactly the effect you are looking for for your future living room armchair? This category should therefore interest you! I present to you my favorite model. The yellow velvet Sacha seat from Maisons du Monde is quite representative of the genre, with its slender silhouette dressed in velvet. You will be able to appreciate its simple lines of vintage inspiration and its trendy mustard color. In short, a very nice piece to get urgently if you want to add an elegant touch to your stay.

3. Cheap yellow armchair


Bringing style to your stay without breaking the bank is absolutely possible. The proof with this first category devoted to the cheap yellow armchair. In view of the favorite model, you will see that quality and price are at the rendezvous, with a model with stunning rendering. The yellow Jimi armchair by La Redoute Interieurs has everything to seduce, whether with its Scandinavian-inspired lines or its price. This room displays an unparalleled style, which will delight lovers of vintage design and sublimate all styles of living room. Comfort is not to be outdone, with its most ergonomic padded seat, promising moments of relaxation under the best auspices.

4. Scandinavian mustard yellow armchair


Scandinavian furniture is particularly appreciated for its sober and warm lines and for the retro style it can convey. If you therefore tend to succumb to Nordic-inspired pieces, a Scandinavian yellow armchair will be the one for you. Signed by Maisons du Monde, the Scandinavian Iceberg armchair combines vintage spirit and Nordic design in one room. Its vibrant yellow color will bring a resolutely pop touch to your living room, not to mention its as comfortable seat as possible and its tapered feet, an indisputable sign of its belonging to the great family of Scandinavian-inspired furniture.

5. Designer armchair


Do you swear by designer furniture for your stay? Opting for a yellow designer armchair will then make sense! There are many models and it was complicated for me to stop at only one! It is, however, done and I am convinced that it will undoubtedly meet your expectations. Still signed La Redoute Interieurs, the designer yellow armchair Watford will meet all the criteria of choice for lovers of designer furniture. It is indeed made up of a crossed metal base with an airy rendering, on which rests a seat and a backrest with the most contemporary mottled upholstery. Everything is offered at an excellent quality / price ratio and the comfort that we imagine absolute.

6. Yellow wing chair

Yellow wing chair (1)

The wing chair embodies chic elegance par excellence, without being pompous. Quite the contrary, because a wing chair displays a rendering that is meant to be contemporary. The Crueso winged model can only catch your eye with its optimal comfort and design that goes off the beaten track. Significant bonus: it is associated with a footrest guaranteeing comfort and support in all circumstances.

7. Yellow lounge chair

Yellow lounge chair (1)

Nothing like a note of yellow to brighten up your stay with a tonic note! Here is an ideal model for the living room: the Sao Paulo armchair from Maisons du Monde. Solar and elegant, it has a comfortable seat and a high backrest, for better curling up. Its velvet touch is most pleasant and its armrests allow perfect ergonomics. A sure bet to adopt with your eyes closed for your living room!

8. Vintage yellow seat


You who love the retro style, know that a yellow vintage armchair will meet your style requirements. A model of this kind will ideally be endowed with clean lines and compass feet, undeniably reminiscent of Scandinavian-inspired pieces of furniture. The Moby armchair, from the Made collection, will delight aficionados of retro furniture with its resolutely vintage look. It combines comfort and style thanks to its clean lines and generous seat resting on tapered legs with a walnut finish. A timeless yellow vintage armchair that can easily be integrated into all universes, which you can combine with the coordinated footrest for even more comfort and harmony.

9. Yellow garden armchair

Yellow garden armchair (1)

The Abeleira garden armchair, from the Drawer collection, is reminiscent of the famous Acapulco armchair. Its solar lines and shimmering hue promise beautiful moments of relaxation, inside and out. Robust and timeless, it is an asset of choice for all decoration universes. This model is sold in sets of two pieces, associated with a black counterpart sound.

10. Used yellow armchair


For even more character and authenticity, fans of vintage furniture will opt for a second-hand yellow armchair. Where to find such a part? You will indeed find at this essential second-hand furniture, a wide choice of second-hand yellow armchairs. It may be the model of your dreams!

11. Contemporary lines

contemporary lines (1)

This armchair combines contemporary lines with a Scandinavian design. We like its simple design and its graphic rendering due to its square frame. Its golden yellow fabric is very elegant and brings a lot of shine to your living room. We also like its enveloping shape.

12. Egg Pod designer chair

Egg Pod designer chair (1)

This very pretty armchair with its very enveloping shape evokes the iconic Egg Pod designer chair. It will bring a very design and decorative touch to your room. We love its velvet covering which perfectly matches this pretty shade of yellow. We love its silhouette with very singular lines that are conducive to relaxation.

13. Comfortable armchair

comfortable armchair (1)

This comfortable armchair, available in a pretty warm shade of yellow, is particularly welcoming and illuminates your room with its very light and refined design.

14. Fairly classic design

fabric armchair (1)

This fabric armchair retains a fairly classic design, but revisited. The dark yellow hue is softened by the blue cushion which provides an interesting contrast. The carpet placed nearby highlights this room.

15. timeless and iconic look

timeless and iconic look (1)

This chair with a timeless and iconic look in yellow canvas goes perfectly with different styles of decoration. We can marry it like here with a black model which highlights it.

16. elegant armchair

elegant armchair (1)

These yellow armchairs are very elegant thanks to the finesse of their metal base in particular. They can perfectly integrate into a very modern living room , but also more classic to give it pep’s. The advantage of this simple design is that it blends very easily, in different styles.

17. Small armchair

small armchair (1)

This small armchair is the perfect complement to contemporary sofas. It takes up little space and can be found anywhere to provide additional seating. Its wooden feet provide a very warm appearance. Its line remains light due to the absence of armrests.

18. Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style (1)

The Scandinavian style has struck again on the design of this armchair with the comfortable and soft seat. We love its high quilted backrest with vertical seams, simple lines that invite you to relax. It can very well be integrated into a modern or retro style or complement a room with a Scandinavian spirit.

19. For relaxation

for relaxation (1)

You have relaxation and appeasement in the evening when you come home, this chair meets your expectations perfectly. Settle into its enveloping and comfortable seat, and let yourself be gently rocked. We love the rounded and soft shape of this rocking chair. It is the cozy piece of furniture par excellence. The metal structure is fixed on wooden poles so as not to damage your floors.

20. Yellow toad armchair

yellow toad armchair (1)

This little yellow toad armchair with its low, padded backrest is irresistible. Its cone-shaped white wooden feet give a lot of charm to this small seat. This small armchair easily finds its place in a large hallway, bedroom or living room.

21. Versatile and comfortable

versatile and comfortable (1)

This chair is versatile and comfortable. Due to its compact design, it can also double as a dining chair. You use it as you want while enjoying its curved backrest offering an excellent level of comfort. We like the refinement of the quilted backrest and its low price.

22. With rounded and padded backrest

with rounded and padded backrest (1)

This comfortable armchair with its rounded and padded backrest has a designer line and a Scandinavian look. It can be harmonized with a large sofa of the same type, but in a contrasting color. Its soft and comfortable seat and elegant backrest reinforce the charm of this velvet armchair.

23. Chic and elegant armchair

chic and elegant armchair (1)

This chic and elegant armchair will seduce you with its high, slightly curved backrest and its soft seat. We love its contemporary design which finds its place everywhere and in any room of your home. It is very comfortable and brings an indisputable decorative note.

24. Minimalist and simple design

minimalist and simple (1)

This yellow armchair features a minimalist and simple design. We like its fairly relaxed style thanks to the marriage of the solid ash wood base and its fabric. It is very easy to maintain, because it is treated against stains. It presents an elegant and very welcoming line.

25. Original design

original design (1)

All the originality of this model lies in its yellow corduroy which contrasts perfectly with the structure in avenged ash. It is a pretty model, very comfortable and so welcoming that it makes you want to curl up in it.