30 Ideas to Decorate Your Interior in Indigo Color (1)

Indigo is traditionally considered a color in its own right. Moreover, it is part of the color wheel and is also found on the rainbow; between blue and purple. Indigo is both deep and vibrant. It is getting closer to blue on the color wheel. Not everyone wants to decorate their home with this color even if it is not as overwhelming and like red and orange. And yet, it is an option worth considering as it can add a really special touch to interior design. Discover in this post some ideas to decorate your interior in indigo; whatever your decorating style.

1. Indigo-colored furniture

Indigo-colored furniture (1)

What can we say about the furniture that bears this color? Well, they are simply refined! Whether it is wooden furniture painted in this color or upholstered furniture, they can be particularly sublime when they are indigo in color. This is valid for all furniture; from velvet sofas to simple wooden chairs, including shabby chic wardrobes and sideboards. Indigo furniture is easily the focal point of a decor.

2. An indigo accent wall

An indigo accent wall (1)

We can say that indigo is an intensive color. Therefore, if you are worried about overdoing it, you could choose a wall section and create an indigo accent wall in one of the rooms of the house. Choose your favorite shade and give your living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom a new look. To help you with the rest of the decor, know that indigo goes perfectly with white, gray, other shades of blue and neutral colors. Indigo adapts to all styles; whether you are a fan of classic or luxurious design.

3. Indigo-colored fabrics

Indigo-colored fabrics (1)

If you are looking for fairly simple and economical ways to incorporate this color into your interior design, consider fabrics! This is a very good thing because if you ever do not like the color in the end, or you get bored of it quickly, you will not waste it. By fabrics we mean the cushions on the sofa and armchairs, the tablecloth and the table runner in the dining room or the bedding in the bedroom. You could also incorporate indigo into any room in the house using curtains.

4. Decorative accessories

Decorative accessories (1)

In case you don’t fancy creating an accent wall, investing in new furniture, or replacing your upholstery, there is one more option left – decorative items. It’s also a good idea to use color in moderation in your interior design. It can be lamps, works of art, vases or any other decorative accessory that you like and that carries this famous color.

5. Decorative showpieces

Decorative showpieces (1)

Capable of a thousand and one shades, indigo blue is particularly popular in glassware, earthenware and pottery. In an immaculate space, these creations reveal all their subtlety!

6. Indigo kitchen

Indigo kitchen (1)

A shade of indigo blue and here is a rustic chic inspired kitchen suddenly takes on a wildly original character!

7. Tie and dye effect

tie and dye effect (1)

The indigo blue color lends itself wonderfully to a tie and dye effect. And contrary to popular belief, this effect is not exclusively reserved for interiors with an ethnic spirit! A beautiful combination of prints, and your interior displays a stunning and soft graphic look at the same time!

8. Combination of indigo blue and white

Combination of indigo blue and white (1)

Skillfully dosed, the combination of indigo blue and white brings an exotic air to the bedroom. This tandem also allows for a balanced atmosphere, between invigorating light and serenity.

9. Temper the shine of indigo blue

temper the shine of indigo blue (1)

To temper the shine of indigo blue while retaining its luminosity, we associate it with a cream shade. We love the Tie & Dye effect as a base, a pretext to deploy a pretty palette of blue, which perfectly highlights the depth of indigo blue.

10. Indigo bedroom

Indigo bedroom (1)

Daring the indigo blue accent wall? Good idea ! For a cocooning room, we favor a minimalist decor and neutral and soft tones, such as gray.

11. Indigo entrance

Indigo entrance (1)

In a space like the entrance or the living room, we dare to use more vitamin accessories. Indigo blue is ideal for highlighting the orange color, as well as the coral color.

12. With some golden touch

With some golden touch (1)

With its tendency to ogle the purple side, indigo blue makes a perfect backdrop for a lavender-colored print. We love the golden touch, which perfectly highlights the delicacy of this pretty floral pattern.

13. An arty-inspired interior

an arty-inspired interior (1)

Do you fall for an arty-inspired interior? Pair indigo blue with a dazzling ultramarine blue, like this sublime Majorelle blue . The good idea? Bet on black to structure the whole. Finally, beware of the riot of colors: orange, yellow or red work… as long as you choose only one!

14. Indigo blue with gren tableware

Indigo blue with gren tableware (1)

Indigo blue goes wonderfully with green. We are particularly fond of the indigo & celadon green duo, ideal in an interior with a vegetal or slow life atmosphere.

15. Wonderful contrast to the palette of yellows and oranges

wonderful contrast to the palette of yellows and oranges (1)

Indigo blue provides a wonderful contrast to the palette of yellows and oranges. A particularly interesting feature for creating an elegant table. This powerful blue creates a beautiful harmony with the gold, which sublimates its depth. Here, a border is enough for this indigo tableware to take on a precious allure!

16. Dare the total indigo blue look

Dare the total indigo blue look (1)

Should we dare the total indigo look? Yes of course ! To allow the decoration to breathe, we associate it with a delicate shade of light lilac, which brings light without producing a violent contrast. This trick will also delicately sublimate the purple side of indigo.

17. Reveal the purple side of indigo

reveal the purple side of indigo (1)

The perfect shade to fully reveal the purple side of indigo? If only one had to be chosen, it would certainly be sea ​​green , particularly effective for highlighting indigo blue furniture or curtains.

18. Indigo in a bathroom

Indigo in a bathroom (1)

This deep, exotic and fresh color is perfect for a room such as the bathroom. It creates a calm atmosphere conducive to relaxation while also ensuring its originality due to the power it releases. This is a great option for an original bathroom, but not ostentatious.

19. Indigo in a kitchen

Indigo in a kitchen (1)

Even if this is not necessarily the room in which we expect this shade, you will see that it can be declined in different ways and in different tones. Pure indigo gives a lot of class and style to this space, the lighter shades give a lot of softness and freshness and they are very subtle.

20. Indigo in the bedroom

Indigo in the bedroom (1)

In the bedroom, indigo blue is a shade that gives life while remaining restful and soothing because it is calm and deep. We also like its invitation to travel which allows you to fall asleep peacefully towards pretty distant dreams. You can perfectly put it on a wall, on a headboard, on bed linen, on cushions, a rug, in short, it’s up to you to see how you want to integrate it into your room.

21. In a Scandinavian spirit

In a Scandinavian spirit (1)

In a predominantly Scandinavian atmosphere, indigo blue brings depth and above all a lot of originality to this decorative style. It can then be used in an office, a bedroom, a living room, because it brings serenity to the space, but it is also known to promote creativity and reflection. It is perfectly suited to the Nordic spirit, the alliance between white, natural wood and clean lines suit it perfectly. It is possible in this type of decor to add a few notes of a warm shade such as yellow to bring shine or pastel shades such as sea green for more softness. If you fancy putting a little whimsy in your room, you won’t hesitate to add brass, copper or a few touches of gold.

22. In a contemporary atmosphere

In a contemporary atmosphere (1)

This very deep shade is also very elegant and therefore is perfect for a very contemporary or designer interior. You can combine it with pink, but also with white, black, gray or even rely on different shades of blue for a most chic shades. You are spoiled for choice to sublimate this color. The main thing is to choose furniture with very clean and simple lines. We like this mixture which gives a lot of personality to your pieces. A wall, a base, tiles, furniture or accessories are covered with indigo for a spectacular result.

23. In industrial decor

In industrial decor (1)

In industrial and factory decor , we did not necessarily expect indigo blue and yet, the result is there and it is bluffing. Indeed, raw materials and industrial and vintage objects or furniture stand out very well on this shade. It is a shade which is more refreshing in this generally a little overloaded and sometimes quite heavy decor. It brings a more trendy note and brings this type of decoration back into the trend.

24. In the bohemian chic decoration

In the bohemian chic decoration (1)

In a bohemian chic decoration, it is sometimes necessary to calm the atmosphere a little. Obviously, indigo blue is perfectly suited to this type of decoration since it is a symbol of relaxation, escape, travel, freedom that go well with this atmosphere. It is conducive to taking us to distant horizons full of mystery.

25. In a country atmosphere

In a country atmosphere (1)

This color in a country atmosphere allows to give a lot of elegance to the room. This shade can be worked with small touches as in the photo below with the chair cakes and the pretty vase. It can be a rug, curtains or other accessories. It is a color that gives style to the room and modernizes it as you can see in the very representative photo.

26. In a classic decoration

In a classic decoration (1)

Indigo blue brings a touch of fantasy with this powerful and deep shade. It adapts perfectly to it, whatever the way in which it is introduced, by keys or on larger areas. It’s an idea that allows you to modernize your interior, but above all to take advantage of the uniqueness of this shade.

27. Indigo blue rug

Indigo blue rug (1)

To give a new look to your wooden staircase that you find a bit unremarkable, a very simple method is to cover it with a herringbone, indigo blue rug. By proceeding as in the photo, that is to say leaving a little wood on each side, the result is more contemporary.

28. Bring color to your plants

Bring color to your plants (1)

Bring color to your plants and change a bit from the traditional earthenware pots by diverting a woven fabric basket into a very aesthetic indigo planter. It is preferable to slip in green plants that contrast with this pretty deep blue.

29. Dark indigo shade

dark indigo shade (1)

To give freshness to this very dark indigo shade, the best way is to add green plants that bring the natural side and freshness to your decor.

30. Indigo blue table

Indigo blue table (1)

This table changes its appearance radically, once covered by indigo blue tiles. Here, the bench was treated the same. A good idea to give a second life to an old table that you don’t really like anymore. Then just add a few vegetal touches to break with the rather mineral harmony.