15 Ideas to Decorate Your Interior in Green (1)

Natural and light, green is perfect for adding some color to our interiors! With him, nothing to worry about: it is almost impossible to miss it. This calm and fresh color also lends itself to sophisticated decorations. The proof with these 20 ideas for adopting green at home!

1. Greenery walls

Greenery walls (1)

For starters, we’re probably not going to advise you to paint all your walls greenery. On the other hand, an accent wall would be ideal to adopt the color. Regardless of the room involved, an accent wall with that beautiful shade of green can only beautify your interior. You have the choice between painting your accent wall or hanging wallpaper that carries the color. There are some really beautiful patterned wallpapers that you can buy.

2. Greenery-colored fabrics

Greenery colored fabrics (1)

If you don’t want to make big changes in your home, you could incorporate color through different fabrics. It can be pillowcases, sheets or and blankets for the bedroom. When it comes to other rooms like the living room, greenery rugs and curtains can work wonders. It must be said that it is an economical solution. 

This color is not likely to go unnoticed. So, you don’t necessarily need a monochrome decoration or use it as the main color to see and feel the difference in your home.

3. Green furniture

Green furniture (1)

If you have the possibility and would like to invest more by adopting this new color at the beginning of the year, you could turn to greenery furniture. You have a wide choice available to you between chairs, sofas, ottomans, sideboards, etc … In addition, there is something for different styles of decoration. To complete your decoration, it would be good to accompany this furniture with works of art or some decorative greenery accessories or which are made up of shades of green close to the greenery.

4. Cushions 

Cushions  (1)

A few cushions, a light green end of the sofa: that is enough to give relief to a modern living room that is a little too wise.

5. Armchair

Armchair (1)

A very chic and trendy interior at the same time? Nothing could be simpler: just opt ​​for a light green, which is preferably chosen in a mat or velvet finish for a very contemporary look.

6. Green wallpaper

Green wallpaper (1)

A decor in the spirit of “castle life” without going overboard? Too easy, with a wallpaper with an iconic 19 th century motif, skilfully brought up to date. And to dust off a print, there’s nothing like light green!

7. Zen and minimalist decor

zen and minimalist decor (1)

If the zen and minimalist decor gives pride of place to white , it is common to add a touch of light green. Too wise for you? Get inspired by this resolutely zen palette, yet full of character: light green, black and taupe .

8. Scandinavian or neo-art deco- inspired interior

Scandinavian or neo-art deco- inspired interior (1)

Light green works particularly well in a Scandinavian or neo-art deco- inspired interior . For an interior all in subtlety, we dare the total look, by working the light green in shades.

9. For dining space

For dining space (1)

Both soothing and very stylish, light green makes a great choice for the dining room. It allows you to create a friendly space, where it is good to sit down with family or friends.

10. Light green blends wonderfully with concrete

light green blends wonderfully with concrete (1)

Soft and full of delicacy, light green blends wonderfully with concrete. This type of organic and relaxing decor is particularly well-suited for a bathroom in which to relax and recharge your batteries.

11. Light green office corner

Light green office corner (1)

Conducive to calm, light green promotes reflection. It is therefore the perfect choice for your office area.

12. Green bedroom

Green bedroom (1)

Afraid to adopt a colorful bedroom? Trust light green! And have fun with the nuances. A light olive green – rich in yellow pigments – will turn out to be both soft and sparkling. Here, we preferred a shade of verdigris, which creates a fresh and cozy atmosphere.

13. Green furnishing

Green furnishing (1)

Light green is particularly well chosen for furnishing a playful and cheerful child’s room. We love mint green, a shade full of pep’s… and tenderness!

14. Piece of furniture

piece of furniture (1)

Do you fall for an imposing piece of furniture? Light green is able to give lightness to the most massive pieces. With it, even the classic wooden secretary knows how to be aerial!

15. Light green armchair

light green armchair (1)

The light green armchair? A must have for the Nordic-inspired bedroom or living room!