30 Ideas to Adopt a Vibrant Blue Living Room (1)

Blue never ceases to make us travel with its varied shades. Do you dream of taking the plunge to dress your living room in this beautiful color? Discover 30 inspirations that will make you want to get started, without hesitation!

1. Tone on tone

Tone on tone (1)

Blue, we love it without counting. Opt for a total look in the living room with a matching wall and sofa, in the same shades of blue. Shade the ensemble with golden accessories.

2. Blue and light green

Blue and light green (1)

In the living room, we love the association of a vibrant blue with a water green, more neutral and earthy.

3. Blue and pink

Blue and pink (1)

Play the daring card with this colorful and successful wedding! Then opt for an ultramarine blue associated with a salmon pink for a soft and strong living room at the same time.

4. Blue and mustard yellow

Blue and mustard yellow (1)

Nothing like the warmth of mustard yellow to enhance the blue, which can sometimes seem cold.

5. Art Deco

Art Deco (1)

The Art Deco trend is back in force in our decor. And what better than a royal blue to honor it?

6. Cocooning

Cocooning (2)

Dark blue goes wonderfully with lighter colors and materials. Beige, off-white, wood, wicker … The combo will inevitably be a winner.

7. Blue and fir green

Blue and fir green (1)

Chic atmosphere guaranteed with the combination of this dark blue and this satin forest green. Most ? Golden accessories and plants.

8. Electric blue

Electric blue (1)

Want to spice up your living room? Electric blue is made for that. On the sofa, on the wall or on the cushions, we love this sparkling shade.

9. Bohemia

Bohemia (4)

The color blue can be associated with a bohemian decor. This is the case here with this white basket, and these pretty plants.

10. Authentic

Authentic (1)

If you want to breathe a sense of authenticity into your decor, leather and wooden accessories will be perfect.

11. Wallpaper

Wallpaper (4)

Blue is also suitable for wallpaper with warm blue-green shades.

12. Blue ceiling

Blue ceiling (1)

Nothing is too beautiful when you love blue. For this, do not hesitate to also paint your ceiling for more depth in the living room.

13. Brick wall

Brick wall (2)

For an American loft-style decor, bet everything on a brick wall and a blue sofa. The result will be startling.

14. Blue and chocolate

Blue and chocolate (1)

Very trendy a few years ago, the marriage of duck blue and chocolate is still delicious and elegant.

15. Set of materials

Set of materials (1)

Dare to play with materials by choosing a glossy paint. Combined with a velvet sofa, it will attract all eyes.

16. Playing on volumes

Playing on volumes (1)

Create depth by choosing to use blue to contrast the pristine white. 

17. Shades of blue

Shades of blue (1)

Choose to mix several shades of blue to create a warm and comforting shade. 

18. With yellow

With yellow (1)

Add some pep to a midnight blue by accessorizing your living room with yellow accents. 

19. Install paintings and works of art

Install paintings and works of art (1)

Emphasize the beauty of blue walls with paintings, perhaps even with a work that captures the grace and elegance of peacock blue; source of inspiration for any decor.

20. Peacock blue with neutral colors

Peacock blue with neutral colors (1)

As you can see, peacock blue is actually a more common color than you might think. There are plenty of ways to introduce it into your own home decor if you really want to. It looks stunning when paired with neutral colors like gray or white, but it also looks stunning in combination with woods and browns in general.

21. Peacock blue for ceiling

Peacock blue for ceiling (1)

A colorful ceiling can make a room look stunning in a way you probably haven’t even considered until now. Peacock blue is a great color for the ceiling. It is deep, rich and vibrant and it looks like the sky and the ocean. You can either let the ceiling be the center of attention, keeping the rest of the room simple and neutral, or you can not.

22. Full of charm

Full of charm (1)

This living room is full of charm and very soothing, this refined and elegant atmosphere will satisfy the most difficult and those who seek a chic and charming atmosphere. We love the golden touches and the original decor.

23. Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style (2)

This pretty blue wall gives a lot of depth to the living room and brings out the beige sofa which is reminiscent of the Scandinavian style as a whole part of the decoration elsewhere.

24. Deep blue

Deep blue (1)

The very dark and deep blue that dresses the wall hosts a pretty beige sofa that is sublimated by this backdrop. The predominantly golden accessories give a crazy charm to the whole and above all modernize it.

25. Classic spirit

Classic spirit (1)

This living room with a very classic spirit is distinguished by the presence of blue which brings it a lot of freshness and even a little breeze of escape and very pleasant freedom. We love this total blue and beige look that goes perfectly with the wood of the parquet.

26. Contemperory blue living room

Contemperory blue living room (1)

A contemporary living room with clean lines that brings a lot of modernity to this space. The mixture of the different shades of blue and beige is very harmonious and the whole is superb.

27. Gradients of blue

Gradients of blue (1)

In a Scandinavian blue living room, combine the natural hues of the furniture with walls painted in shades of azure.

28. A blue living room armchair

A blue living room armchair (1)

Create a reading nook in your blue living room by installing a blue fabric armchair, combined with neutral hues.

29. Blue and gray wall

Blue and gray wall (1)

This living room with a blue and gray wall is a beautiful achievement which is slightly lightened by the presence of more or less light beige touches. We like the presence of light wood which gives a lot of style and a very warm aspect to this room.

30. Warm and friendly

Warm and friendly (1)

This living room is warm and very friendly. The yellow of the armchair is the very warm note which brings a very cozy aspect to this space dedicated to relaxation and which in addition brings cheerfulness and good humor. There is a real house side by the sea and a lot of freshness.