20 Color Combo Ideas to Decorate Your Interior With Orange (1)

Orange is one of those taboo colors in interior decoration. And yet, it is also one of the most interesting and impressive warm colors. It all depends on how you use it. Discover in this post some color combinations including orange, which will give you great decor ideas.

1. Creamy orange – White – Pale blue

Creamy orange - White - Pale blue (1)

Neutral and formal bedrooms can take advantage of the sugary tones that a few shades of orange offer. Remember that orange is above all a fruity shade that can be sublime on the bedding, the curtains or the armchair in the room.

2. Orange – Brown – Gold

Orange - Brown - Gold (1)

Chocolate brown and gold will be your perfect allies if you want a rich decoration that also includes orange. This is the color scheme that will allow you to easily make your bedroom or any room in your home warm and stylish.

3. Orange – White

Orange - White (1)

Obviously, it can be especially overwhelming to paint all of your walls orange or banana yellow. If you want to incorporate this color into your living room, consider creating an orange accent wall instead, keeping the other walls white.

4. Orange – Neutral colors

Orange - Neutral colors (1)

Orange can go well with all neutral colors. When we talk about this color, it is not necessarily a solid color. You can very well have a focal point in your room with an orange patterned wallpaper for example.

5. Orange – Aqua

Orange – Aqua (1)

Despite the obvious contrast between these two colors, orange and aqua form a great combo in interior design; whether for the living room, the kitchen or the guest bedroom.

6. Orange and Beige / White / Ocher / Oak

Orange and Beige White Ocher Oak (1)

Orange can fit very well into a rustic design alongside the following colors: beige, white, orange and oak. Moreover, it is an interesting color for all retro decorations.

7. Chocolate brown – Cayenne

Chocolate brown - Cayenne (1)

We all know that chocolate and particularly hot spices go very well together in the kitchen. Surprisingly, this is also valid in interior design. Try a combination of chocolate brown and cayenne orange and you will be blown away.

8. Orange – Gray

Orange - Gray (1)

If you want a boost of energy in a masculine bedroom, consider orange. Use it as an accent color and go for white and gray for the rest of the room.

9. Orange – Natural wood colors

Orange - Natural wood colors (1)

In a rustic design, orange and the natural colors of wood can work wonders. This image bears witness to this.

10. Orange – Yellow

Orange - Yellow (1)

To be sure to invite positive energy into your home, you could try the yellow orange combo. Obviously you have to integrate a lot of neutral colors.

11. Orange, yellow and red

Orange, yellow and red (1)

This trio of colors that is so daring and so energetic reminds us of the joy of colorful sorbets and the ray of sunshine. Temper the palette with a little pink to add softness, and for an intense diffusion of energy.

12. Orange, red and mauve

Orange, red and mauve (1)

In interior design, if we have decided to use orange, we usually keep it as it is; a warm and daring color. But there is a way to soften that strong character by combining a darker shade of orange with other more subdued shades of neighboring colors on the wheel, especially red and mauve.

13. Increase the dose of red

increase the dose of red (1)

Gourmet, the orange color takes its name from the fruit. As long as you increase the dose of red, you get a shade reminiscent of blood orange, soft and flamboyant at the same time.

14. Cheerfulness in the decor

cheerfulness in the decor (1)

If it puts cheerfulness in the decor, orange also knows how to be sophisticated and very chic. The darker shades – tending to brown – evoke autumn. They are ideal for creating a cozy, surprisingly peaceful atmosphere.

15. For a light shade, orange is a perfect

For a light shade, orange is a perfect (1)

Soft and luminous when it comes in a light shade, orange is a perfect alternative to traditional pink to create a very glamorous boudoir atmosphere.

16. Peaceful and cheerful

peaceful and cheerful (1)

For an interior that is both peaceful and cheerful, we focus on neutrals – white and taupe, for example – and we dress a wall in orange.

17. Create the perfect palette

create the perfect palette (1)

Have you decided to dare the colorful interior? The easiest way to create the perfect palette is to combine opposing colors on the color field. In the case of orange, it is blue. It might be a good idea to add a little extra brightness, using a touch of yellow.

18. Orange and a raspberry pink

orange and a raspberry pink (1)

The most daring combination is undoubtedly that of the color orange and a raspberry pink. If it is delicate to handle, this sweet tandem distills a terribly gourmet atmosphere in the room!

19. Full of cheerfulness

full of cheerfulness (1)

The color orange is not only full of cheerfulness: it is also full of imagination. And whatever type of decor you like, you can count on it to add character to the room!

20. Orange and pastel color

Orange and pastel color (1)

The orange color is ideal for nicely adding a twist to an interior with a slightly too wise Scandinavian atmosphere. The good idea: take out the masking tape and dress the walls with graphic patterns by associating orange and pastel.