30 Ideas of Designer Sofas for Living Room

The sofa is the centerpiece of the living room and it is he who sets the tone. Whether minimalist, sober, colorful, welcoming, with graphic or more airy lines, the sofas for this year and the one to come are reinventing themselves. The choice is such that everyone will find the one who looks like him and meets all his desires. Here are some trendy models to inspire you.

1. Sofa with enveloping curves

sofa with enveloping curves (1)

A sofa with enveloping curves that responds perfectly to the trend of curved decoration with a light line, even almost airy which makes all its charm. The table and the ball lights are the perfect accompaniment to this superb sofa.

2. Magnificent minimalist sofa

Magnificent minimalist sofa (1)

This magnificent minimalist sofa is perfectly displayed in the vintage furniture trend, directly inspired by the Art Deco style, but brought up to date by today’s designers. The curved shape invites relaxation and rest, and that’s what you expect from the sofa. This type of furniture goes very well with small round tables.

3. Small two-seater sofa

small two-seater sofa (1)

This small two-seater sofa is perfectly in line with both its shape and its old pink color. The golden feet at the base give it a refined side and a certain elegance that can also be found in the design of the backrest.

4. Art Deco style

Art Deco style (1)

The Art Deco style always for this immaculate white sofa with its very thin metal legs and its soft curves which give it a very feminine side. It harmonizes happily with the rest of the decor which contrasts with the simplicity of the sofa, but which also incorporates the codes of this style.

5. Seventies atmosphere

seventies atmosphere (1)

Immerse yourself in the seventies atmosphere, while staying in the current trend. The ultra-comfortable large corner sofa remains a star product of recent years and that’s not about to change. We like the blue color which allows you to play with other shades on the tables.

6. Sofa with asymmetrical curved shapes

sofa with asymmetrical curved shapes (1)

This beautiful designer sofa with asymmetrical curved shapes and so user-friendly is made of rounded blocks of different sizes, for the seat and the backrest that you just have to assemble as you wish. The result is stunning !

7. Low and refined line

low and refined line (1)

A simple design, a low and refined line for this pretty light gray sofa. We like its comfortable appearance and its seat that seems to stretch out its arms to us. A few cushions further reinforce its very warm appearance.

8. Mustard yellow sofa

mustard yellow sofa (1)

This mustard yellow sofa is still a flagship product of this year. It is perfectly suited to the maximalism style which, after having tried a great breakthrough this year, is keen to remain on stage in 2020. We like the padded side everywhere which gives it a certain originality.

9. Modern and vintage

modern and vintage (1)

When modern and vintage meet, it gives this sofa very elegant and full of finesse. What makes us fall for this model is its color: this unique blue will not go unnoticed and will be perfect to dress up your living room. This sofa then becomes the main and unique piece that personalizes this space.

10. Chic and elegant sofa

chic and elegant sofa (1)

This chic and elegant sofa is not lacking in charm and it is no stranger to the asymmetrical and original cutout at the level of the seat. Atypical, it is quite astonishing, and thanks to its release, it is very comfortable with a deeper seat ideal for a nap or reading. Your living room is sublimated by the presence of this sofa offering a certain sophistication.

11. Compass feet

compass feet (1)

With its compass feet, this small Scandinavian-style sofa with its wooden base and sober lines, it instantly sets the scene by taking you to the fifties. It can have different functions: sofa in a small room, armchair in a loft to multiply in your large living room by mixing colors for example.

12. Enveloping and soft shape

enveloping and soft shape (1)

The velvet, the duck green hue, the enveloping and soft shape: all the trendy codes of this new year are present on this very comfortable sofa with an enveloping and generous design that reinforces the feeling of welcome.

13. Soft shapes of the 50s

soft shapes of the 50s (1)

A pretty two-seater sofa that reinterprets the rounded and soft shapes of the 50s. Simple, but while keeping originality and refinement, it seems to be waiting for you and makes you want to snuggle up in it. The mustard yellow hue is in tune with the times and the current trend. It is fresh and young and goes well with all decor styles.

14. Solid leather sofa

solid leather sofa (1)

This superb sofa by Antonio Citterio in very solid leather is absolutely beautiful. It is a very beautiful iconic sofa of this brand. We like the very simple line with its sleek, but very elegant structure and large cushions. The depth of the seat gives an impression of comfort. It is a great classic, but one which remains firmly in our time.

15. Vintage pink sofa

Vintage pink sofa (1)

This sofa between powder pink and vintage pink with its very simple feet, but very trendy since the pink copper color is absolutely beautiful is very elegant. It displays very simple lines which are very trendy today. It harmonizes with all styles of decoration, from the most classic to the most contemporary.

16. Sofa with a geometric shape

sofa with a geometric shape (1)

This sofa with a geometric shape, which makes it well installed in the trend. We have the impression that it is folded especially at the level of its armrests. It is small, but very elegant and refined. We also like its color.

17. Sobriety and elegance

Sobriety and elegance (1)

Sobriety and elegance are often used for a convincing result and these are the essential characteristics of this blue sofa. Its original base gives it a truly unique side, in fact the front legs are in raw wood, while the rear legs are covered with fabric.

18. Original shape

original shape (1)

This sofa has an original shape that will not go unnoticed in your living room. It is of good size, allowing it to naturally find its place in a large room. We love its generous side and its light and slender silhouette.

19. Caning

Caning (1)

Caning is the big trend for this fall and the year 2020, so it’s hard to find more fashion than this most original sofa with its cane armrests and velvety fabric. We like the blue of the seat and the backrest as well as the bottom of the golden feet which give it a lot of charm and elegance.

20. XXL sofa

XXL sofa (1)

This XXL sofa is simply sublime in a loft or a large living room to which it will give an undeniable decorative touch. It is perfectly on trend with its yellow color and its enveloping shape, much sought after this year.21. 22. 

21. Modular sofa

modular sofa (1)

The modular sofa is still very present in the new collections. It must be said that it is very practical since you can adapt its size according to your current needs. This was designed based on elements of different colors. Which gives it rhythm and life.

22. Sofa in a fairly classic shape

sofa in a fairly classic shape (1)

This sofa in a fairly classic shape and generous dimensions is nevertheless full of character and knows how to impose itself to set the tone. A very trendy blue, you can easily harmonize it with other shades like here.

23. Velvet fabric and curved shapes

velvet fabric and curved shapes (1)

A Klein blue sofa, the trendy color of the year, velvet fabric and curved shapes, everything to seduce you and bring your living room up to date. We love its light base and padded backrest. It is certainly a sofa that will stand out and catch the eye.

24. Rectilinear and low lines

rectilinear and low lines (1)

The rectilinear and low lines give all the contemporary and design aspect to this superb leather sofa which will make a sensation in a large living room. We also like its large size which is very practical for entertaining.

25. Sofa with natural wood base

sofa with natural wood base (1)

This sofa with natural wood base and ecru white seat and back has revisited Nordic accents. It fits easily into different decorative styles and that’s what makes it so charming too.

26. Immaculate whiteness

Immaculate whiteness (1)

Immaculate whiteness for these three very comfortable and welcoming white two-seater sofas which find their place perfectly in this immense space. We love the very simple and pure lines of this model.

27. Straight and rectilinear sofa

straight and rectilinear sofa (1)

This straight and rectilinear sofa is a little rigid and classic, but it is the colors of the seat of the backrest and the legs that give it a lot of modernity. We like the steel structure which gives it a very stylish look.

28. Originality for this large sofa with table

originality for this large sofa with table (1)

A beautiful originality for this large sofa with table in the middle which is also very functional and modular. It is extremely contemporary and designer and will work wonders in an elegant and uncluttered apartment or house.

29. Sofa with rounded armrests

sofa with rounded armrests (1)

This light gray sofa is very simple, but it draws all its originality from the rounded armrests which gives it personality. It is a very pretty piece of furniture that will have its effect as long as it is well highlighted as here on this brick wall.

30. Feminine curves in ecru velvet 

feminine curves in ecru velvet (1)

A straight sofa with very feminine curves in ecru velvet which presents a very refined design further accentuated by the golden legs.