35 Decorating Ideas With Leather Sofa for the Living Room (1)

Leather sofas and armchairs are making a big comeback in living rooms! Indeed, the leather sofa is ideal for creating a warm and elegant atmosphere in this room, which is why we love it. It warms up the space and is quite easy to integrate. Indeed, depending on the type of leather and its color, the sofa goes with all styles of decoration: vintage, Scandinavian, industrial, bohemian … From light brown to cognac shades, this type of sofa brings character to your room . For a more assertive decor, we choose it aged and more massive, but for a powdery and luminous style, a soft leather will be ideal.

For a trendy and warm interior, we love the leather sofa! Find out how to adopt it in the decor of your living room.

1. Copper pendant lights for your living room


Copper accents are all the rage right now, whether it’s copper desk lamps in the office or tin cans in the kitchen. This visual illustrates how amazing copper globe pendants like these look in tandem with a brown leather sofa. Tone and shine are in harmony. Plus, a cool gray background is a more modern alternative to the traditional, obvious treatment of cream-colored walls we’ve seen to death around brown sofas in years past.

2. Mid-century modern living room

Mid-century modern living room (1)

In a mid-century modern living room, a reddish brown sofa can be visually refreshed with a gray rug and a gray accent chair. A duo of marble coffee tables completes the look.

3. Living room decor with earthy tone palettes

Living room decor with earthy tone palettes (1)

Earthy tone palettes are always a safe bet when working with brown sofas, and can be very effective. A natural-colored rug and wooden floor make the perfect base for a brown sectional sofa, and the natural greenery provides a stunning contrast. Painting a wall in cool white is a good idea so that the whole thing doesn’t get too confusing.

4. Living room decoration with black bookcase


Curtains do not need to match the color of the sofa or sofa cushions; here the selection of randomly sized pillows is made up of cool medium brown undertones on a rich warm brown sofa. Two armchairs reflect the silhouette of the sofa rather than the color of its upholstery, while a black bookcase matches its slender black legs.

5. Chic living room with chrome floor lamps

Chic living room with chrome floor lamps (1)

This two-tone sectional sofa features brown and gray volumes. The interior decoration of the room was therefore articulated around this combination of modern colors. A living wall enhances the muted vibe with a strip of bright green. Chrome floor lamps and stainless steel coffee tables are perfect for adding a little sparkle. When using darker shades on furniture and walls, consider keeping the floor and ceiling white to keep a feeling of space and air.

6. Brown leather chesterfield sofa

Brown leather chesterfield sofa1 (1)

The multiple shades of brown of a herringbone solid wood floor are the perfect accompaniment to a brown chesterfield sofa. Gray cushions and curtains balance it out.

7. Industrial design for your living room

Industrial design for your living room (1)

Industrial-style living rooms go naturally with brown sofas. Check out our industrial decor for more inspiration on how to accessorize this look.

8. Brown leather sofa

Brown leather sofa (1)

A brown leather sofa pairs well with bright red and navy accents.

9. Industrial living room with red chair

Industrial living room with red chair1 (1)

A contrasting accent chair is a great way to enhance the look of your brown sofa and keep your room up to date.

10. Living room with huge library

Living room with huge library1 (1)

There is something very sophisticated about a well-placed brown sofa, and nothing expresses intellectual sophistication better than an extensive and organized home library. Combine these elements with a roaring fire and voila.

11. Brown striped rug

Brown striped rug (1)

You can tone your sofa with a rug, but don’t forget to introduce a brighter accent color to it. Also leave a small border between the sofa and the matching rug to let them visually “breathe”.

12. Brown leather sofa with brick wall

Brown leather sofa with brick wall (1)

A brick wall painted black gives a young and edgy look.

13. Brown and gray living room decor

Brown and gray living room decor (1)

Even a subtle assortment of houseplants reinforces the brown.

14. White heather

White heather (1)

If you are placing a brown sofa in an all gray room, add an accent wall made of wood panels so that it is in the same tone.

15. Living room with white brick wall

Living room with white brick wall (1)

After the brick wall painted black… Why not a white wall?

16. Modern outdoor chairs

Modern outdoor chairs (1)

These modern outdoor chairs are an original accompaniment, especially with a traditional brown carpet.

17. Vintage-style brown leather sofa

Vintage-style brown leather sofa (1)

Clean lines and a vintage feel, this cognac brown leather sofa will bring a touch of authenticity to your decor. With its width of 274 cm, it is designed to accommodate four people. But it is also available in a three-seater sofa and an armchair version. In this living room that plays the total look card, a matching pouf serves as a coffee table.

18. Modular sofa in brown leather

Modular sofa in brown leather (1)

You certainly know the famous Mags sofa from the Danish publisher Hay. But did you know that it can also be dressed in about fifteen different leathers? I particularly like the brown leather finish (Orange reference 0565) that you can see in the following photo. The design associated with a brown leather covering offers a tasty mix. With its modular system, this sofa can easily be adapted to your needs by creating all types of sofa, from two-seater models to large corner sofa. Everything is possible!

19. Industrial sofa in brown leather

Industrial sofa in brown leather (1)

A metal structure reminiscent of pipes, thick brown leather cushions, all mounted on wheels, here is the recipe for this brown leather sofa. This original model is ideal for an industrial decoration like in the living room of the loft in this photo.

20. Leather sofa in brown and orange shades

Leather sofa in brown and orange shades (1)

The Krieger sofa invites you to sit comfortably on its leather in shades of brown and orange. Its small feet give the impression that it has been placed directly on the ground. With its 35 cm seat height it will delight those looking for a low sofa.

21. Original brown leather sofa

Original brown leather sofa (1)

The Nakki brown leather sofa from the Scandinavian furniture and decor brand Woud offers a unique and original style. It seems to have been inflated like a beach mattress. A clever mix of modern and vintage design. Its dimensions can easily be adapted to your living room since you can choose it as a two-seater sofa, an armchair or an ottoman. In this living room, it is presented alongside the small Stedge wall shelf.

22. Brown leather bench sofa

Brown leather bench sofa (1)

To arrange your living room, there is not only the sofa, there is the bench too! The following model is offered by Maisons du Monde. It is composed of a rubberwood structure and four cushions covered with brown cowhide leather. For inspiration, it is presented here in the living room of a loft with industrial decor. There is a brick wall, a great height, a metal beam, a large bay window, a concrete floor… In short… Everything one expects from a real loft.

23. Vintage bench sofa in brown leather

Vintage bench sofa in brown leather (1)

This other vintage-style bench sofa is composed of a metal structure and padded cushions. It is set in atmosphere here in a living room next to a Scandinavian sideboard which serves as a TV cabinet.

24. Togo sofa in brown leather

Togo sofa in brown leather (1)

A great design classic! The famous Togo sofa, designed by designer Michel Ducaroy in 1973 for Ligne Roset. This is the sofa we chose from home (ours is fabric). In the photo below, this Togo was sold some time ago by Le Marchand d’oublis . An essential antique and vintage decoration shop in the Lille metropolis. This second-hand sofa is dressed in a beautiful brown leather weathered by time.

25. Vintage brown leather sofa with black metal legs

Vintage brown leather sofa with black metal legs (1)

The penultimate brown leather sofa in this selection is located in one of my favorite lofts. Its vintage design imagined by the Design 5 brand is reminiscent of the first model in this article. On its aged leather, you can clearly see the work of time.

26. Vintage style sofa in brown leather with golden feet

Vintage style sofa in brown leather with golden feet (1)

In this living room which gives pride of place to golden details, we discover a vintage-style sofa with a padded backrest in the style of a Chesterfield.

27. Dark brown leather sofa

Dark brown leather sofa (1)

This model dressed in an aged dark brown leather seems to have crossed decades before arriving in the contemporary living room of this loft. A piece that brings a touch of authenticity to the decor.

28. Bohemian decor with camel sofa

Bohemian decor with camel sofa (1)

In this living room with a superb herringbone parquet floor, we discover a neat decoration that mixes styles without complex. The centerpiece of this living room is undoubtedly the four-seater camel leather sofa.

29. Design brown leather sofa without foot

Design brown leather sofa without foot (1)

In a large room, you can afford the fantasy of installing two sofas. This is the decision taken by the decorator of this show. Here, we find a two-seater sofa and a three-seater sofa with identical design. This footless creation rests directly on its thick seat.

30. Bohemia

Bohemia (5)

By choosing the right furniture, you can create a bohemian atmosphere in your living room with your camel leather sofa. To do this, add a patterned rug, Berber plaids and small mottled decoration. 

31. Green

Green (2)

To make the sofa stand out, we put everything on the paint. Here, the blue green sublimates the brown leather sofa. 

32. Scandinavian

Scandinavian (2)

In this Scandinavian living room, the leather sofa goes wonderfully with the wooden furniture and the brown leather rocking chair. 

33. Vintage

Vintage (3)

To sublimate the leather sofa, add patterned and plain cushions. You can also choose a vintage coffee table. 

34. Colored

Colored (1)

The leather sofa is brought to life by adding colorful linens, like here with yellow and blue cushions. 

35. Design leather sofa

Design leather sofa (1)

For an industrial interior, we fall for a leather sofa with clean lines.