25 Inspirations of Modern Rugs for Living Room (1)

Rugs are now regaining their letters of nobility thanks to reissues or creations that make all the difference. Very graphic and refined, with unique and subtle colors, or quite simply with designs worthy of true works of art, they bring the touch of elegance and luxury that was lacking in your modern interior. We present to you some models which are likely to make you crack or to reconcile you with this forgotten accessory.

1. Designer rug with geometric patterns

Designer rug with geometric patterns (1)

Very visually present, this design rug with geometric patterns breaks the traditional rectangular shape and plays with the shift of patterns and colors. The dark outline contrasts with the existing gray floor. This model brings a nice dynamic to the living room. Ideally, it is freed from the living room table to place it next to the sofa.

2. Desk with modern ecru rose red carpet

Desk with modern ecru rose red carpet (1)

A modern soft rug that plays with ecru, pink and red girly tones as if to show off your gourmet mood. Personalizing your workspace with its rectangular shape allows you to materialize a surface that belongs to us. Successful marriage between an artisanal weaving and a contemporary and original graphics.

3. Living room with rug in unstructured design

Living room with rug in unstructured design (1)

This London apartment shows a bias for the strong presence of colors and shapes. The living room is designed around a deconstructed designer rug, made up of a superposition of colored squares, signed Sonya Winner. A Cubit modular shelf in multiple colors dialogues dynamically with the carpet. The set creates a strong design that boasts an overwhelming joie de vivre.

4. Carpet in the original shape

Carpet in the original shape (1)

Composed around cutouts that go beyond the usual framework, this rug displays a beautiful originality. The colors mark a geometric composition where shapes come to life. Five colors coexist and support the pink sofa to highlight it without stealing the limelight. This large rug is perfect for the living room for its decorative look.

5. Contemporary ecru rug with drawing

Contemporary ecru rug with drawing (1)

This contemporary rug brings a real figure of style to the decor. We love the naivety of the faces and features that are drawn there and that bring an arty style. Its large dimensions and its unbleached wool and cotton material make it a model that is given pride of place. When diving a staircase, for example, we look at it from a height, in particular allowing it to be observed in its entirety.

6. Large wool rug for living room with modern decor

Large wool rug for living room with modern decor (1)

The joy of colors and shapes! This wool rug stands out at first glance from its surroundings. It is the flagship element of the show. The modern style sofa , the living room table blend into its shadow and that’s perfect as well. We allow ourselves a discreet reminder of sunny yellow by pointing a cushion on the sofa. A bias for the very successful lighting of the ground!

7. Carpet with an atypical design to match the sofa

Carpet with an atypical design to match the sofa (1)

It is to the famous Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola that we owe the Bandas collection which develops designer rugs and sofas according to the same concept. The common threads are hand weaving, embroidery and crochet. Thus, the visual field of the carpet on the floor is extended into that of the original sofa . The whole forms a vintage, bohemian and yet very contemporary universe.

8. Small patterned terrazzo rug

Small patterned terrazzo rug (1)

A material effect that connects us to Italian influences! We love this rug with its prints inspired by terrazzo tiles. A small note of cheerfulness which marks the space on the ground and allows to create a separate surface, like a rest room. The sofa made of wooden pallets and also covered with a round carpet and colorful cushions. A solution to mark your territory with ingenuity and creativity.

9. Large round rug with modern design

Large round rug with modern design (1)

A round shape that contrasts gently with its rectilinear environment. The spiral-style graphic positions it in line of sight. A nice game of composition of colors and shapes. In a contemporary interior with a refined design, it adorns the floor with its beautiful wool material. An optical effect that gives character to the living room.

10. Living room with contemporary style carpet

Living room with contemporary style carpet (1)

This large rectangular rug visually marks the living room area. Coming to curl up under the sofa, it extends in its length to create a colorful and graphic universe. Its ocher, beige and brick shades are perfect for contemporary and warm spaces. The association with wood suits him very well.

11. Multicolored designer rug in wool

Multicolored designer rug in wool (1)

This designer wool rug ensures a lively interior! This assortment of colors awakens a wooden floor. In a child’s room, in a foyer, in the living room … wherever it is placed, this rug acts on good mood. A decorative touch that does a lot of good for morale.

12. Large wool rug in trendy style

Large wool rug in trendy style (1)

This beautiful rug is signed by the Spanish designer Jose Manuel Ferrero! His irregular lines in a wide palette of punchy colors display a ballet of signs that develop in a random fashion. Associated with the wood of this original bookcase , it takes on its full meaning. A choice for the tradition of wool weaving and the preciousness of ancestral gestures.

13. Pixel design rugs

Pixel design rugs (1)

A nod to the world of screens and digital images! A creative and original reinterpretation of pixels in the decoration. The many woolen squares create an optical illusion where you could almost see an image appear. An abundance of colors that brings real light to the living room. For this designer rug, the emphasis is on the contrast between new technologies and artisanal manufacturing in accordance with the rules.

14. Kilim rugs in a Scandinavian style living room

Kilim rugs in a Scandinavian style living room (1)

Fresh and colorful, this Kilim rug is placed gently in the living room. Its four colored bands coordinate perfectly with a Scandinavian-style sofa , two-material coffee tables and a wooden floor. The atmosphere of this decorative composition is soothing. A set of styles to which we add cushions with graphic prints.

15. Rug in original design with notched edges

Rug in original design with notched edges (1)

Arranged on the floor and associated with a designer chair, this graphic design rug holds its particularity to its notched edges. An original finish that is superimposed on the checkerboard tiling. A play on materials and colors that goes perfectly with old floors. A note that warms and awakens the visual catch. On its own, this rug creates a decorative surprise.

16. Modern and graphic living room rug

Modern and graphic living room rug (1)

Composed in a pictorial way, this colorful and graphic rug gives all its personality to a living room with a modern style. Imagined as a painting, it is placed on the ground, free of any accessory except this totem table, sculpture-like. An arty atmosphere that invites contemplation.

17. Design rug with circular patterns

Design rug with circular patterns (1)

A nice game of overlapping round shapes to create beautiful arabesques! Colors that become denser or that remain light and clear. This soft wool designer rug takes us back to the vintage chic and arty universe. We simply associate it with an armchair with retro influences, a round brass coffee table to create a sophisticated staging.

18. Modern rug with graphic patterns

Modern rug with graphic patterns (1)

Original, this rug mixes materials to create a well-seen patchwork effect. Added to this is a mix of natural colors enhanced by a faded turquoise blue triangle. A very graphic vintage atmosphere, which goes perfectly with the retro side of the vinyl cabinet. The painted wall also brings a nice warm note to create a cocoon universe in which we sit with serenity.

19. Tufted carpet design blue gray and yellow

Tufted carpet design blue gray and yellow (1)

A geometrically composed trio of colors for this tufted designer rug. A flattering of cheerful colors that brings a beautiful dynamic to the living room floor. The string sofa blends in with the whole, with a touch of colors in the association of two small cushions.

20. Pink Berber style carpet

Pink Berber style carpet (1)

This pink Berber carpet takes us to other countries and goes perfectly with a seventies girly universe. A joyful and soft cameo of faded colors, whose pastilles on the walls recall their tones. An original and cheerful twist of styles.

21. Carpet evokes a tulip

carpet evokes a tulip (1)

This carpet evokes a tulip, it can practically be considered a work of art in the same way as a painting. With its different shades and its soft petals, it brings a real decorative touch to any room. We like the mix of colors, shapes and materials that give it a lot of character. It is a unique piece that knows how to get noticed.

22. Almost 3D effect

almost 3D effect (1)

A very beautiful creation that will not go unnoticed in your home: this carpet with its trompe-l’oeil effect, almost 3D, is spectacular. It is inspired by traditional Chinese craftsmanship, but fits perfectly into our contemporary decor.

23. Simple and refined

simple and refined (1)

This rug is both simple and refined with its sophisticated graphics. Ecru and punctuated with black, it will go as well in a very contemporary and designer style as in a space with a Scandinavian spirit. It dresses your floor with elegance.

24. Graphic and spectacular blue rug

graphic and spectacular blue rug (1)

This graphic and spectacular blue rug will add another dimension to your room. It is a rug that is unlike any other and that stands out for its subtle play of color, but also and above all, for its graphics. We love this tangle of lines and solid which gives it a lot of elegance.

25. Entrance hall with carpet in modern design

Entrance hall with carpet in modern design (1)

Zen atmosphere, bright and colorful for this colorful and designer graphic rug. We love its ocher yellow tones and the soft note it brings to this wooden entrance hall. A modern decorative accessory that changes the look and makes the link with the console and chair space. A hyphen that naturally leads to the light.