25 Ideas for Timeless and Modular Sofa in Living Room (1)

In velvet, fabric or leather, sofas are an integral part of our living room. Through the years, rare are the timeless ones that go out of fashion. This is why, if you do not have a defined model in mind, it may be wise to bet on classic sofas, a sure bet in terms of decoration. Some cross the ages and still remain anchored in modernity.

The sofa is without a doubt the centerpiece of the living room. To choose it well and never tire of it, it is better to opt for classic and timeless pieces. Here is our selection.

Ideas for timeless sofas:

1. Large light gray corner sofa

Large light gray corner sofa (1)

Large corner sofa Tribeca – Westwing.

2. Olive green corner sofa

Olive green corner sofa (1)

Fixed left corner sofa in khaki fabric – PICABIA.

3. Cocooning day bed

Cocooning day bed (1)

Norsborg day bed – IKEA. 

4. Classic beige sofa

Classic beige sofa (1)

Classic sofa in natural fabric 2 seater montaigne natural beige Miliboo – La Redoute.

5. Royal blue corner sofa

Blue corner sofa (1)

Reversible corner sofa Arturo Blue Fabric.

6. Sofa with trunk

Sofa with trunk (1)

Sofa with storage box – Alinéa.

7. Classic white sofa

Classic white sofa (1)

Mila sofa – Westwing.

8. Cream sofa

Cream sofa (1)

Cream sofa ARLINGTON.

9. Leather couch

Leather couch (1)

Tufted black leather sofa – Made.

10. Convertible sofa

Convertible sofa (1)

3-seat sofa-bed, dark gray – GRALVIKEN – IKEA

11. Reversible corner sofa

Reversible corner sofa

Conforama 3-seater reversible corner sofa in cobalt blue fabric.

12. Linen sofa

Linen sofa (1)

Odna sofa in crumpled linen, La Redoute.

13. Fabric sofa

Fabric sofa (1)

Three-seater Pozy sofa, Habitat.

14. Sofa with chaise longue

Sofa with chaise longue (1)

SÖDERHAMN modular sofa – IKEA

Ideas of Modular sofas:

15. Modular fireside chair

Modular fireside chair (1)

Elementary – Charcoal gray sofa fireside chair – Maisons du Monde

16. IKEA modular sofa

IKEA modular sofa (1)

SÖDERHAMN 1-seat section – IKEA

17. Modular velvet fireside chair

Modular velvet fireside chair (1)

Velvet modular fireside chair.

18. Fabric fireside chair

Fabric fireside chair (1)

Reiko Fabric fireside chair.

19. Modular corner armchair

Modular corner armchair (1)

Juno modular corner armchair, foam blue velvet.

20. Modular sofa

Modular sofa (1)

Light gray metis modular sofa – Conforama

21. Togo sofa

Togo sofa (1)

Togo sofa by Michel Ducaroy, large bench – Ligne Roset

22. Modular leather sofa

Modular leather sofa (1)

MAGS soft modular sofa – Hay

23. Colorful modular sofa

Colorful modular sofa (1)

To energize the living room, nothing like a patchwork sofa. Match the colors to bring this room to life

24. Modular sofa in the center of the room

Modular sofa in the center of the room (1)

Real centerpiece, we invite the sofa to take part in the center of the living room to be able to find oneself in this living space. 

25. For small spaces

For small spaces (1)

Modular two-seater sofa with Juno footrest – Made