30 Ideas for Revamping a Kitchen

Do you dream of a new kitchen, but you can not necessarily afford it? Why not renovate and give yours a makeover? This room does not need to be completely changed to be rejuvenated. Indeed, with a few ideas, it is possible to give it a new life. For example, you can change the door handles, repaint the kitchen wall, add an adhesive splashback or even change the taps. With a few novelties and a lick of paint, give your kitchen a makeover and easily transform it! To bring a little freshness to your kitchen without embarking on a huge project, discover our 30 simple and effective tips!

1. Cover closet doors with a patterned or colored sticker

Cover closet doors with a patterned or colored sticker (1)

If you want to color your facades or decorate them with a trompe l’oeil effect pattern, the wall sticker is then your best home staging partner. Indeed, rather than replacing, we affix self-adhesive strips. So your furniture can become matte black, polished concrete effect or even mirror.

2. Repaint the wall splashback

Repaint the wall splashback (1)

But still as for the cupboards, the splashback can be repainted. Nevertheless, be vigilant in purchasing your product. Indeed, it is important to choose a special tile paint suitable for damp and washable rooms.

3. Change the floor yourself to revamp a kitchen

Change the floor yourself to revamp a kitchen (1)

If you are a building pro, you know what to do whatever you want. But I don’t know, and I don’t have time to lay straight tiling. That’s why I have a great tip for revamping a kitchen by changing the floor myself! And this is made in France! These are Gerflor Senso tiles that can be clipped or simply glued to the existing floor. Child’s play, trust me, I recently did this in a bathroom. And to cut them to the desired format, a simple cutter will suffice.

4. Makeover a kitchen by painting the walls

Makeover a kitchen by painting the walls (1)

For this home staging proposal, we are not going to touch the kitchen as such. Indeed, it is a question of transforming the frame, and taking out the brushes. After having well protected, cover your furniture and coverings, demarcate your walls and ceilings with masking tape.

Color your walls by following the latest decorating trends: terracotta or pastel colors for example.

5. Add open storage and display your pretty crockery

Add open storage and display your pretty crockery (1)

Choose open storage so that your dishes are part of your decoration. Indeed, by opting for the wall shelf, in addition to saving storage space, you display your most beautiful jars, your pretty salt shaker, the designer teapot …

6. Open the kitchen to the living room by installing a glass roof 

Open the kitchen to the living room by installing a glass roof (1)

Imagine an opening in your partition, between the kitchen and the living room. This would offer a choice passage for natural light which could then circulate between the two spaces and provide a lot of comfort. The workshop-style canopy is then your best ally.

7. Makeover a kitchen by replacing the faucet and switches

Makeover a kitchen by replacing the faucet and switches (1)

The decoration is played out in the details. So, I invite you to renovate your room by looking at these small objects that make all the difference. Indeed, choose a designer kitchen faucet, gold for example, and a vintage switch !

8. Curtains on kitchen cupboards

Curtains on kitchen cupboards (1)

Nowadays, renovating your kitchen does not necessarily have to undertake major work! Why not opt ​​for pretty curtains to hide storage spaces? This decoration is ideal for giving something to an unfinished kitchen whose furniture consists of simple worktops and shelves. For the choice of fabric, no need to complicate! It is possible to recover old sheets and bring a vintage touch to the whole. For a more kitsch and gourmet look, travel motifs or prints of vegetable or fruit motifs do the trick. You just need to wash them regularly. Kitchen smells and stains often stick to textiles.

9. Wall shelves for more storage space

Wall shelves for more storage space (1)

If there is still space available on the kitchen walls, it is better to optimize it to attach medium or wooden shelves . You can make them yourself or buy them ready to install. These shelves can accommodate jars of cereals or spices or decorative trinkets. Over time, it is possible to make a collection for a very decorative set.

10. Change the handles

Change the handles (1)

The first trick to revamping your kitchen at a lower cost is to change the handles of your cupboards. Inexpensive, this idea will take you very little time. Fast and efficient, give your kitchen a makeover without breaking the bank!

11. Adhesive coating on cupboards

Adhesive coating on cupboards (1)

You can also give new life to your cupboards by simply coating them with a wood or stone effect adhesive, for example. Rather than changing your kitchen, go with this idea. The rendering is very realistic and you will inevitably find the desired shade given the wide choice available on the internet or in specialized stores!

12. Slate wall section

Slate wall section (1)

Also very fashionable, slate paint will be an excellent inexpensive decor idea to revamp your kitchen. This will allow you to make appointments and your children can have fun drawing on them. Playful, practical and aesthetic, this option has it all!

13. Paint on the cupboards

Paint on the cupboards (1)

One of the options for a great makeover is to repaint your closets . And yes, simple and clever, the idea of ​​painting will give your kitchen a second life without breaking the bank.

14. Repaint a wall in a pop color

Repaint a wall in a pop color (1)

You also have the option of repainting one of your wall sections in a pop color as above or, on the contrary, in a deeper color. In red, duck green or deep blue for example, your kitchen is given a makeover for nothing!

15. Decorate the worktop with jars

Decorate the worktop with jars (1)

Simple and inexpensive, get jars and boxes of different sizes, shapes, colors and materials to decorate your worktop and thus bring a little boost to your kitchen.

16. Bring in the greenery!

Bring in the greenery (1)

An essential element in the interior decoration? Plants of course! And your kitchen also deserves its dose of greenery. For an easy makeover, opt for some succulents, aromatic herbs or drooping plants . The rendering is stunning and your home is full of freshness and delicious smells.

17. Carpets on the floor

Carpets on the floor (1)

One of the easiest ideas to put in place to give your kitchen a makeover is to install one or more rugs. In addition to revamping the room, they create a warm atmosphere and a designer decor. Here too, play with shapes, sizes and patterns for a great result.

18. Change your light

Change your light (1)

Finally, you may not have thought about it, but replacing your lights with new chandeliers, new wall lights or recessed spots is a game-changer. Redefine an atmosphere conducive to conviviality thanks to the intensity and the arrangement of your lighting while revamping your kitchen …

19. Add a service or a mobile island

Add a service or a mobile island (1)

If you cannot change the cabinets, opt for an island or a mobile service. You will not only increase your meal preparation space, but you will also have the opportunity to integrate a piece of furniture that will bring style to the room, such as an old workbench or an industrial cabinet on casters. Well accessorized or possibly accompanied by new stools, the island will have the power to transform the space.

20. Remove cabinet doors

Remove cabinet doors (1)

Another easy-to-use trick to instantly revitalize the kitchen: remove a few doors from the upper cabinets. There will then be the interior shelves to showcase your most beautiful dishes, reflecting the very fashionable bistro style. You can also alternate a few wardrobes with and without doors to add dynamism to your layout.

21. Hanging a pot rack

Hanging a pot rack (1)

The cauldron rack, this object of the past, regains its letters of nobility in the kitchen, which it embellishes with an instant retro touch. If you can’t find the item of your dreams, you can craft it by hanging a ladder, pallet, or any wooden structure you create. An easy-to-orchestrate low-budget makeover idea!

22. Install new window coverings

Install new window coverings (1)

Changing the curtains is a great way to add color to the kitchen! Opt for current shades such as ocher yellow, navy blue or mint green. Find a pattern that will match your decor, whether it’s more traditional or more daring. High on the trends, watercolor-style palm leaf, pineapple and flower designs could help update the room in a nice way.

23. Use metro ceramics

Use metro ceramics (1)

Subway-style ceramic tiles, so named because they were originally used in the New York City subway, have become a real classic in the kitchen. Installed staggered with a gray grout, this type of ceramic goes well with all styles and can be installed by any good handyman. For an added level of difficulty and a more trendy application, lay the tiles in a herringbone pattern.

24. Give the counter a makeover with faux-finishes

Give the counter a makeover with faux-finishes (1)

No need to throw away your old laminate countertop if it’s gone out of fashion – there are easy-to-use do-it-yourself products to cover them up. For example, there are finishing plasters on the market that are applied in several stages directly to the existing countertop and which allow the look of natural stone or concrete to be recreated. This is enough to revamp the kitchen in a few hours!

25. Install hooks to hang objects

Install hooks to hang objects (1)

Don’t underestimate the power of accessories! A beautiful decorative square or a pretty hook will attract the eye to objects that you want to highlight. Put away the messes and hang your vintage utensils, your finest dish towels and other accessories of interest. It is also an opportunity to make room for an accent color that will bring a little sparkle to your decor!

26. Integrate a wooden bar counter

Integrate a wooden bar counter (1)

Is your kitchen island anything out of the ordinary? Get yourself some beautiful wooden planks and create a bar-counter to be superimposed on the island which will enhance its counter … and at the same time, the decor! The live edge style , which exploits the natural curves of the wood, is very trendy. Such an addition is sure to get people talking!

27. A modern splashback

A modern splashback (1)

We opt for a modern and colorful splashback to brighten up his kitchen!

28. Designer household appliances

Designer household appliances (1)

We bring a touch of color thanks to trendy and design small appliances!

29. New chairs

New chairs (1)

Retro, design, trends, buy one or two new chairs, and play the mismatch card!

30. Suspension

Suspension (1)

Install a credenza bar to hang kitchen utensils, pots and other accessories. It brings a professional look to your kitchen and it’s very practical!