Ideas of African-inspired Decoration for a Living Interior

How about traveling to Africa, thanks to its interior decoration? This continent has an extraordinary and very diverse cultural wealth. Likewise, on the decoration side, many brands have been inspired by the different cultures that inhabit Africa. Thanks to this, African decoration comes to color our interiors by bringing an atypical and unique touch with stunning graphic patterns.

1. Trendy natural furniture for an African decoration

Trendy natural furniture for an African decoration (1)

Africa is full of dazzling colors. This denotes a peculiarity of the culture of this continent. Especially since this colorful personality reminds us of the vitality and human wealth that inhabits this part of the world.

On the other hand, this sparkling trend is still accompanied by sober and pure tones. Indeed, there are elements in raw wood both dark and light. Sometimes graphic patterns resembling tribal ornaments add an ethnic touch to the elements.

2. Artisanal touch

Artisanal touch (1)

This natural style seduces us with its artisanal touch. Indeed, behind each object hides a touch of originality, through the perfection of uniqueness. This is why each of these pieces refers to the different themes (cultures, fauna and flora) which are the soul of this continent.

3. Natural fibers

Natural fibers (1)

In these natural fibers, woven rattan or even jute are at the forefront of African decoration. The braided fibers are found on the ground in the form of a jute carpet, a rattan basket, a light or on statuettes or wall decorations with an African identity.

4. African decoration with the wax pattern

African decoration with the wax pattern (1)

What would African decoration be without the wax pattern ? It is through this that generally live the colors, and the graphic patterns within our interiors punctuated by the African trend. Very diverse, these exhilarating designs dress many elements of our house. Ranging from bedding to dishes, these designs fill our interior with a whole lot of colors that brighten up each of our rooms.

This African fabric is called wax (which means wax in English) because it is covered with a shoe polish on both sides. This technique is used to allow it to repel water. The waxes used are very colorful, which is why we can obtain a multitude of patterns. In addition, there is no predefined code, which is what makes it possible to obtain unique designs.

5. Bring a little pep to your interior

bring a little pep to your interior (1)

The bedding adorned with this pattern is simply sublime. Especially since I really like the idea of ​​being able to give your bedroom an ethnic touch in no time. The same goes for a living room with cushions, nothing could be simpler to bring a little pep to your interior.

6. Multitude of colors and shapes

multitude of colors and shapes (1)

The wax pattern is undoubtedly one of the main elements of the very identity of African decoration. Indeed this multitude of colors and shapes is quite simply explosive. In addition, my attention very quickly turned to a set of small bowls. I can easily imagine the joyful touch they would bring to my table, for a homemade brunch or aperitif in the middle of summer. 

7. An original wall covering with wallpaper

An original wall covering with wallpaper (1)

Just like our furniture, our walls can be all the more impactful and cheerful by displaying a wallpaper with a wax pattern. A work of art that will awaken more or less sober decorations. It can also bring out neutral furniture and come to achieve a mix and match of the most original.

8. An ethnic trendy wall decoration

An ethnic trendy wall decoration (1)

Like wallpaper, the walls of frames and objects can bring an ethnic touch to your interior. Indeed, African decoration dresses our walls with small, unusual handcrafted objects that are full of this African cultural imprint. Materials such as rattan , jute or wood, from more neutral shades to more enhanced shades, bring this particular note that invites us to travel.

9. A subtle decoration, but very colorful

A subtle decoration, but very colorful (1)

To revamp a living room and give it back its shine, there is nothing better than a section of wall painted in a bright color. Here, the dark red gives a crazy charm to the room. However, to add charisma, elements of African decor have been subtly added. The young, the wooden furniture, the hanging lamp or the patterned cushions transform the room into a warm and authentic place.

10. Metal objects in the African style

Metal objects in the African style (1)

To sublimate a room with simplistic decoration, it is wise to add a few more eccentric touches. Metal is a material of character and immediately sets the tone. By placing a few objects like these, in addition to adding an African touch to your decor, you will allow the light to reflect on it.

11. An assertive style

An assertive style (1)

Contrary to popular belief, very busy decorations can sometimes be magnificent. In this living room we can see that a vertical patterned tapestry is cut thanks to various wooden and straw objects. On the floor, we find a carpet in imitation cowhide. You might think that this is too much , but everything is so well arranged that it ultimately makes all the charm of the room.

12. Soft colors and reminders of Africa

Soft colors and reminders of Africa (1)

To enhance this room with its very refined decoration, magnificent decorative elements have been added. The brown leather cushions, the baskets, the wooden statuettes or the magnificent photographs of leopards recall this continent of incredible cultural richness.

13. A wall decoration in the theme

A wall decoration in the theme (1)

The wall decoration of this living room, its colorful elements, its wooden chair and its small brown leather table make it one of a kind. Despite the large number of colors, the decorators of this place have managed to preserve a certain balance. This revisited African style is beautiful, and on top of that, allows light to enter the premises and radiate through the room.

14. A soft and exotic atmosphere

A soft and exotic atmosphere (1)

While maintaining a simple and sober style, the decorators of these places have been able to bring something more to it thanks to the African style. By maintaining soft colors and blending very well, we had to play with materials and patterns to achieve a result as successful as this one.

15. Traditional African objects

Traditional African objects (1)

Here, it is the furniture and wooden objects that make all the difference. These instantly recall African influences and the know-how of this region of the world. Combined with the simplest decoration, there is no need for more to make this room to die for!

16. Beautiful wax cushions

Beautiful wax cushions (1)

If you don’t want to transform your entire room into an African style, you can opt to add some details reminiscent of this continent. Nothing could be simpler, you just need to change your pillowcases! These cushions, for example, have the power to revive an entire room.

17. A chair in wax

A chair in wax (1)

Wax, even in small touches, has the power to energize our interiors. With its contrasting patterns and bright colors, this trend straight from Africa is now very fashionable. This chair is the perfect example that wax can go well with any type of decoration!

18. The right colors for the walls

The right colors for the walls (1)

As much as possible, create contrasts. You can do this by painting, for example, every third wall brown or red and the rest a lighter color.

19. Get inspired by the desert and African wildlife

Get inspired by the desert and African wildlife (1)

For your general decor, we advise you to take inspiration from African wildlife and the desert. Thus, it will be necessary to privilege the tones of colors of sand. In other words, beige, brown, ocher and red will be there. Goodbye neon colors.

20. The right choice of furniture

The right choice of furniture (1)

You can either buy new African style furniture or go DIY to save money. For the living room, invest in sofas and armchairs whose color is opposite to that of the wall. If you decide to add cushions, either choose a sober color or “animal skin” patterns. Accompanied by these armchairs with a wooden coffee table and one or two rust-looking shelves if possible.