15 Ideas to Combine White and Wood in Your Interior (1)

The union of white and wood is an ideal marriage! Warm, clean shades blend wonderfully. The wood and white decor will then illuminate your interior in an instant. Here is a 15 decorative ideas combining wood and white color.

1. A woody decor for a country spirit

A woody decor for a country spirit (1)

Always in a country style, here is a living room with wood and white decor. This time, the living room is harmonized between different shades of white such as cream white, off white or even slightly gray. The room conveys an extremely comfortable image. Indeed, the white armchairs and sofas, provided with countless cushions, as well as the fringed carpet make the universe very pleasant. In addition, in terms of decorative accessories, the wicker suspension and the rectangular raw wood coffee table reinforce the Mediterranean spirit. Then finally, a few notes of modernity and elegance are added with the help of the moldings on the walls.

2. Bring softness with hygge and Scandinavian style

Bring softness with hygge and Scandinavian style (1)

I am offering you a Scandinavian-style living room that is much more sober. We once again find white nuances accentuated and warmed by woody notes. Besides, I really like the wooden cabinet located between the two large windows. The finishes give it more character. It brings a vintage note to the living room. A vintage note moreover counterbalanced by the black metallic luster providing a contemporary atmosphere.

3. A cuisine inspired by the seaside 

A cuisine inspired by the seaside (1)

The countryside and vacation spirit can also be found in your kitchen. This atmosphere reminds me of an old apartment visit that I wrote some time ago. Indeed, this house by the sea located in South Africa will always make me crack. At the same time elegant, refined and modern, its large surface area remains modest and delicate. Its decoration and its surface area in no way alter the surrounding natural environment.

I really like the way the architects arranged the kitchen. Driftwood brings the oceanic spirit into the interior. The same is also true of the irregularity of the high chairs as well as the legs of the table. It is with a light and dreamy mind that we contemplate this interior. Finally, white accentuates the brightness of the room by reflecting natural light.

4. A chic and elegant kitchen

A chic and elegant kitchen (1)

Another form of elegance: marble. I love this material. Low in proportion and arranged here and there, the marble immediately diffuses an air of modernity and elegance. In this American kitchen, the oak veneered furniture, the parquet floor and the wooden seats combine perfectly with the bar, clad in marble. The golden finishes refine the universe.

In the kitchen, a rather creamy white takes over. The moldings on the wooden table, as well as those on the wardrobes, transport us to the mythical world of Haussmannian lofts . Finally, the tones are once again counterbalanced by contemporary notes, such as the central island, entirely clad in white marble, or the extremely modern black chandelier.

5. A room in the spirit of nature

A room in the spirit of nature (1)

The wood and white decor is equally suitable for a master bedroom, a guest bedroom or even a teenager’s bedroom. It’s easy to add your personal touch. By adding some green plants and accessories in natural fibers, it is an urban jungle universe that advocates. The wood is here once again concealed under a coat of white paint. The rendering is extremely fresh and summery. By inserting a pallet bed, easy to make yourself, further accentuates the natural spirit of the decor.

6. The wood and white decor is also invited in your bathroom

The wood and white decor is also invited in your bathroom (1)

Bathing in a sober universe, here is a second bathroom between nature and sobriety. This time the tones are much darker. Indeed, each of the finishes is dressed in black. The ceiling, the window frame, the towel bar, the faucet, the shower head or even the mottled floor, all of these are completely covered in black. Finally, the roundness of certain volumes such as the bathtub or the sink soften the robust appearance of the bathroom. It is moreover the same concerning the visible beams and the wooden furniture.

7. The colors 

The colors  (1)

The key to a successful wood and white decor is first of all the colors; those of walls, furniture and decorative elements. As you might expect, white is the star color. Painting all the walls in white will bring a lot of light to your interior. But it is above all the zen effect that makes all the difference.

Favoring white for your furniture or decorative items such as lamps, photo frames or even flower pots will enhance this effect. You can also play with the colors by introducing pastel tones such as white gray or ash gray.

8. A california decor

A california decor (1)

Do you want to bring some cheerfulness to your interior? Opt for a Californian-inspired decor! For this, 3 elements are essential: white, wood and fabric. Also feel free to use reclaimed wood to give the room more personality.

To blow a refreshing west wind, we insist on natural materials. In the living room and the dining room, we opt for ethnic wicker suspensions, a jute rug and light wood furniture. Obviously, no garish colors or overcrowded walls. We play the card of simplicity for a cozy atmosphere that inspires well-being and serenity.

9. Furniture

Furniture (1)

The furniture represents the strong point of a wood and white decoration. The wisest thing is to focus on furniture that fits into a Scandinavian, even industrial decor. In the living room, the trends are the side table and the sofa with white wooden legs. To support the sofa, you need an Acapulco chair or an ottoman in white wood-colored braided cords. The creamy white texture of the fir tree is perfect for wall shelves and tv stands. As for the parquet, prefer white oak.

10. Wooden and white armchairs for a cocooning atmosphere

Wooden and white armchairs for a cocooning atmosphere (1)

For a cocoon spirit, bet on comfortable and cozy armchairs. Eggshell, ivory, alabaster, porcelain, pure white … Play with subtle nuances and shades to create a warm atmosphere. You can opt for this pebble armchair signed Tinja, a young Tunisian house that highlights the ancestral know-how of craftsmen.

For spaces conducive to meditation and relaxation, you can also choose armchairs with a hyper enveloping wooden structure! This is the case, for example, with this shell-shaped armchair. Designed as an organic element made up of vertebrae and a spine, it is ergonomic and aesthetic! Equipped with an ultra comfortable pillow, it is ideal for curling up for hours, a book in hand.

11. Decorative elements

Decorative elements (1)

A wood and white decor with Scandinavian trends is not complete without feather elements or coarse woven wool blankets. Do not forget to dress your walls with paintings in a white wooden frame and especially white and black backgrounds. In addition to architect lamps that will find their happiness on your desk, hanging lights in woven bamboo.

12. A timeless kitchen

A timeless kitchen (1)

Beyond the living room and the dining room, the combination of wood and white works wonderfully in the kitchen. Modern, these arrangements are equally suitable for large Haussmann interiors, as well as ultra contemporary spaces. If you are lacking inspiration, you can for example combine white cabinets with custom wooden furniture.

Another possibility is to opt for a large central white island with an integrated wooden dining area. This type of arrangement is ideal for bringing family and friends together for an aperitif or a convivial dinner! To complete the decor, add discreet suspensions above the island, as well as wooden stools with a comfortable seat.

13. A workshop full of shades of wood

A workshop full of shades of wood (1)

To make this Parisian workshop warm, we have deliberately chosen wood to accompany the large spaces that compose it. Carpet in wooden slats, door in planks of just waxed wood, wooden stools, deer trophies in plywood, the different shades of these elements contrast with the white of the walls and the concrete floor. The centerpiece of this play of colors, the base imagined by Anne Ventura is composed of veneers of different species of semi-precious wood which gives a style that is both warm and very contemporary to the room.

14. A dining room in an old garage

A dining room in an old garage (1)

Designed in a former garage, this dining room has undergone big changes to become a bright and warm room. The owners opened a large patio door with black metal studs to let in light and then coated the walls with white lime. This traditional and natural coating is widely used in Mediterranean countries, sanitizes walls and gives them a beautiful, very soft powdered appearance. On the ground, the concrete is black. A beautifully sober combination of black and white that could have been austere if the plank table with extraordinary dimensions did not soften this play of contrast with its natural color. A long table, with a somewhat raw appearance, is enhanced by a series of glass suspensions. An idea to borrow to illuminate a room with a low ceiling where the use of a single suspension would have been impossible.

15. A reading corner with touches of wood

A reading corner with touches of wood (1)

For the decoration of their old restored farmhouse, Ina Meijer and Matthijs van Cruijsen, have found the right balance between nature and modernity. The reading corner is proof of this. Passionate about design, it is fitted out with a wooden pedestal table, several chairs including a gray and a white signed Wannes Royaards (Royaards & Fontjn), a woven rattan chair as well than two other rather narrow wooden ones, called “Lilie” and “Iris” by the artist Wiebke Meurer. A modernity counterbalanced by a wall dressed in blond wood planks which brings a certain softness to the whole of the room.