20 Ideas of Vintage Style Kitchen

Do you dream of a vintage-inspired kitchen? Whether you like the retro spirit, the Art Deco style, rustic or on the contrary more modern atmospheres… There are a thousand and one ways to adopt a vintage atmosphere in your kitchen! Discover 20 vintage kitchen designs to help you find inspiration.

1. Traditional vintage kitchen

Traditional vintage cuisine (1)

When we think of vintage cuisine, we immediately imagine the kitchens of yesteryear in which we find period pieces such as a cooking piano or retro cookers and gas stoves. Proudly display your old copper pots and pans and you’re ready to travel back in time!

2. Current vintage kitchen

Current vintage kitchen (1)

Do you like the vintage spirit but you want to bring modernity and elegance to your kitchen? Opt for retro-inspired furniture and appliances like this refrigerator and this gas stove and combine them with wooden and white elements for a clean, harmonious and trendy result. 

3. Vintage country kitchen

Vintage country kitchen (1)

This vintage kitchen honors the country house spirit. The decorative ideas to copy: the use of terracotta tiles on the ground, the installation of a wooden workbench to replace the central island, the use of a bench to create a warm atmosphere without forgetting the bucolic touch with a bouquet of fresh flowers.

4. Vintage pastel kitchen

Vintage pastel kitchen1 (1)

To bring softness and poetry to your vintage kitchen, opt for pastel shades. Once again, it is the furniture, decorative accessories and utensils, such as old dishes, an old-fashioned teapot or coffee maker or even a retro refrigerator, which will recall the vintage spirit.

5. Vintage kitchen nature

Vintage kitchen nature (1)

In this vintage kitchen, we fall for the combination of various natural materials. Stone bricks on the walls, old parquet on the floor, a solid wood workbench, a suspension in woven plant fibers, a bamboo ladder as a tea towel holder …

6. Vintage Art Deco kitchen

Vintage Art Deco kitchen (1)

If you like the Art Deco era and want to be inspired by it to furnish a vintage-style kitchen, bet on period furniture such as these pretty opaline brass pendant lights above the bar and these shaped wooden bar chairs.

7. Sleek vintage kitchen

Sleek vintage kitchen (1)

Who said a vintage kitchen was full of all kinds of trinkets? In this kitchen, for example, there are some old elements associated with more modern pieces. The kitchen facades dressed in green help to give authenticity to the room while the central island brings a more refined and contemporary side to the room.

8. Rustic vintage kitchen

Rustic vintage kitchen (1)

For a vintage and authentic atmosphere, get inspired by this kitchen with rustic accents. Fall for a display cabinet type cabinet, solid wood kitchen furniture and a pretty red and white checkered tablecloth!

9. Vintage style kitchen equipment

Vintage style kitchen equipment (1)

If you are a fan of retro decoration, then you will certainly fall in love with SMEG kitchen equipment. The rounded shapes, soft colors and playful silhouette of their household appliances are creating more and more enthusiasm. This brand is an excellent choice to equip a vintage kitchen. You can also think of hunting for antique pieces in online flea markets or on specialized marketplaces to find the ideal equipment, and second-hand, to set up your small kitchen.

10. Retro kitchen furniture

Retro kitchen furniture (1)

The kitchen furniture and storage units have also been declined in a vintage style. In order to create ranges suited to “retro chic” kitchens, furniture manufacturers were inspired by the furniture lines of yesteryear. They also worked with noble materials such as wood and metal. These kitchen units allow both to add spaces dedicated to storage and organization of the room while giving it a touch of charm and character.

11. The beautiful vintage decorations

The beautiful vintage decorations (1)

To beautify your kitchen, also think about accessories and old objects. You can use old pots and pans and other kitchen utensils to make them part of your decor. Solutions that are inexpensive, easy to find and perfectly suited to a retro kitchen decoration.

12. The charm of old-fashioned floor tiles

The charm of old-fashioned floor tiles (1)

Vintage decoration also involves the choice of your floor covering. The tiling, in particular, is perfectly suited to the layout of a retro kitchen. Black and white checkered tiles, mosaics and old patterns bring authenticity and warmth while making the maintenance of your room easier.

13. The charm of a workshop atmosphere

The charm of a workshop atmosphere (1)

To create both modern and vintage kitchen furnishings, you can also succumb to industrial-style interior design. This style of decoration makes it possible to sublimate a sober kitchen layout full of character. You can play on contrasts by combining antique furniture with metal elements.

14. Kitchen lighting

Kitchen lighting (1)

On the light side, equip yourself with vintage ceiling and pendant lights. Not only will these lighting systems allow you to see clearly in your room, but they will also allow you to decorate your kitchen. These vintage pendant lights with rounded shapes or inspired by flea markets will embellish the room.

15. The multicolored decoration

The multicolored decoration (1)

The color allows both to give pep and to give a retro air to the decoration of your kitchen. The mixture of colors decorates kitchen furniture, wallpapers and accessories. This mix gives a bohemian and chic air to the room.

16. The kitchen splashback

The kitchen splashback (1)

The splashback is a must in kitchens. Above your worktops or your cooking space, it protects your walls from grease projections. Plus, the kitchen splashback is a great way to play with the outlook and emphasize the retro elegance of a pretty kitchen.

17. Vintage Scandinavian style

Vintage Scandinavian style (1)

Scandinavian decoration is a particularly popular style. Why not opt ​​for a vintage Scandinavian kitchen decoration ? Inspired by the kitchens of the Nordic countries of the 70s, this decoration is at the same time soft, authentic and design.

18. A vintage dining space

A vintage dining space (1)

With old mismatched chairs and a mottled table, you can create a charming space for dining in your kitchen. An ideal tip for creating a harmonious effect in a retro, practical and economical kitchen.

19. Rustic chic style

Rustic chic style (1)

Another interesting inspiration for decorating a kitchen in a retro way is to go for a rustic or country style. The authentic furniture, inspired by old country houses, will allow you to create an authentic kitchen atmosphere. And, to avoid the slightly dated side, don’t forget to add modern and chic decorative elements.

20. The alliance of modern and retro

The alliance of modern and retro (1)

To bring a touch of dynamism and pep to your retro kitchen, also think about fitting modern elements there. For example, in this old kitchen, the colorful carpet under the table helps bring vitality to the atmosphere.