30 Creative Ideas of DIY Advent Calendar

Waiting for Christmas, we all love to do it! And waiting for this end of the year celebration by discovering a little gift in your Advent calendar, every day is even better. If you want to please those around you, start making a homemade Advent calendar. The main advantage? You can personalize it by choosing the little surprise yourself (candy, a little sweet note, a toy…). Plus, it will cost you next to nothing and keep the whole family entertained! It’s your turn!

Instead of buying an Advent calendar, make it yourself! Get inspired with our selection of 50 Advent calendar ideas.

1. Small houses

Small houses (1)

Distribute your surprises in adorable little houses, made from a piece of cardboard and number stickers.

2. Gift boxes

Gift boxes (1)

You don’t know what to do with last year’s gift boxes? Customize them with masking tape and stick them on a corkboard. The result is amazing!

3. Matches

Matches 1 (1)

All those compulsively guarded matchboxes are finally going to be used for something: the Advent calendar. We take our surprise in a jar, it’s really fun!

4. Coat hanger

Coat hanger

A hook for each gift. Pack your surprises in a paper bag and hang them in staggered rows.

5. Photobooth

Photo booth (1)

Have a photoshoot with your little ones – funny faces, smiles, and tongue pull included. Post it all on your calendar and have fun with the family every day!

6. Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher 1 (1)

Does your toddler tend to be in the moonlight? Stay in the theme for your Advent calendar and customize it with a 100% poetic dream catcher.

7. Paper bag

Paper bag (1)

Unused paper or tea bag, the Advent Calendar can sometimes be so simple. Suspend them with clothespins on a string!

8. Mini trees

mini trees (2)

At home, toys are overflowing the shelves. Ask your blond head to select the figurines to recycle and reuse them to accessorize your special little “Advent Calendar” boxes.

9. Pointed hat

Pointed hat (1)

Turlututu pointed hat ! Turn the Advent calendar into a magician’s show with the help of these golden cones. We lift them and tada: surprise you.

10. Toilet paper rolls

Toilet paper rolls (1)

Toilet paper rolls can get a second life. Arranged on a cardboard panel and sealed with a little colored paper, we can’t wait: drill them up to date!

11. Socks

Socks (1)

Tired of kid’s socks lying around? Hang on a clothesline with pins, number them with a glitter pencil and congratulate yourself on this adorable Advent calendar.

12. On my little cloud

On my little cloud (1)

We love our child so much, that we will go so far as to win him the Moon. To be patient, we loosen little clouds for Christmas. It’s cuter!

13. Little guys

Little guys (1)

Burlap, a piece of cardboard, mini knitted hats to have 24 pretty little elves who will hide gifts for your children!

14. Nuts

Nuts (2)

Don’t throw away your nutshells! They can be used to hide a few tiny gifts (little words, candies, chocolates …) Tie them up with wire and number them. To spice up your Advent calendar, hide nuts in every corner of the house and invite your children to look for them!

15. With a kraft paper

With kraft paper (1)

Make a pretty Advent calendar with kraft paper.

16. Luminous

Luminous (2)

A luminous Advent calendar with Scandinavian inspirations.

17. Circular calendar

Circular calendar (1)

Recycle boxes to make a circular Advent calendar.

18. Small tree

Small tree (1)

Hang the small Advent calendar pouches on branches to make a pretty tree!

19. Christmas wreath

Christmas wreath (2)

Do you like Christmas wreaths, as well as advent calendars? Go for a 2-in-1!

20. Pouches and clothes pegs

Pouches and clothes pegs (1)

We love the idea of ​​Advent calendar pockets to hang on clothespins!

21. In the form of a tree

In the form of a tree (1)

A wall Advent calendar in the shape of a tree? We say yes!

22. Recycled

Recycled (1)

How about making your Advent calendar with personalized boxes? A great way to recycle them.

23. Colorful and playful

Colorful and playful (1)

A colorful and fun DIY Advent calendar for children.

24. A dreamcatcher Advent calendar

A dreamcatcher Advent calendar (1)

We love this dream catcher Advent calendar that goes super well with the blue wall!

25. Wooden fir

Wooden fir (1)

An Advent calendar in the form of a Christmas tree, we say yes!

26. Scale

Scale (1)

An Advent calendar suspended from a ladder, practical and uncluttered!

27. In glass jars

In glass jars (1)

Reuse glass jars of yogurt to slip in the 24 gifts.

28. Branches

Branches (2)

An Advent calendar on branches, for a natural and simple feel!

29. On a ladder

On a ladder

Tie your small packages on a wooden ladder accompanied by a light garland.

30. A suspended calendar

A suspended calendar (1)

For the more dreamy, the hanging Advent calendar and its myriad of stars.

31. Big Wheel

Big Wheel (1)

This pretty circle-shaped advent calendar will decorate your all-white wall!

32. Small train

Small train (1)

This “little train” advent calendar will undoubtedly appeal to the little ones!

33. Big glass jar

Big glass jar (1)

A simple glass jar can hold the little gifts for your Advent calendar. We add a garland for the Christmas spirit.

34. In roll

In roll (1)

Rolls are essential for making an Advent calendar yourself. The layout is up to you!

35. Clean Calendar

Clean Calendar (1)

We fell in love with this uncluttered advent calendar!

36. XXL Calendar

XXL Calendar (1)

Take an XXL canvas and start by sewing jeans pockets to make an original advent calendar!

37. Playhouses

Playhouses (1)

We love this traditional advent calendar made with pretty wooden houses!

38. Mailbox

Mailbox (1)

Every morning put the gift in the mailbox. This is another way to open your Advent calendar.

39. Cable car

Cable car (1)

Exit the classic box, make small cable car seats. Head to the ski resort!

40. Pouch

Pouch (1)

A little gift to unwrap every day, anyone?