40 Creative Ideas for Christmas Crafts With Toilet Paper Rolls (1)

I don’t know about you, but I have a weakness for Christmas decorations to make with empty toilet paper rolls. You know why? Because instead of throwing away those little cardboard tubes, I tell myself that I can always turn them into an adorable Santa Claus …

… or also as a reindeer or a cute snowman! Economical, don’t you think? Here are 40 DIY Christmas decorating ideas with toilet paper rolls. You will fall for it, that’s for sure!

1. Santa Claus made with toilet paper rolls 

Santa Claus made with toilet paper rolls (1)

How fun it is to make these little Santa Claus with toilet paper rolls! You just have to decorate them with a small red plastic glass and a little cotton. It’s adorable, isn’t it? All you have to do is hang them on the Christmas tree! 

2. Santa Claus to hang on the tree

Santa Claus to hang on the tree

This year, no need to buy Christmas decorations! It’s much better to make these Santa Claus hang on the tree yourself. For this, you need red and white paper, black felt scissors to glue and a piece of string. Result? Adorable decoration for your Christmas tree!

3. Christmas decoration with adorable owls

Christmas decoration with adorable owls

A roll of toilet paper, a few pieces of felt cut in circles, white paint … and you have everything you need to make this adorable owl decorate the Christmas tree. 

4. Elves aliens to decorate the table

Elves aliens to decorate the table

Here is a brilliant little DIY to decorate your table. Dressed as Santa Claus, with their 3 eyes, these aliens made with a roll of toilet paper will give your Christmas decoration a boost! Extra original, alien, and extra fun to do! 

5. Small drums

Small drums

These little drums made with a few rolls of toilet paper, a little adhesive paper, and glue make it look festive! We love these super cute decorations. And you?

6. Christmas tree in toilet paper rolls

Christmas tree in toilet paper rolls

This year, this adorable Christmas tree will not go unnoticed! Please note, this tree is made up of 32 rolls of toilet paper. If you’ve had enough, that’s fine. Otherwise, start putting them aside! 

7. Too cute Christmas

Too cute Christmas

Give new life to your toilet paper rolls by transforming them into Christmas choir singers! We bet your kids will love this DIY! A little advice: make them in different sizes. They will look even cuter! 

8. The little gingerbread man

The little gingerbread man

This little gingerbread man is perfect for decorating your outdoor Christmas tree. It’s a very easy and fun little DIY. You can do it in no time with the kids. 

9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Are there Ninja Turtle enthusiasts at home? Indulge them with these Ninja Turtle-shaped decorations. For that, you need green paint, glue, googly eyes to stick on, some blue, red, purple, and orange fabric, and Washi tape. Cute and easy to do! 

10. Easy to make Santa’s reindeer

Easy to make Santa's reindeer

Santa’s reindeer is the easiest DIY to make and everyone will love it! Fill it with Christmas treats and small gifts and hang it on your Christmas tree. 

11. Small boxes Santa Claus and snowman

Small boxes Santa Claus and snowman

With these little Santa and snowman boxes to put under the pillows, you will be creative! They are easy to make and great for decorating your home. Plus, kids love them! 

12. Santa Claus coming down the chimney

Santa Claus coming down the chimney

This is a decoration you can be proud of! To make them, you need red, black, white and beige paper, black felt, glue or tape, string, scissors and of course rolls of toilet paper! Result: these Santas are totally cute! 

13. A beautiful decorative cross

A beautiful decorative cross

Glue the pieces of flattened toilet paper rolls to make a nice decoration for your entryway. You can then spray metallic paint to make it look like the cross is metal. The kids will love it!

14. Small nests for birds

Small nests for birds

Believe it or not … But these beautiful bird nests are actually made with rolls of toilet paper. The windows were carefully cut out and decorative paper glued. Then just add a string to hang them on the tree.

15. Fairy lights

Fairy lights

You always need a nice mood light when throwing a party. This garland is so charming that you can make one for Christmas and one for New Year.

16. Christmas wreath

Christmas wreath

What makes this garland made with toilet paper rolls so successful are those red flower buds and the leaves cut from green paper. After all, nothing beats the colors of Christmas: red and green!

17. Advent calendar

Advent calendar

The countdown has started with this stylish and adorable advent calendar. Put inside small candies, papillotes, candy canes, or small gifts to make the children wait wisely until Christmas.

18. Grinch Mitts

Grinch Mitts

Recycle empty toilet paper rolls by making this funny Christmas Grinch. You only need 5 things to do this easily and I’m sure you’ll find them at home: cotton balls, card stock, markers, and paint.

19. Rennes

Rennes (1)

It’s great how a roll of toilet paper and a few twigs from the garden can come to life so quickly to turn into reindeer. Of course, children can paint them and add eyes, a nose with whatever they find in the house.

20. Easy and quick sprites to do

Easy and quick sprites to do

Make these adorable Christmas elves to decorate your Christmas tree and expect to receive compliments from your friends and family. Unless you put this little group on a shelf. It deserves some thought!

21. Christmas tree in toilet paper rolls

Christmas tree in toilet paper rolls

To make this little Christmas tree, just glue green paper rolls of different sizes. It’s easy to do with the kids! Hang these little trees on your Christmas tree or tie them outside for a super effect!

22. Decorative wreath with flowers

Decorative wreath with flowers (1)

A few rolls of flattened toilet paper glued together in a harmonious way and decorated with flowers made with blue silk ribbons and white fabric … And here is a beautiful Christmas wreath to decorate your doors or your walls.

23. Advent calendar in paper rolls

Advent calendar in paper rolls (1)

A few empty toilet paper rolls glued together to make the shape of a Christmas tree, label with the date attached with a piece of string … And voila! All you have to do is hide candies and papillotes inside the toilet paper roll!

24. Santa’s pants … and his candies

Santa's pants ... and his candies (1)

This DIY will appeal to anyone who enjoys creating decorations themselves. Turn an empty, dull toilet tissue roll into Santa’s pants. It enhances the Christmas decoration. It’s super easy to do. You just need to be a little creative and have some patience.

25. Wreath in the shape of flowers

Wreath in the shape of flowers (1)

Do you like flowers? Then you will love this wreath made of toilet paper rolls. Make this pretty wreath to adorn your entryway. Decorate it with a bow made of a thick red ribbon and a checkered one. This will make your guests smile as soon as they arrive.

26. Red and white garland

Red and white garland (1)

Recycle empty toilet paper rolls into adorable decorative flowers! After you cut the rolls, all you need to do is flatten and glue them. Do it with your kids and paint them white and crimson red. Hang them in the tree or tie them together to make a garland. And you’ll have finished them before you even know it! 

27. Green Christmas wreath

Green Christmas wreath (1)

Nothing will make your door more beautiful than this magnificent wreath of toilet rolls painted green. With some red stickers and a beautiful white and red ribbon: guaranteed effect!

28. Olaf on a roll of toilet paper!

Olaf on a roll of toilet paper (1)

Kids will love creating this snowman that will never melt! With just a few supplies (toilet rolls, twigs for arms and hair, and a little material like glue ), Olaf will make a great contribution to your Christmas decoration. 

29. A trio of Christmas reindeer

A trio of Christmas reindeer (1)

Have you always dreamed of having your own reindeer? Then you will be happy! This decoration is very easy to do and it requires very little material! Trace the reindeer pattern on a roll of toilet paper and cut it out with a pair of scissors. Then use a felt-tip pen to draw the small details, like the red nose of Rudolph the reindeer. 

30. Pretty Christmas village

Pretty Christmas village (1)

Let your kids create this winter village with toilet paper rolls and they’ll love to play it all through Christmas time. The boxes for cookies, toilet paper rolls, and some simple additions (like glitter) … and you have made an imaginative awesome game.

31. The Christmas choir

The Christmas choir (1)

Making these little choristers is a great way to use up your stash of tape and paper. And all the little mismatched socks lying around in your drawers make cute hats for these singers. 

32. Little reindeer to hang from the tree

Little reindeer to hang from the tree (1)

These reindeer-shaped decorations just might be the cutest decoration on your Christmas tree. Brown wallpaper samples provide the basis for this reindeer (but brown paper or paint would work just as well). The pipe cleaners’ brown are perfect woods. A red nose and wide eyes give them a cute expressive air.

33. Christmas crib

Christmas crib (1)

This set of little characters for the nursery is amazing. Since it takes a little longer to create these little characters, plan several evenings to make them with pleasure.

34. Honeycomb Christmas wreath


The combination of toilet paper rolls of different widths gives this honeycomb wreath this beautiful look. The bells add a touch of joy to the party. 

35. Advent calendar in the shape of a house

Advent calendar in the shape of a house (1)

Kids will go crazy with this DIY toilet paper roll Christmas calendar! Just fill it with goodies so they can start the countdown to Christmas. It’s simple and easy to do. 

36. Santa’s elves

Santa's elves (1)

Take out your leftover felt and a handful of toilet paper rolls to make a whole family of Christmas elves. Everyone will love them and the kids will be playing with them throughout Christmas time. 

37. Yule log

Yule log (1)

This Christmas log is actually a beautiful gift box that looks like a birch log, thanks to a simple printable faux wood sheet. Save these toilet paper rolls to take them out for a nice party!

38. Angel

Angel (1)

Keep a memory of those cute little hands with this pretty angel. It is done quite simply with a handprint and a roll of toilet paper. A quick shape of the hands-on piece of paper and presto, this angel has his wings!

39. Children and snowmen

Children and snowmen (1)

These toilet paper rolls have reincarnated into snowmen and children thanks to this fun DIY. 

40. Santa advent calendar

santa's advent calendar (1)

All you need is toilet paper rolls, a little paint, decorative paper, glue, a Santa stencil, and printable numbers to quickly and easily make this advent calendar. You can then fill them with treats to discover them every day.