15 Ideas of Making Fabric Christmas Tree (1)

This year, for an eco-friendly Christmas, we are betting on DIY decor. Focus on the new trend of fabric trees with these 15 ideas spotted on Pinterest.

1. A luminous tree

A luminous tree (1)

Fabric trees also have the right to a light garland that you can place on the seam of the tree. Garnish the tree with cotton to create a rounded effect.

2. A sleek Christmas tree

A sleek Christmas tree (1)

For a clean Christmas, take a wooden stick and attach felt cut in the shape of a tree all around. It is possible to do some seams to give more details and a worked finish.

3. A coniferous forest

A coniferous forest (1)

A wooden branch will be needed to make this coniferous forest. Make several fabric trees by garnishing them with cotton and hang them on the wooden branch. This decoration will give a natural touch to your Christmas.

4. Subtle details

Subtle details (1)

To fix the pieces of felt, give free rein to your creativity for a refined and resolutely decorative attachment.

5. Assemble the fabrics

Assemble the fabrics (1)

Take fabrics in warm tones: green, khaki, burgundy, and tartan patterns. After giving them a tree shape, put them together to create a 3D tree.

6. A 3D tree

A 3D tree (1)

Using the same technique as the previous tree, garnish the cotton fabrics to give volume to the tree. Put it all together and decorate it as you wish. 

7. With cushions

With cushions (1)

For a full Christmas, why not make a Christmas tree with cushions in the shape of stars?

8. Cocooning suspensions

Cocooning suspensions (1)

Choose a warm and soft fabric for a cocooning Christmas. White and gold will brighten up the room while making the moment cozy.

9. A fabric fir forest

A fabric fir forest (1)

Large or small, make fabric fir trees and create a real coniferous forest.

10. In felt

In felt (1)

Felt can also do the trick to create pretty Christmas trees. Each scale gives volume to the tree.

11. Conical trees

Conical trees (1)

Take a foam cone and wrap some fabric around it to dress your Christmas tree in soft, cozy wool.

12. Mesh decorations

Mesh decorations (1)

To hang decorations in the tree, nothing like small mesh trees. Leave a piece of wool so you can hang them from the branches.

13. A tree trunk

A tree trunk (1)

Collect a tree trunk and attach the stacked cushions together.

14. With scrunchies

With scrunchies (1)

Simple to make, the Christmas tree is decorative and responds to the colors of Christmas and conifers. We love the star that finishes the silhouette of these trees.

15. The folding

The folding (1)

For an easy DIY, take fabric squares and fold them into a triangle shape. Superimpose each triangle leaving a difference of about 4-5 cm and secure everything with buttons or ties.