In a difficult year, sometimes the best way to show that you love someone is to present them with simple things you can do at home. We don’t always want or manage to give something elaborate to the ones we love on Valentine’s Day. Often a romantic dinner, a little time reserved for the two, and beautiful decorations speak much more about your feelings than an expensive gift.

If this is the point for you, why not leave the house prepared with a themed decoration? To help you, we’ve separated super cute, cheap, and easy tips to make. Checkout:

1- Card wall

 In this option, you can buy a ready-made mural – we find options of up to 50.00 reais and some with a heart shape – and make a display of cards and photos. Hang everything with a mini clothespin – for a rustic touch, use wooden ones – and make it pretty with decorations and designs.

You can also paint the frame red or pink and add hearts around it. There are many types of variations that can be created. Have fun unleashing your imagination!

2- Heart wreath with mosquito flower

Used as a filler in bouquets, the mosquito flower was naturally painted red or pink. Despite being a more elaborate idea, it remains economical. Here, the flower was used after drying naturally. 


  • Cardboard
  • Spray paint (optional)
  • foam blocks
  • String 
  • Glue
  • little mosquito flower

How to make:

Sketch a heart on a piece of cardboard with a slightly smaller one (about 2 inches apart) inside it. Grab a good pair of scissors and cut both the outside and inside the sketch.

Take the foam pieces apart and place them around the cut, ensuring all the cardboard is coated. Remark that some will need to be cut to fitfully.

Bringing a glue stick, spread a generous amount over each item, and secure it in place, this step can take a while to dry – use a glue gun to speed up the process, but this one doesn’t stick as well.

Once you’ve reached the desired configuration, grab a string and secure each element in place. If you want to paint the flower, spray it lightly with spray paint until the color is apparent.

3- Heart vase

If you’re looking for natural and whimsical decor, this simple craft, which requires some cutout hearts and tree branches painted in white, is for you!


  • Scrapbook paper in pink, red, sparkles, or whatever your imagination desires
  • String 
  • Twigs (take advantage and get the ones from your garden or backyard)
  • white spray paint
  • White vase or vase

How to make:

Gather the bunch of branches and make sure they are all the same height. The ideal is to have many of them fill the vase well. Then lay them out on a newspaper and spray with white – a second coat may be necessary.

Draw several hearts on the scrapbook paper –  create a 3D effect by using three different sheets and gluing them all together – and make a hook with string. Finally, tie a knot and hang the hearts evenly on the branches.

4- Themed table runner

 Add a touch to your dining table with this runner made with hearts! You will need hot glue and card stock paper. 

First, decide if you want a pattern – you can go from random to monochrome and choose the length you want, or do it as you go.

Hot glue the bottom (pointed part) of one heart and overlap the other, covering the edge slightly. Keep going until you reach your size. If you want more texture, place a roll of kraft paper underneath.

5- Candle holder

There is nothing more romantic than a candlelit night. This one is even more special with a heart-shaped cutout.


  • Mason style glass jars
  • Spray paint
  • spray glue
  • glitter
  • Stickers (or adhesive vinyl to make your own)

How to make:

The first step is to place the stickers in your glass jars, with all the edges pressed together, so you don’t have a problem playing the color. Then spray the entire bottle with a light coat of spray paint. 

Set the jars aside to dry. Then spread a very light layer of spray glue. You can do this all over the container or just a small area in front. Wait about five minutes and pour some glitter over the sticky part.

Gently tap the bottle to shake off the extra shine and peel off the sticker. Okay, now add a candle, light it and have fun!

6- Valentine’s Day Succulents

Succulents are the perfect gift for low maintenance and beauty – ideal for windowsills, kitchens, and tables! A way to add some life to the space. It is worth remembering that any type of vase is valid for this step-by-step.


  • Succulents of your choice
  • vases
  • acrylic paints
  • Brush tool

How to make:

Paint your pots with alternating stripes or hearts and wait for them to dry before fixing succulents! Very easy!

7- Candy Heart Flags

Famous for carrying written messages, the sweetheart can carry inside jokes and nice words about the person you love. But here, let’s recreate them on paper!


  • Colored paper
  • heart-shaped punch
  • small pliers punch
  • String
  • stamp letters

How to make:

Cut hearts in delicate colors and stamp words on each card. Drill two tiny holes in the top of each piece so you can attach them like a flag to your house.

8- Music cards

 Do you and your girlfriend share a passion for music? How about producing cards with the lyrics that most connect with you or even making a joke and writing funny songs?

9- Ornaments for food

Make your cupid arrows and glitter hearts to beautify breakfast or desserts! 

For the arrows:


  • Felt
  • toothpicks
  • hot glue
  • Scissors

How to make:

Cut two felt parts into a small rectangle, about 3.8 by 6.3 cm (about 1.9 by 2.5 cm for toothpicks). Arrange them in layers, one on top of the other, and trim the corners at one end to create a stitch. Cut the opposite end at the same angle, creating a triangle.

Open, separate the felt pieces and run a line of hot glue on the end of the toothpick – sticking to one piece. Apply a second strip of hot glue and join the other part. Press around to combine well and, if necessary, add more until everything is covered. 

After cooling, cut two diagonal lines on each side, stopping before the toothpick and following the lines at the tip. Now cut a straight line from the center to the top of the diagonal lines – this creates a small triangle notch.

For the bright hearts:


  • colored wire tinsel 
  • toothpicks
  • Scissors
  • hot glue

How to make:

First, position the tinsel towards the top of the toothpick – leaving about an inch to two inches of tail to one side – and wrap the long end around the toothpick. Run the tinsel up and around, forming a loop at the top of the skewer. The bigger the loop, the bigger the arrangement you will have in the end.

Use one end to secure the loop in place, just winding it, and then the other end to the wood – resulting in a bow attached to it. If desired, you can apply a small drop of hot glue to the back to further secure the handle in place, although it is not necessary. Remember to make it very tight to be more secure.

Then pinch a dot in the middle of the loop and draw it inward to create the heart. You can play with the shape by simply folding and unfolding it to make it look exactly the way you’d like. Cut the length of the toothpick using scissors or customize it to a length that makes sense for you, and you’re done!

10- 3d Heart

You don’t need much, and the result is spectacular. A-frame, a small net, and red paper napkins.

11- Heart Made With Wooden Branches

This pretty decorative ombré heart can be hung all year round and add a touch of femininity to the home. Blogger Rachel used small wooden sticks in her yard, four shades of paint, and very fine string to create thi project.

12- Mantle of Daisies

In this small composition, some cheerful pink daisies stand out on some blackboards with Valentine’s messages.

13- Vintage Wreath of Hearts

This handmade garland adds a vintage touch to the dresser. You can also place it on the fireplace or in a hallway. The best part? This decoration only requires two steps.

14- Flower Curtain

Perfect for Valentine’s snapshots.

15- Table Cards

Are you organizing Valentine’s party? Well, we have the sweetest idea: a small flower arrangement and a colorful card.

16- Centerpiece With Roses ‘ombré.’

The different colors of the roses will give the table movement and sophistication.

17- Canvases With Hearts

Do it with the children’s help, and it will be infinitely more fun. Draw a heart on each one and let the little ones in the house use their creativity.

18- Cones Filled With Roses

The most delicious flower arrangement we have ever seen.

19- Love

The word LOVE, hearts and a green pine wreath. The sweetest winter decoration for Valentine’s Day.

20- Valentine Pinata

Although once the children see it, not even the pieces will be left, before that happens, expose it so that everyone can see it.

21- Canvas Full of Kisses

You might feel silly doing this Valentine DIY, but we promise you it’s worth it. Put on lipstick and play!

22- Paper Rose Crown

Some paper tissues rolled up to look like roses; that’s how simple this crown is.

23- Potions Book

A magical decoration for Valentine’s Day.

24- Heart-shaped wreath

You can reproduce with mosquito-like flowers and some twigs to decorate the entrance. It is possible to reproduce this beautiful wreath in the shape of a heart. Use mosquito-type flowers and some branches to decorate the entrance.

25- Pillow embroidered with pink buttons

And that pillow embroidered with pink buttons? It takes time, but it can be used not only for the date. Incorporate it into the decor!

26- Nails and red thread

Another cool way to make a romantic ornament is this frame, made with nails and red thread. You can see the technique online.

27- A ceramic or glass bottle

A ceramic or glass bottle filled with colorful sequins, taped together. There you go, a beautiful vase for the table is made. Simple and cheap!

28- Candies

To escape the usual red, colorful roses accompanied by candies. Sweet and fragrant.