With all due respect to Valentine’s Day, love is not exclusive to the couple. Family, friends, pets… We all need to love and be loved. Prepare a scene of tenderness and start by enjoying it yourself. Decorating for Valentine’s Day is essential to create a mood of romance for this very special date when we celebrate love.

Valentine ‘s Day is just around the corner, and we intend to vindicate true love, unconditional love, the one with a thousand variables that the movie Love Actually taught us, if you haven’t seen it yet, run! Streaming platforms. This is the best time to show your feelings for the loved one, affectionate gestures and concern for details can highlight this love, so why not create a decoration with romantic elements for that day?

On Valentine’s Day, we invite you to create situations in which to enjoy good times. Decorate your house with details for your children, cook your partner’s favorite dish, write a love letter to your parents or treat yourself to a relaxing spa session in the bathroom. You will fill your house with joy, kisses and hugs.

From the most common decorations with flowers for creating an environment all decorated for that date, they demonstrate dedication to the celebration, being a true declaration of love.

Check out some Valentine’s Day decorating tips and ideas to get inspired and surprise your partner by showing all the love.

1- A romantic breakfast

Bread cut in the shape of a heart with an egg in the middle

Before you start thinking about your Valentine’s Day decor, the first step is to try to create the perfect romantic mood for that date. You can do this in a number of ways, but one of the best ways to make your partner feel loved is to prepare a special breakfast.

Considered by many to be the most important meal of the day, breakfast can go unnoticed with the rush of everyday life, so take advantage of this date to break the pattern.

You can prepare this meal in a more elaborate way, with foods cut in the shape of a heart such as fruits, cake and breads, you can also use the shape and decorate hot drinks with chocolate powder.

But it’s not a rule to do something so personalized, you can also buy your partner’s favorite foods and arrange a nice breakfast tray, so the two of you can enjoy together and start this romantic day.

2- Make a love letter

Love letter, an option for Valentine’s Day gift and decoration

The love letter can serve as a declaration to a special person. This other idea is also a suggestion to start the celebratory mood and make the loved one feel special. Showing your love through a letter is one of the most romantic things you can do.

So take the time to dedicate yourself to writing about your story and all the love involved. It’s a simple idea that can be used with your gift or even be part of your Valentine’s Day decor.

If you don’t want to write a long letter, another tip is to spread notes all over the house, in small letters or post-it notes, you can leave beautiful messages that will change your loved one’s day.

3- Make an arrangement with roses

Glass vase with roses

Arrangement of roses in a glass vase, an element that guarantees the mood of romance for your Valentine’s Day decor. Starting to think about your Valentine’s Day decor, you need to choose which type you prefer. For a more sophisticated and romantic decoration, a very classic element that can be used in different ways are flowers, especially roses for this date.

With various colors, each rose symbolizes a type of affection: love, affection, respect, admiration or friendship. For a romantic mood, the most suitable is the red rose, representing the apex of passion for someone.

To make a special environment, you can prepare beautiful arrangements in glass vases with red roses, which, scattered throughout the house, will create romanticism for that day. This decoration is very versatile and can be used on the dining table, on the floor, with its petals, and in the form of a bouquet, as a gift for your partner.

4- Add Heart Balloons to Your Valentine’s Day Decor

Heart-shaped balloons are a great option for Valentine’s Day decor

Balloons in the shape of hearts, an element that can be incorporated into your decor. When we think of celebrations, a very common element is usually associated with the decoration of these dates, balloons. So why not incorporate this element into your Valentine’s Day decor?

Being a very easy item to find, balloons have a good cost and serve to fill the environment. For the date of love, choose colors that remind you of romance, such as red, shades of pink and even white, to make a composition.

The ways to use it are diverse. You can use them hanging from the ceiling with masking tape, filled with helium gas, as a table arrangement and even make shapes that resemble Valentine’s Day, such as hearts and words of love. A tip for those looking to honor this love is to hang a string on the balloons with a ticket or photo.

If you want to invest a little more money to make your Valentine’s Day decoration more beautiful, choose balloons with heart shapes and designs, which will make all the love of that day even more evident.

5- Use paper to make details

Curtain with paper hearts

Curtain of hearts using paper and thread, a Valentine’s Day decoration suggestion that fills the environment.  For those looking for a Valentine’s Day decoration that involves economy, practicality and manual work, the best option is to use elements made with paper. This is your time to explore creativity and make a beautiful decoration with your own hands.

You can make themed curtains, hearts, elements to be glued by the environment and much more. In addition to using classic colors related to love, you can also bet on glitter or metallic papers.

Among the most common paper decorations for Valentine’s Day, we have hearts, often made with nylon thread to make a pendant element, which you can place on empty walls and add new ornaments to your decor.

6- A decoration origami can wash a message

Heart shaped origami with love message inside. Origami is a traditional Japanese art that consists of folding paper to create representations of objects, an ancient technique that can also be incorporated into your Valentine’s Day decor. You might be wondering how, but the answer is simple, through an origami heart.

This paper folds will create 3D hearts and the result can be added to the decor in many ways. A good way to do this is to place these hearts scattered around the dining table, or inside a glass jar, using it as a central element.

If you have more skill and patience in this process, you can even put messages of love inside the hearts, so your loved one will open and be surprised during the celebration.

7- Using flowers in different ways in Valentine’s Day decoration

Flower wreath

Flowers can be used in many ways in Valentine’s Day decor, including as garlands.  Flowers are beautiful elements to be incorporated into elegant and romantic decorations, not only roses, all types have their own beauty that can be used to create a more beautiful environment for your celebration.

But when we think of flowers in Valentine’s Day decor, we can abuse our creativity and explore this natural element in a variety of ways.

One is through a wreath of flowers. You can make it in a heart shape or write themed words, like “love”. By making interesting combinations with foliage and beautiful flowers, you will be able to charm your partner and create a very personalized decorative item.

8- Food can be part of your Valentine’s Day decor

Strawberries, cut in the shape of a heart

Desserts are perfect foods, to explore themes like Valentine’s Day. Every special celebration should have some different food to celebrate the moment, on love day it would be no different, but have you ever thought about your meal being part of Valentine’s Day decoration? This is possible and these decorated foods combine very well with desserts and especially with chocolate recipes.

For this, you can explore the heart shape in different ways, cutting fruits, making sweets in shaped pots and even using heart shapes when preparing your desserts.

In addition, you can also use thematic colors in food, place plaques with phrases and even bet on paper hearts on top of your candy, as well as other decorative elements, you can abuse creativity when decorating the dessert.

9- Candles can create the mood for romance

Candles in decorated pots

Candles are elements that create an intimate atmosphere for your celebration. Candles are perfect objects for Valentine’s Day decoration, giving charm to the environment, they also create the intimate atmosphere of romance to enjoy with your partner.

To add them to your decor, you can choose to use glass jars or candlesticks as a support, placing them in your living room or dining table decor. They can also be spread on the floor of the environment and creating a beautiful path.

If you want to use this element in a more personalized way, you can opt for red or pink candles, introducing the mood of the celebration; and, if you want a little more detail, choose glass jars with designs like hearts or words of love, this way you create a mood of passion.

10- A photo wall with the couple’s memories

Photo wall in the shape of a heart, a suggestion for your Valentine’s Day decoration

Photo murals are great for remembering good times and can be incorporated into Valentine’s Day decor.  A good way to celebrate love is to remember the good times spent as a couple and one of the best ways to do that is to gather the records of these events.

To do this, print or reveal the photos of the couple to create a beautiful mural, which can be incorporated and used as a decoration for Valentine’s Day. This mural can be made directly on the wall, like a clothesline and even hung with the balloons that you will use in the decoration.

This beautiful way of remembering the best moments will delight your partner in this special celebration and who knows not make you both look forward to new phases to come.

11- Even the little elements can show your love

Arrangement of white flowers in a small glass vase, decorated with red bows and heart

Simple decorations with vases, candles and paper can change the mood of your celebration. Many people may think that making a Valentine’s Day decorations can be laborious or require large expenses, but this is not true. The decoration of this beautiful date can be done with simple elements that you can have at home.

A small vase in which you can place a flower arrangement, place a candle, make some decorative elements on paper to fill the environment and even use balloons.

All these items are simple and you can find them at a good price and easily. What matters on Valentine’s Day is love, partnership and affection, but taking care of the details for this date to be amazing for the couple can make all the difference.

12- Set the dining table as part of your Valentine’s Day decor

Dining table with themed elements, completing the Valentine’s Day decor

The dining table is a main element of your Valentine’s Day decor. Your dining table is the perfect element to incorporate into your Valentine’s Day decor, as it allows you to explore various combinations with other elements, as well as create the perfect mood for your romantic dinner.

After making a special recipe and choosing a good wine, it’s time to organize the last decorative element, your dining table. Start by thinking which elements you will combine, using candles and floral arrangements combine very well and create a sophisticated mood for your moment.

Then completely organize the table, put your best set of dishes, cloth napkins and a good set of cutlery. If you can afford it, there are various love-themed dinner games, with hearts and words, that help create an even more celebratory mood.

13- In the Bedroom

Let love flood your children’s room. A garland made of onion skin with a palette based on pink, green and gray will help you. If you prefer a date with your partner, bring a plus of romanticism. How about an intimate setting to enjoy a magical night? Put on dim lighting and try decorating the bed with rose petals.

14- Input

Some flowers, a love letter, a chocolate bar… This wicker basket holds many treasures to surprise your family when they return home. Invite your partner or your children to a massage session with an essential oil.

15-My House Is Yours

There is no greater gesture of love than giving the house keys to your partner. A romantic way to ask your partner to move in with you: give him the key to your house on a DIY keychain. To make the house, cut four squares, a rectangle and a trapezoid out of cheerful fabrics, which will form the windows, the door and the roof. Paste the pieces on a white felt and sew a strip, in another patterned fabric, that contains the ring.

16- Bon Appétit!

Regardless of dates, celebrate the love for your partner with a declaration of intent: that coffee prepared with care, their favorite cake, a beautiful flower arrangement or some loving message.

17- Total Relax

Live a unique sensory experience with a relaxing bath. Create a warm atmosphere with essential oils, adjust the water temperature to 38º C, add biodegradable salts and prepare a delicate set of soft terry towels.

18- That Subtle Light…

The night invites to talk about feelings. She propitiates an unforgettable encounter with a romantic dinner and simple decoration. Use a side table to improvise a snack, include a bouquet of flowers and illuminate the scene with the dim light of candles. The ideal is to alternate several of different sizes. All that remains is to liven up the date with your favorite playlist and toast to love.

Celebrate or love

Celebrating the day of love with the person you love is very special, so dedicate yourself to creating incredible details that will mark the occasion and set the mood for perfect romance.

Take advantage of the Valentine’s Day decoration tips given and abuse your creativity. You can make small decorations or something more extravagant by combining various elements, but the important thing is not to forget to show all your love.