Couples in love on duty, warn: Valentine’s day is coming! And if you have a love to call yours, know that this date holds great surprises and joys. So, how about using and abusing creativity to assemble a Valentine’s Day decorated room especially for your love? Balloons, scented candles, flowers, photos of the couple and breathtaking tickets are some of the items that cannot be missed on this day. So, surrounded by this romantic atmosphere, we separate unmissable decorating tips that can be applied in the bedroom for you to rock this celebration with your love. Get inspired and fall in love!

Room decorated for Valentine’s Day: details that make all the difference

Valentine’s Day is a very special commemorative date for couples in love who follows the tradition of gifting the loved one with potted plants, chocolates and creative cards.

In the world this celebration takes place on different dates. In Brazil, for example, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on June 12th as it is the eve of Saint Anthony’s Day (celebrated on June 13th). In the United States, this same celebration takes place on February 14, the date on which Valentine’s Day is celebrated, hence the term Valentine’s Day. So, to help you in this celebration, we separate below passionate ideas for Valentine’s Day bedroom decor, for you to be inspired and let the mood of romance invade your environment.

1. Trail made with petals 

Footpath made with petals brings a special touch to the decoration. Know that with a lot of creativity and low investment it is possible to assemble a beautiful and unforgettable decoration for this date.

2. Petals and wine 

Petals and wine are part of the room decorated for Valentine’s Day. Petals and candles make the room decorated on Valentine’s Day even more special. It will create romantic and beautiful atmosphere in your room. Rose petals can form a beautiful heart on the bed.

3. Decorate the way to the bedroom

Trail formed with hearts that lead your love, from the front door to the bedroom. The decoration can be prepared right in the hallway that gives access to the room, bringing a touch of mystery and suspense. In this space, you can assemble a path of hearts for your love to pass through, or even form a trail of red petals guiding your love from the entrance hall of the house to the bedroom.

4. Use and abuse red tones

According to color psychology, the red tone is a warm color that has the ability to arouse countless feelings and sensations related to love, passion, heart, desire, and sensuality. Therefore, try to include several objects in the room with shades of red, but carefully so that the environment is not visually suffocated. Note that in the decoration below, a set of white sheets was used on the double box bed and the other shades of red were dispersed with petals and a balloon in the shape of LOVE.

5. Invest in low lighting

Moroccan lanterns made with glass jars

Low lighting is essential to provide a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. Therefore, to make the environment even more cozy and intimate, leave the room light off and keep only the Moroccan candles and lanterns present in the space. Now, for those who are afraid of leaving the traditional candle in the room, they can opt for LED candles, which offer much more safety when used indoors.

6. Decorate the double bed with red petals

The double bed is the main piece of furniture in the bedroom. For this reason, try to decorate the double bed in a special and creative way. Here, rose petals in pink and red are very welcome, and can take unusual shapes, whether forming a heart or even the phrase “I love you”.

7. Gifts can’t be missed

Leave the gifts on the bed

Just like the petals, the gift can also be positioned in the center of the bed. Whether bought in physical stores and online departments or handmade, what really matters is the sentimental value that the object will awaken in your love.

8. Attach balloons everywhere

Complement the Valentine’s Day decor with balloons on the bed. Balloons bring relaxation to the environment even more if they were made in the shape of a heart. In the environment, the balloons can be placed on the bed or fixed to the ceiling (filled with helium gas or stuck with masking tape on the ceiling) and at their ends they can receive pampering such as cards and romantic phrases.

9. Create a beautiful photo wall

Reserve a special space in the bedroom to assemble a beautiful and creative photo mural and thus show all your love for the person, through the moments and experiences lived next to them. As a tip, try to create a retrospective, remembering the day you met until the present moment.

10. Spread scented candles around the room

Candles in shades of red for valentine’s day room decor

Decorative aromatic candles are perfect, because in addition to lighting up the room in a special way, they bring a peculiar aroma, leaving the space with an even more intimate and romantic atmosphere.

11. Creative and personalized pillows and pillows

Heart-shaped pillows bring cuteness 

Pillowcases make the room even more comfortable and make the decor even more welcoming. So use and abuse these cute items. And, for those looking to bring a unique and original touch to these pieces, they can choose to buy personalized pillows accompanied by phrases or photos of the couple.

12. Write romantic notes on post-its

Notes with love phrases pasted on the mirror

How about taking advantage of the bedroom wall or mirror to form a beautiful heart with several romantic post-its notes. I guarantee your love will be enchanted! And if you don’t know what to put in all the little notes, seek a little help from the most classic poets.

13. Flowers are always welcome

Flowers alone reflect a lot of romanticism. So be sure to include vases of flowers in specific places in the room such as a nightstand and dresser. Red roses, red dahlias and red tulips are some of the options that can be part of your decor.

14. Red fruits bring freshness to the environment

Strawberries, blackberries and raspberries are examples of red fruits that, in addition to being delicious, can bring even more freshness to the environment. Therefore, the tip here is to separate a tray on the furniture and leave these juicy fruits in sight.

15. Champagne, wine to toast

You know that drink you love to have together? Well, she can’t stay out of this celebration, can she? So, reserve a space to position the bottle inside the ice bucket and two glasses , after all, this moment deserves a toast. And since the details make all the difference, try to form ice cubes with edible flowers.

16. Personalized chocolates and candies make all the difference

Even brownies can get into this romantic Valentine’s

If there’s one thing that is very successful among couples in love, it’s personalized chocolates and sweets. This is because, both chocolates and other sweets, at this time, end up receiving special formats and finishes, making the atmosphere even more romantic.

17. Creative Cards

The creative card can stay on the bed complementing 

Along with the gift, also try to leave a beautiful card. Whether purchased or handmade, the card is a great opportunity to record your love and gratitude for having your lover by your side. Unlike post-it notes, the card has the ability to reveal in more detail, through running text, the feeling we have in our heart.

18. Plan breakfast

Breakfast with lots of love for Valentine’s Day

After an amazing night, there’s nothing like keeping the mood of romance the next day, right? So, as a tip, try to surprise your loved one in the first moments of the day with a beautiful breakfast in bed.

19. Candles

Candles make Valentine’s Day room decor more intimate. Scented candles are great too to complement your Valentine’s room decor.

20. Teddy Bear

A cute teddy bear always takes sighs and makes Valentine’s room decor even more special. Teddy bears are most welcome in the room decorated for Valentine’s Day

21. Romantic Messages

Innovate in Valentine’s room decor including posting it with romantic messages

22. Hearts Curtains

Hearts curtains can be used in Valentine’s room decor. Hearts must be everywhere in the room decorated for Valentine’s Day.

23. Good Memories

Celebrate surrounded by good memories in the room. Organize your good memories and complement the simple valentine’s room decor.

24. Little Pots

The little pots with lights and hearts look beautiful in a simple room valentine’s day decor.

25- Champagne Bucket

Try to include a champagne in the room decorated for Valentine’s Day. The champagne bucket can be made even more special with the presence of floral ice vats.

26- Photot Mural with Small Flowers

The mural with small flowers are part of the simple room valentine’s day decor. Even you can make a beautiful photo mural on the wall with blinkers.

27. Attractive Room

Room decorated for Valentine’s Day with petals, lights and flowers.

28- Lamp

Romantic lamp for Valentine’s Day.

So, did you like our Valentine’s Day decorated room tips? So, check out our more articles and be enchanted by some more ideas that can be part of this very special date.