Love is in the air! One of the most special dates of the year is coming! How about taking advantage and making a decoration for Valentine’s Day that will make your corner more cozy to enjoy this day together?! Put your creativity into practice with our tips and make this date unforgettable! Decorate Valentine’s Day with these beautiful ideas for your home and for your celebration.

1- Flowers

Nothing is more romantic than flowers! Always welcome, on this date they gain a very special meaning. They can decorate from the table of that little dinner for two as well as other environments such as the living room or the couple’s bedroom. And how about daring spread petals all over the house, filling this environment with love and beauty?

2- Photos

Remember the good times you’ve lived by looking at the photos you like the most. Print the ones that depict those unforgettable occasions and take the opportunity to rescue these beautiful memories of the relationship. And to make the decor even more elegant, you can print a large black and white photo and place it in a beautiful frame! The frame will eventually become a lovely keepsake of your Valentine’s Day decor.

3- Dinner Table

In addition to enjoying a romantic dinner, prepare an amazing table for you! Even a simple Valentine’s Day decoration can be made more elegant with love and attention to detail: choose a beautiful towel, the coolest crockery they have and the beautiful flowers already mentioned!

4- Surprise declarations of love

Now it’s time to put all your creativity into practice: write declarations of love and spread them in strategic places in the house. You can add even more by leaving a souvenir like a candy. It will be fun and he/she will be eager to find the next note!

5- Lighting

Lighting can change the energy of a room. Choose softer effect lamps or candles to make the place cozier. It’s going to be beautiful and it’s all about Valentine’s Day!

6- Wallpaper

To completely transform that corner and surprise your love, apply a Wallpaper. Economical and practical, it changes the environment in an instant. Imagine the surprise of arriving in a place with a completely new look?!

At Defacile, you will find numerous models and several of them have everything to do with the couple’s corner, such as: bricks, burnt cement, florals and much more! The environment will be more cozy and inviting for you to enjoy!

All Papers are washable, anti-mold and waterproof. Just pass a cloth dampened with water and neutral soap and that’s it!

7- Thematic Frames

Frames are also an incredible option to give that extra touch to your decor for Valentine’s Day and even later, after all, an environment decorated with love goes well all year round! Several models with this theme you can also find at Defacile. And there are several frames for you to choose the one that best suits your environment.

8- Small Details

Other details can make the corner even more beautiful for Valentine’s Day. You can spread some pink, red and white pillows around the room and even cute heart-shaped ones. Oh, and don’t forget to prepare the playlist with the songs you like the most and that have to do with your story.

9- A Tree With Hearts

Grab a few twigs from the garden and spray paint, then cut little hearts out of colored paper and attach them to the branches with twine.

10- Letters of Roses

This letter full of flowers will give a delicate touch to any room in your house.

11- Heart Box

Remember all those loose buttons you keep? Now you can put them to good use.

12- A Calendar for February

The countdown to love begins! This year we have one more day to celebrate in the month of love.

13- Coasters

How do you spell LOVE? With these giant Scrabble tiles… Use a permanent marker to add depth of color and texture to the wooden pieces.

14- With Coffee Filters!

This heart-shaped Valentine’s wreath is made from dyed coffee filters. With different patterns, the possibilities are endless!

15- Letter Decorated With Wool

Use the initials of your crush to make this very decorative letter.

16- Heart Shaped Cushion

Don’t throw away your old jerseys! Recycle them and create these warm and fluffy cushions.

17- With Lots of Candy

This candy coated topiary will add a sweet touch to your table.

18- Heart of Balloons

Are you going to organize a Valentine’s party? This balloon heart will be the ideal setting for a photocall for your guests.

19- Heart of Threads

Pull the strings from your loved one’s heart with this beautiful piece of art. You just need the red thread tied around some nails arranged in the shape of a heart.

20- A Window With Love

Turn an old wooden window into a piece of art for Valentine’s Day. Look at flea markets or thrift stores to find a window that you can recycle.

21- Wool Saplings

Red, Cone, Pink, Christmas decoration, Pattern, Aqua, Christmas tree, Teal, Turquoise, Costume accessory,

Roll some Styrofoam cones from your craft store with wool, and you have a decoration for your Valentine’s shelves.