Let your imagination run wild as much as love! Love is in the air, but also on the Table because there is nothing more rewarding than a good meal with your partner. And what better excuse than Valentine’s Day to treat yourself? Of course, no cardboard plates (even if you ask for the food by Glovo). Do a bit of your part and decorate the Table with romantic details. The effort will be worth it, and you will have a very beautiful moment to remember forever and ever!

And, although we believe that to express love, it is not necessary to have a special date, the day is a time to surprise. So, how about preparing the house to enjoy for two? We have selected practical and beautiful ideas for you to decorate special corners and establish the mood of romance. A dose of the fuss is released!

1- Bowl for Breakfast

To start Valentine’s Day on the right foot, you only need two things: a lot of love and a breakfast of champions. And you will not tell us that this bowl of red hearts is not a real cuteness to eat cereals…

2- Matching Plate

Square plate with red hearts

Since we are on the most romantic date of the year, allow yourself the luxury of filling the Table with hearts. The bowl, the saucer… If they are all cute!

3- Bed Tray

Bamboo bed tray

Breakfast will be in bed. That is why you will need a tray as functional as this one made of bamboo, designed to avoid accidents such as juice stains.

4- Linen Tablecloth

Fresh, current, and flirty. This is how linen tablecloths are, ideal, for day-to-day and dressing the Table on special occasions.

5- Napkins That Stand Out

Linen napkins in navy blue

Continuing with the naturalness of linen, choose napkins in a solid color that stands out, like this pack of six navy blue.

6- Romantic and Flirty Flower Arrangement

Flowers on the swing

A table without flowers is a sad table and much more on Valentine’s Day! That is why it is an essential detail, like this coquettish centerpiece.

7- Deluxe Cutlery

Gold finished cutlery

Eating with your hands is very rewarding for pizzas or hamburgers, but since it is a special day, why not cook something different and top it off with gold-finished cutlery? It does not go out of style, and it will serve you for all special celebrations. Bon appetite!

8- Some Fairytale Napkin Holders

The napkin holder in the shape of water lily leaves

Apart from cutlery, napkin holders are perfect for magic filling the Table. This pack of two napkin rings with a gold metallic finish is shaped like water lilies, a detail as beautiful as romantic.

9- Bowl for the Salad

Mango wood fountain

Starting dinner with a rich and healthy salad will give you enough energy to face the whole night. Just as natural is this mango wood fountain that will transport you directly to Bali.

10- Some Original Crystal Glasses

Bohemian crystal wine glasses

Dining with red wine is a classic of romantic evenings. But it will taste much better if you drink it in one of these original bohemian crystal glasses. Enjoy, lovebirds!

11- Hung the photos on the Table

The couple’s photos are great decoration options and can be hung on the Table.

12- Craft Paper

Wants a delicate, cheap, and easy option to make? Use craft paper as a towel and flowers made of paper and candy molds.

13- Black and white porcelain and golden cutlery

Do you like the most sophisticated decor? It is worth investing in black and white porcelain and golden cutlery, accompanied by a floral arrangement.

14- Dishes with floral motifs

Do you have dishes with floral motifs? This is the time to put them on the Table.

15- Chairs

The chairs also deserve a special touch – and natural flowers are the best option.

16- Black and White Rail

A black and white rail contrasts well with brightly colored flowers.

17- Candles

Candles are always welcome on romantic occasions. Look for the candlesticks of different sizes to make the Table more graceful.

18- Porch or Balcony

Yes, it is very cold! But if you have an enclosed porch or balcony, you can enjoy the city view for dinner. Christmas lights can be used to light up the tree branch and foliage.

19- Reserve a Corner

Even if you don’t have so much space at home, you can reserve a corner to make a joke. Like this beautiful solution with colorful chairs and romantic phrases on the wall!

20- Japanese Lamps

Japanese lamps are a great asset to decorate the ceiling. The effect is great, and the cost is low.

21- Wooden demolition Table

A wooden demolition table is already a beautiful piece. It looks great with a fancy dinner set, some flowers, and these delicate crochet pieces!

22- Classic Romantic decor

Red flowers and heart-shaped candle to compose the table.

23- Embroidered with beads

Another option is a sous plat embroidered with beads.

24- Abusing glass and flowers

Abusing glass for candles and flowers creates a romantic yet sophisticated mood.

25- Dry Branches, Hearts, and Flowers

How about escaping the basic red? Look what a cool idea with dry branches, felt hearts, white flowers, and photos of the couple. A beautiful and delicate table is made.