The most colorful season of the year arrives today and, with it, the desire to make the house more colorful, flowery and in the Spring mood. If this is your case, know that, to help you, we have prepared a selection of decorating ideas that are easy to put into practice, that will transform the atmosphere of the environments. These are small changes that you can make with what you already have or by making a one-off investment. Check it out below!

Spring is approaching, on the 22nd of this month the season of flowers enters replacing winter. It is at this time of year that the climate completely transforms, bringing more freshness, flowers, sunshine and many colors, promising more sunny and pleasant days. So, how about taking advantage of the benefits of the season to renovate your home environments? This is the ideal time to store your heavy winter clothes and invest in a fresher and more cheerful decor. To bring the mood of the season, not many transformations are necessary, a few accessories and practical tips are enough! Spring knocks on our door with its own way of saying it’s time to re-bloom.

The change of season also brings the desire to perform outdoor activities, to drink fruit juices, to put flowers on the table and to leave the house with a freer and lighter air. The problem is that not everyone knows how to take care of plants and flowers or has the time to do so. Other people are even allergic to them.

1- Change the rug

A small decoration trick, but it yields a great effect. Swapping the living room or bedroom rug for a more colorful model (it can even be flowery!) is an easy way to leave the environment in the spring mood. The piece brings more vibrancy to the space, and when the season changes and you want to create a different mood, just switch to the old rug again.

2Make an arrangement of glasses and vases

Do you have a corner left by the window or somewhere that needs a neat decoration? A good idea is to assemble a composition of vases or even bottles of oil, preserves or other products that can be reused. Then, just arrange flowers of your favorite species and enjoy their beauty.

3- Put the color on the walls

If you are rehearsing to paint a wall in your house or apartment, the time has come. Get inspired by spring colors to highlight a space. In this photo, for example, the cobalt blue highlights the old furniture and brings a cheerful atmosphere to the environment. In addition, the colors bring a lot of personality to the decor. So, how about venturing into this colorful universe?

4- Indulge in flower arrangements

Take advantage of the fact that in spring the florists are even more supplied with cut flowers and get into the habit of putting together beautiful arrangements for your home. In addition to being a relaxing activity, assembling vases exercises your creativity and they are able to bring more life and joy to the space.

5- Invest in a flowery wallpaper

Another easy and practical idea to change the decor of an environment is to bet on wallpapers. And, since it’s spring, how about choosing a flowery model? In this photo, the coating was applied in a toilet and combined with paint. The result is a delicate and refreshing decoration. Here’s the tip!

6- Choose a floral print bedding

It’s always good to create a soft and peaceful atmosphere in the bedroom to help with sleep quality. And camp clothes can help with that. You can choose floral prints for duvets, sheets and comforters and bring the relaxed spring mood into the room. Don’t forget to pay attention to the texture of the pieces to ensure even more comfort.

7- Change the pillows

Cushions are a wild card in decor as they can be easily changed. Thus, it is worth investing in colorful, patterned models and with different textures to create an interesting ambiance. The tip here is to mix at will or follow a color palette that pleases you. The most important thing is to ensure a variety of shades and bring a colorful touch to the space.

8- Flowers

The flowers that are considered the great symbol of the season and cannot be missing in your decoration! You can place them on the side table in the room, on the coffee table or even on the dining table through a beautiful vase. Now if you like sophistication, the ideas range from robust arrangements to potted plants on shelves with the use of pendants and cachepós.

9- Colors

The time has come for you to use and abuse the colors! Of course, you can’t spend a lot on paint, but it’s worth choosing a wall in the house to receive a new shade. It is worth mentioning that this small transformation makes a lot of difference in the environment! Use earthy tones that refer to nature and search for a palette that conveys the tranquility of the season!

10- Futons and pillows

Pillows are a great option to change the decor of the house by spending little! A tip is to invest in models with lighter colors or prints of flowers, floras and nature in general. Another solution is to just replace the pillow covers! Yellow, green, pink and orange tones are very welcome! Just a tip: don’t overload your environment!

11- Scents

This is the time to explore all the senses, especially smell. The flavorings bring freshness and aroma to the various environments of the house. Whether through the natural scent of flowers, or even the essences of your personal taste. The most used scents during spring are: lavender, cherry blossom, lily and rue flower! Spread scent around!

12- Nature

This is the ideal opportunity for you to bring aspects of nature into your home. One solution is to invest in natural materials, such as wooden furniture, handcrafted and ceramic accessories, stones, gravel, natural fibers, basketry and straws. Spring is the season for renovation, so prepare everything to make your home lighter, simpler and more beautiful.

13- Feel the scent of spring

You don’t need to have flowers to feel them! A very simple tip is to use diffusers and air fresheners with floral scents. In addition to the sensation of freshness, it is possible to prepare some manipulated florals, which are used with therapeutic properties, which will provide an even greater sense of well being.

14- Light, colors and prints

In the spring, prefer white lighting, light curtains and colorful accents in adornments and pillows. Colored pillows or with floral prints are excellent resources to make the environment more cheerful without spending a lot and without having to use flowers.

15- Details at the table

If you are going to receive people in your house, bet on colorful towels and sousplats, printed, or with natural textures, such as straw, for example. Another detail that can be very interesting is to use colored cups and glasses, especially if it is a more relaxed meeting. 

16- Decorative frames

If you don’t know how to take care of flowers, a very cool alternative to flowering your home is to use decorative frames with images or drawings of flowers. You can put these comics on the wall or on dressers and shelves. A practical, youthful and modern way to decorate your home with flowers and colors.

17- Use your walls

Walls can serve as a base for a floral wallpaper, which can be easily replaced in winter. They can also receive niches or hanging pots of spices or succulents, which are easier to care for. If your house has a backyard or balcony, how about using a hammock? If this is an interesting option, you can dare in prints and textures for this element.