Find ideas and inspiration to choose your next Scandinavian rug, room by room! Although generally refined and focusing above all on simplicity, the Scandinavian style does not hesitate to highlight certain accessories to bring the Nordic touch.

1. A graphic carpet

A graphic carpet (1)

A small living room, of course, but which compensates with its pretty decoration and its atmosphere both natural and refined. The black & white Scandinavian rug with graphic patterns reinforces the Nordic style and goes perfectly with the materials and textures of this very pleasant living room.

2. A rug with colorful touches

A rug with colorful touches (1)

Color comes into this Scandinavian living room to give it an original touch. The blue short-pile triangle rug from Maisons du Monde allows you to diffuse a warm atmosphere while remaining discreet.

3. A discreet carpet

A discreet carpet (1)

A few vitamin touches to bring a nice contrast in this resolutely Scandinavian style living room. The rug remains discreet and allows the space to be delimited in a simple and elegant way.

4. A geometric carpet

a geometric carpet (1)

In this living room, we find both a Scandinavian and urban atmosphere. The geometric rug brings a more contemporary and modern touch. The gold / yellow color is also found with the chair and the decorative trophy.

5. A shaggy rug

a shaggy rug (1)

A Scandinavian living room that mixes textures and materials, including a large shaggy rug for the cozy side!

6. A large ethnic carpet

A large ethnic carpet (2)

This Scandinavian living room exudes a beautiful elegance. The light wood of the furniture brings a natural and refined touch while the large ethnic-style rug dresses the floor to make the whole more warm.

7. A woven cotton rug

A woven cotton rug (2)

A chic and contemporary atmosphere for this Scandinavian living room which reveals all its charm in the simplicity. The woven cotton rug signed Hübsch brings the graphic touch.

8. A graphic & soft carpet

A graphic & soft carpet (1)

A great inspiration for a comfortable and warm living room. The Scandinavian style is very present, especially with the graphic rug with a cozy, soft and fluffy appearance!

9. A carpet with triangle patterns

A carpet with triangle patterns (1)

Blue and wood for the Scandinavian look and atmosphere of this charming little living room! The triangle pattern rug is a classic of the Nordic style.

10. A faux fur rug

A faux fur rug (1)

Simple but also very trendy, this Scandinavian living room invites you to rest and relax. This ” fluffy ” faux fur rug , available at, is perfect for a cozy touch.

11. A rug with graphic patterns

A rug with graphic patterns (1)

The rug with graphic patterns is a decorative object in its own right in this pretty living room with a Scandinavian look.

12. The star of Scandinavian rugs

The star of Scandinavian rugs (1)

Certainly the most Scandinavian of Scandinavian rugs! We love the graphic look and the simplicity of this rug by Ikea. This is the Stockholm model. The magic of this rug is that it finds its place everywhere in the house! Discover even more examples of the use of IKEA’s Stockholm rug in different rooms by browsing the rest of this article …

13. A black & white carpet

A black & white carpet (1)

We stay on the “black & white” trend and at IKEA to discover this simple, elegant and graphic living room. A pronounced Scandinavian look that relies on textures and patterns for a successful decoration. We love the reminder of the geometric pattern with the cushion!

14. A cozy rug

A cozy rug (1)

Gray, black and white and yet this Scandinavian living room is not sad! The cozy shaggy rug brings a cozy and cocooning touch.

15. A black & white graphic rug

A black & white graphic rug (1)

A magnificent Nordic-inspired kitchen, both refined and warm, especially thanks to the Scandinavian rug with ethnic and tribal patterns. This black and white graphic rug ” warms ” the floor and brings character to the kitchen!

16. A blue carpet

A blue carpet (1)

Bricks and wood for a beautiful Scandinavian atmosphere in this charming kitchen! The space between the furniture and the central island hosts a Karin blue carpet from the Brita Sweden brand. Reversible and plastic, it is ideal for this room! It will also find its place in a long and narrow corridor.

17. A rectangular striped rug

A rectangular striped rug (1)

A beautiful contemporary, pleasant and airy atmosphere emanates from this Scandinavian cuisine. We love the rectangular striped rug that adorns the floor and gives it a graphic touch.

18. A rug with geometric shapes

A rug with geometric shapes (1)

A warm and stylish dining room, a nice contrast between the wooden table and the black metal chairs. The rug with geometric shapes brings a nice graphic touch to the decoration.

19. A black & white plastic mat

A black & white plastic mat (1)

Black & white, graphic patterns, the rug brings a Scandinavian touch to this dining room! We also like the contrast with the yellow chairs. This Brita Sweden brand rug is ideal for a ” risky ” corner such as the dining room, it is in fact made of plastic, which makes it resistant and easy to maintain.

20. A navy blue rug with white patterns

Above, a pretty arty dining room inspired by the Scandinavian style. The navy blue rug with white patterns goes perfectly with the natural rattan and black metal chairs.

21. A rug at the foot of the bed

A rug at the foot of the bed (1)

Above, a pretty, refined and relaxing bedroom, with a Scandinavian look. The rug at the foot of the bed brings a touch that is both comfortable and graphic.

22. A gray “sheepskin” rug

A gray sheepskin rug (1)

In this room with a Nordic atmosphere, the gray “ sheepskin ” rug adds a warm and cocooning touch.

23. A Block House Doctor rug

A Block House Doctor rug (1)

Difficult to remain indifferent in front of this room! The decoration is simple, but the room is not lacking in charm. We love the Block House Doctor rug which brings, with the swing, a bohemian touch to the room.

24. A graphic and playful carpet

A graphic and playful carpet (1)

For a beautiful contemporary decor in the games room while also bringing a Scandinavian touch, opt for a graphic and playful rug! White and black, with crosses and triangles, this rug is ultra trendy. It will also find its place in the children’s room.

25. A white carpet with black patterns

A white carpet with black patterns (1)

From black and white to the decor of the nursery? Dare! The result is far from sad. The graphic rug helps complete the look while protecting the floor.