Inspirations of Modern Armchairs in the Living Room (1)

The armchair is an important part of your living room. In addition to its practicality since it allows you to add one or more seats when you receive, it also brings an aesthetic and a certain warmth to this room. With a very contemporary design and a lot of originality, there is something for everyone to adorn your modern living room and you will easily find the model that will instantly charm you.

1. Rounded armchairs

rounded armchairs (1)

These beautifully rounded armchairs are very designer and very comfortable with their enveloping line. They also have a pretty color that will be the most beautiful effect in your home. It is a sober model which however does not go unnoticed and which will give character to your living room.

2. Yellow armchair

yellow armchair (1)

This yellow armchair and its steel star base will do wonders in your home from an aesthetic point of view. However, comfort is not forgotten and you will enjoy your moments of relaxation, nestled in this cocoon of softness and incomparable softness.

3. Rocking chair

rocking chair

This rocking chair is riding on the caning trend which is making an important comeback at the moment in decoration trends. It presents an original line which should seduce you. It welcomes you for moments of relaxation and appreciable rest.

4. Graphic armchair

graphic armchair (1)

A saffron yellow close to orange for this very simple and graphic armchair which gives a lot of character to your living room. Both simple and worked, it is very comfortable with its comfortable seat and its adaptable backrest. It goes as well with the sofa from the same collection as with a pretty black leather sofa for example.

5. Simple and refined design

simple and refined design (1)

The color, coating and design of these armchairs make all the difference. This is the type of furniture that you will not find everywhere and which combines simple and refined design with optimized comfort. Ideal during your moments of relaxation, it draws all the attention on itself by its very original line.

6. Complement for sofa

Complement for sofa (1)

A very beautiful armchair which will complement your sofa and which is largely inspired by the industrial world. Its unique design leaves no one indifferent. We also like its color which makes it a unique piece of furniture that will stand out by itself as the centerpiece of your living room.

7. Wrap-around armchair

wrap-around armchair (1)

This wrap-around armchair is perfect for reading, for example. You are slightly isolated from the rest of the house thanks to his ears. It also features a very trendy color and line that is sure to seduce you.

8. Work of art

work of art (1)

This armchair which is more of a work of art will not leave your guests in marble with its graphic and clean design and its spectacular looks. Oyster-shaped and swiveling, it leaves plenty of room for comfort. The swivel base is very practical and it further accentuates its curvy line.

9. Armchair with retro and vintage accents

armchair with retro and vintage accents (1)

This armchair with retro and vintage accents is completely in line with the current trend. We like its very simple and graphic line as well as its yellow color which brings a little cheerful and pepsy note to your room. It is a model that can harmonize with different decorative choices.

10. Small reading or relaxation area

small reading or relaxation area (1)

Whether it is to create a small reading or relaxation area or to accompany your favorite sofa, this leather relax chair is perfect. Incredible comfort and an original and refined design give it a clean and very elegant look. It fits into any decorating spirit, giving the room softness and character.

Bonus: Comfortable armchair

comfortable armchair (1)

An enveloping and very comfortable armchair that welcomes you at any time for moments of relaxation, discussions over a drink with happiness. Its design is very original, but finds its place wherever you need it.