15+ Ideas of Velvet Chaise Lounges (1)

The velvet chaise longue is a seat that brings comfort and elegance to the living room. Halfway between the sofa and the armchair, the chaise longue offers a relaxation area, an isolated corner for reading. It can replace the sofa in smaller interiors, or live alone in a secluded and quiet corner like the bedroom. It is chosen with right or left armrest depending on its future location. And we give it a color in line with the universe we want to create. Green for freshness, blue for a chic atmosphere, taupe for its reference to nature, pink for the sophisticated girly side… The chaise longue is available in a fixed or convertible manner for an occasional sleeping supplement. With her, styles travel in contemporary influences, vintage, design, retro… Decorative furniture that invites you to sit alone for a moment of well-being. Focus on 18 models with perfect intentions.

1. Velvet day bed with padded seat

Velvet day bed with padded seat (1)

A note of freshness with this grass-colored velvet chaise longue! A bias for square lines, a wide seat composed of a comfortable padded cushion. A style borrowed from the design of the 50s, with armrest and bolster cushion. A major room in the living room.

2. Living room with chaise longue and red sofa

Living room with chaise longue and red sofa (1)

The chaise longue completes the sofa in the living room. Here, red is the order of the day and inscribes its lively touch in a universe of passion. The set creates a space with a strong personality, while inviting you to curl up in the multiple comfortable cushions. Omnipresent velvet to accentuate the elegant and warm note. To support this red wave, we associate the floor with carpets in the same tone.

3. Pink day bed with gold feet

Pink day bed with gold feet (1)

The association of velvet with a blush pink color and brass feet creates a particularly feminine and sensual daybed. Add soft curves, a plump seat and round cushions and you create a very attractive lounge area. A model that harmoniously combines style and comfort. The round coffee table in gold metal harmoniously completes the whole.

4. Contemporary style day bed in blue velvet

Contemporary style day bed in blue velvet (1)

Its large dimensions invite you to curl up in this chaise longue with great happiness! Its large cushion leaning against the head offers the possibility of a seated position. Or if you tilt it, to a lying position so comfortable that you can also consider it as an extra bed. The ultra-refined black metal feet give height and a very contemporary elegance. The deep blue velvet invites rest and pretty dreams.

5. Black velvet day bed

Black velvet day bed (1)

Halfway between the sofa and the armchair, this chaise longue offers several options of use. We sit there with others or we stretch out alone. Perfect for apartment living rooms since it offers a precious additional bed for passing guests. The gold-colored feet emphasize a certain class. Dressed in black velvet, this chaise longue transcends sleepless nights. Here, we discover it alongside a white ladder shelf that houses picture frames and decorative objects.

6. Old-style velvet day bed

Old-style velvet day bed (1)

A very elegant sofa with undulating and inclined curves… A baroque-style chaise longue, covered with a eucalyptus velvet fabric that can be imagined in an alcove, in the bedroom… A sinuous shape that integrates backrest and armrest in the same curve. An invitation to slip in for a moment of sweetness.

7. Sleek design for this green velvet chaise longue

Sleek design for this green velvet chaise longue (1)

Designed with an alcove backrest, this Scandinavian-style chaise longue harmoniously combines a pine green velvet fabric and highly stylized wooden feet. Clean lines that give birth to a remarkable contemporary design. Furniture that claims a solo position to majestically enthroned.

8. Velvet day bed with cushions for classic decor

Velvet day bed with cushions for classic decor (1)

An imposing model that inspires respect! This black velvet chaise longue seduces with its feminine shapes, its soft cushions, its armrest accessorized with silver upholstery nails … A baroque allure that warms up classic decorating atmospheres. You can sit there in several sofa ways or on the contrary lie there alone for rest.

9. Velvet day bed in retro style

Velvet day bed in retro style (1)

A retro look for this chaise longue with the little details that make the difference. Dressed in pewter gray velvet, it refines its backrest with a padded finish, its dark wood legs with copper-colored metal ends. Placed on a rug with graphic shapes, and associated with a bedside table and lighting, it creates a space of its own.

10. Green velvet day bed with pin feet

Green velvet day bed with pin feet (1)

A very chic olive green color! Golden pin feet for a vintage touch. This velvet chaise longue with its corner armrest offers a real resting area in the living room. We like the idea of ​​exposing it in front of a bay window to sit down and take the time to observe nature, nestled in this cozy nest.

11. Convertible day bed in green velvet

Convertible day bed in green velvet (1)

A convertible chaise longue! A two-in-one piece of furniture that offers a double bed when the box spring and the mattress slide next to each other! A clever design that does not detract from the aesthetics. In the folded version, the turquoise green velvet chaise longue invites you to rest, your head firmly fixed on the cylindrical cushion. With its back to the window, it invites you to take advantage of the light for a moment of enlightened reading.

12. Art Deco style daybed in taupe velvet

Art Deco style daybed in taupe velvet (1)

Chic and elegant, this taupe velvet chaise longue brings its feminine touch with naturalness. Its rounded backrest with its padded finish and its oblique gold-colored feet give it an Art Deco look. Perfect for a boudoir atmosphere and as a nest of rest. A reference that gently blends into its environment.

13. Corner section of sofa

Corner section of sofa (1)

Functional and clever, the corner sofas live both as a duo and as a solo. In its ecru corduroy version, this model can be broken down to land where it is. One can imagine it in an office in particular to create an airlock of rest. Or in a room to dress a corner.

14. Sofa composed of two lounges

Sofa composed of two lounges

When the two are the pair and complement each other! This chaise longue is available with the armrest on the left and on the right, this offers the possibility of joining them to form a two-seater relaxation area that can even be used as an extra double bed. The red velvet cover magnifies the whole. Perfect in old interiors with noble materials.

15. Modern day bed in anthracite gray

Modern day bed in anthracite gray (1)

Offered with its three cushions, this ultra comfortable chaise longue invites you to take a great leap into rest. The fine mattress topper promises a soft seat and bed. A model that brings to small living rooms the possibility of offering a one-off bed. The charcoal gray velvet fabric adds to the cocoon dimension.

16. Pink velvet day bed with golden feet

Pink velvet day bed with golden feet (1)

Want to see life in pink ? This velvet chaise longue is a beautiful tribute to femininity and grace. We love the sophistication of the slender golden feet. A model that invites two to sit there or lie there alone in a cocoon just for yourself. Remove prejudices and see how easily pink adapts to other colors such as gray, beige, white, gold…

17. Velvet day bed with armrest

Velvet day bed with armrest (1)

A luminous color, golden yellow, which illuminates the living room. A retro style marked by a padded backrest, slender dark wood legs, marked by a golden end cap. The armrest is designed as an extension of the backrest to form a happy alcove. In the large entrance halls of bourgeois houses, the living room or the bedroom, this model instills a certain idea of ​​comfort.

18. Bench with shelf

Bench with shelf (1)

A bench with an original velvet shelf that allows you to put a book, a magazine, your phone. A trick that allows you to use this furniture in a seated way, but also to lie down on it as in a chaise longue. Several possibilities are possible. It’s up to everyone to project themselves there according to their needs and desires.