25 Ideas of Chic Kitchens With White Cupboards (1)

White is the simplest and most flexible color there is; yet it intimidates us and we are afraid to take advantage of its advantages. On the one hand, this achromatic color is very popular, because it makes any place open and bright. It gives a larger impression of a room. On the other side, it’s a stain-prone color. Which makes us ask the question: is it a good idea to have white cupboards? Several designers say yes and we agree with them. Discover 25 chic kitchens thanks to the white cupboards.

1. An open kitchen

An open kitchen (1)

Interior designer Remy Meijers opted for the combination of white and gray for this 1950s kitchen, in a bungalow in Baambrugge, the Netherlands. The neutral color scheme is perfect for the kitchen; which allows it to blend in and have an open and spacious appearance.

2. A way to blend furniture into the decor

A way to blend furniture into the decor (1)

By choosing white kitchen cupboards, LSA Architects succeeded in removing the furniture from the walls. Thus creating a very airy atmosphere, not letting the large island in the center clutter up the space.

3. A kitchen open to the living room

A kitchen open to the living room (1)

In this residence in Warsaw, Poland designed by KW Studio, the kitchen and living room share the same open plan and complement each other in a beautiful way. The kitchen is white and is located in the background. The white living room is warm and comfortable.

4. Minimalist and sparkling

Minimalist and sparkling (1)

Here, glossy white cupboards illuminate the kitchen and cover the entire wall; making the most of a compact effect and offering plenty of storage space. All contained in a minimalist package. The clean white look of the kitchen establishes a wonderful continuity with the outdoor pool.

5. Nice contrasts

Nice contrasts (1)

Even though white is the perfect color to make a room feel more spacious, sometimes it’s better to have a second color or a few things that can break up the monotony of the decor. As with the large exposed beams and the gilded frame mirror above.

6. A kitchen that appears more spacious than it actually is

A kitchen that appears more spacious than it actually is (1)

There are several tips for making a small kitchen look bigger. White cupboards are indeed the best solution. Large windows, glass doors and lots of lighting can help.

7. An adorable little kitchen dressed in white

An adorable little kitchen dressed in white (1)

This charming maisonette in Gothenburg, Sweden has a U-shaped kitchen. Although it is small, it seems quite spacious thanks to its white cupboards. But that’s not the only beautiful thing about the design. See how the white walls, floor and closets are complemented by the wood countertop and all the other pops of color.

8. White color and wood: an infallible combo

White color and wood an infallible combo (1)

We are quite fond of the contrast between white and the color of the wood. Especially when it’s such a warm and inviting tone. Here is an open plan kitchen located in Perth, Australia.

9. A chic kitchen

A chic kitchen (1)

The sculptural white staircase sets the tone here for a decor with a futuristic feel. J. Mayer H. Architects set up polished concrete flooring, white cupboards and very subtle shades of wood in warm, light brown tone.

10. A white kitchen with wood

A white kitchen with wood (1)

White furniture with clean lines, enhanced by pretty leather handles and a wooden worktop. The result is particularly pleasant and warm. The glass roof brings a lot of light.

11. Touch of wicker

touch of wicker (1)

The touch of wicker in this dazzling white kitchen brings a very warm and natural touch. The result is very convincing and attractive!

12. Matte finish

matte finish (1)

Following the line of furniture, a matte finish can give, as in this kitchen, a very authentic touch. There are some small retro details like the faucet to accentuate this atmosphere.

13. Lacquered finish

Lacquered finish (1)

This white kitchen with a lacquered finish is particularly refined. Its elegance is partly due to the touches of brass on the seats, the fittings and the suspensions. The architecture of this room lends itself perfectly to this design.

14. Bring Scandinavian touches

Bring Scandinavian touches (1)

In this very fashionable style for a few years, white is the basis of your decor and yet it is very warm. A few notes of light wood, pastel shades or going from gray to black, provide a nice contrast and immediately change its appearance. The example demonstrates this perfectly.

15. A simple solid color

A simple solid color (1)

inexpensive and easy to achieve, a colored wall or part of the wall gives character and rhythm to a kitchen that is a little too white. In a weekend, your kitchen completely changes its look. Choosing a strong color like Klein Blue or a softer polar blue brightens up this crisp white modern kitchen.

16. Change the handles

Change the handles (1)

to inject some pep into a white kitchen, it is sometimes enough to buy new handles. Unearth original door knobs in a style that suits you so as to personalize this kitchen which may seem a little cold. Everything is possible from the moment they give style to your furniture. Here is a very good example, the golden handles bring a very elegant note on simple furniture.

17. A few touches of black

A few touches of black (1)

They instantly wake up and enhance an all white and slightly cold kitchen. As in all decoration projects, bet on black is to give elegance to this room. To infuse a little softness, a floor is welcome. Gray can also provide a transition that softens this contrast.

18. Show your personality

Show your personality (1)

Your kitchen must look like no other, even if it comes from a kitchen designer. Multiply the small details that correspond to you, that speak of you and that give all its character to the room. Here, the open shelves play a fundamental role, they allow a few glasses and accessories to be displayed which are thus highlighted on the stainless steel. You will also notice the enclosure for those who like to cook to music. These little details make all the difference.

19. A colorful splashback for the pep’s

A colorful splashback for the pep's (1)

in a white kitchen, the color of the splashback is of particular importance. The vitamin tones enhance the whole room and bring cheerfulness. All shades are welcome as long as they are rather cheerful. It’s up to you to imagine the credenza of your dreams, because you will be spending time in front of it.

20. Take care of your dining area

Take care of your dining area (1)

in a kitchen with a total white look, the dining area takes on a very special dimension. The goal is to counterbalance the apparent coldness that can emerge from the technical part. Designer and mismatched chairs around a pretty table, and voila! It suffices to bring style to it to put it in the foreground, which also has the advantage of making the elements of the kitchen disappear: important data when it is open to the dining room.

21. Add or take advantage of an architectural element

Add or take advantage of an architectural element (1)

to infuse character to your white kitchen, play with different architectural elements or install a glass roof. In this way, you instantly add character to a dull or cold kitchen.

22. Dare to use a colorful piece of large household appliance

Dare to use a colorful piece of large household appliance (1)

generally, it’s the refrigerator that adds a touch of color to your very white kitchen. And don’t worry, the big brands for the most part have entered this market. So you are spoiled for choice.

23. Bet on colorful accessories

Bet on colorful accessories (1)

to wake up a white kitchen, place a few touches of color here and there. Keep the same colors to avoid giving too much information. In this photo, you have red utility or decorative objects that perfectly punctuate this very white and very clean space!

24. Opt for spectacular suspensions

Opt for spectacular suspensions (1)

if the white can seem monotonous, the suspensions come to attenuate this side. Well chosen, it catches all eyes and completely makes you forget the rest of the room. If you don’t like your white kitchen anymore, but can’t redo it, this is a solution. The lower you drop it, the more your luminaire unleashes its artistic potential.

25. An oversized table

An oversized table (1)

to bring a warm and friendly character to your white kitchen, choose a large table. She gives the impression of only waiting for a few guests to share a delicious meal. Perfect in an open kitchen, it is also perfectly suited to a dining kitchen.