20 Ideas of Unique Pantries for a Beautiful Texture in the Kitchen (1)

Optimizing space without compromising design: this is a strategy that is not often easy when fitting out and / or decorating the kitchen. It is a delicate balance that must be found to bring the culinary space to life. The pantry plays an important role in all of this. Whether you cook for the family every day or rarely, the importance of a pantry is not to be questioned. It is not only practical; it is an element which also contributes to the decoration of your kitchen, mainly, if it brings a nice texture to it.

1. Chalkboard doors (or painted with slate paint) for the pantry

Chalkboard doors (or painted with slate paint) for the pantry (1)

Do you find classic pantries boring? Bet on an original model with a pantry with blackboard doors. This can serve as a focal point in your modern kitchen. Chalkboard doors have a lot more to offer than a dark surface in the kitchen. It is also a convenient choice for jotting down to-do lists, an important message for children so that they don’t forget their lunch, etc. It is also an interesting medium for your children to express their creativity and artistic talent.

2. A beautiful texture provided by a wooden pantry

A beautiful texture provided by a wooden pantry (1)

The use of natural materials in interior decoration. It is then a great idea to incorporate the warmth of wood into the kitchen, especially if it is contemporary. Break up the monotony of polished surfaces and bring both beautiful texture and unique contrast with the help of a pantry with wooden shelves, or even a wooden sliding door inspired by barn doors. Crates or different wooden boxes are also an interesting alternative to integrate the texture of wood in the kitchen; even if your pantry is made of another material.

3. Chic pantries with glass doors

Chic pantries with glass doors (1)

We are now moving from wood to glass. Glass shelves are not particularly popular. However, sliding glass doors are more common. There are different styles of sliding glass doors. You will then easily find models adapted to your kitchen; whether it is modern, industrial or Asian. Frosted glass doors have the advantage of letting in natural light while hiding what’s inside your pantry. It must also be said that they bring a unique decorative note.

4. A few bricks for a unique decor

A few bricks for a unique decor (1)

Exposed brick walls are common in the modern industrial style but other styles also adopt them in some cases to benefit from their texture. If you were lucky enough to have some in your pantry, then you are really lucky!

5. A pantry with metal shelves

A pantry with metal shelves (1)

We’re starting this list with this truly awesome pantry… Don’t let that intimidate you! You could very well start by setting up a much smaller pantry. You will discover other more “ accessible ” ideas in the rest of this article. However, we would like to highlight the photo above because it perfectly conveys the function of the pantry, namely a simplified organization that makes everyday life easier.

In addition, the system set up here is relatively simple! A few modular metal storage shelves and plastic boxes for storing food and products. It’s even quite simple to replicate this pantry on a smaller scale.

6. A tailor-made pantry

A tailor-made pantry (1)

A pantry can be practical, trendy and discreet at the same time, as shown in the photo above! A custom installation that offers great ideas to remember if you are looking for inspiration for your pantry. The closet is very functionally furnished to store everything easily and quickly. Everything is in its place!

7. A pantry in a dedicated room

A pantry in a dedicated room (1)

A pantry that does not lack charm! We love the look of this room dedicated to food storage. The subway tiling and the open marble shelves bring a unique and trendy style. A work plan is also provided in order to sort the races more easily. Under this work plan, a shelf with baskets to store the most bulky food.

8. An IKEA pantry XXL version

An IKEA pantry XXL versio (1)

We weren’t expecting such enthusiasm for this IKEA pantry until it was posted on our Facebook page! Many of you “ liked ” this installation. An IKEA XXL pantry that stands out for its ultra-functional appearance. Storage junkies can only appreciate this photo!

9. A wall-mounted & modular pantry

A wall-mounted & modular pantry (1)

A very ingenious custom layout for this wall-mounted pantry. All provisions are stored for easy access. This organization makes it possible to quickly identify what is missing and thus greatly facilitates the management of “ stock ”. Handy for making the shopping list! Although this installation may seem impressive, it is still relatively easy to reproduce in your home. Indeed, the wall mounting system used is very easy to install.

10. Cellar or pantry?

Cellar or pantry (1)

Today, few kitchens have an annex. Good news: this does not prevent you from having a cellar at home! You just have to find a space in which to install it. Here, the cellar invites itself into the garage. But any available space can serve as a pantry!

11. A piece of furniture

A piece of furniture (1)

In the absence of an independent pantry, you can bet on the classic pantry: a piece of furniture that can be installed directly in the kitchen – or even in the dining room.

12. Small pantry inspired by traditional models

small pantry inspired by traditional models (1)

This small pantry is inspired by traditional models. Its compact size is ideal for optimizing the space under the window. With a generous capacity, it can already store a number of cans and packages.

13. Pantry mounted on casters

Pantry mounted on casters (1)

If you have a little more space, you can go for a cabinet-style model. We love this model mounted on casters, with various storage spaces.

14. Trendy pantry

Trendy pantry (1)

Trendy pantryToday, the pantry fits perfectly into the kitchen. But not content with being practical, the pantry has also become quite trendy. Failing to set up an independent cellar, you can therefore opt for a piece of furniture that will be exposed without complex.

15. Modular pantry

modular pantry, (1)

In a micro-space, we love the modular pantry, equipped with a shelf that can serve as a dining area. The pantry does not hesitate to take a step back, and move to the dining area.

16. Stackable baskets

stackable baskets (1)

Practical, stackable baskets allow you to store fresh fruit while maintaining a perfectly organized cellar. They also make it possible to fully exploit the potential of compartments and shelves.

17. Mini-cellar

mini-cellar (1)

To store the bottles in a mini-cellar, we adopt the compact hanging storage!

18. Pantry with well-accessorized door

Pantry with well-accessorized door (1)


A well-accessorized door, which turns into additional storage, various arrangements for storing bottles, spices and loose provisions: this little cellar has it all!

19. Color scheme for pantry

color scheme for pantry (1)

A devilishly trendy color scheme for a deliciously cozy effect: here is a great little cellar! This dark color tempers the soft color, creating an elegant space. We love the XXL ceiling lamp, which offers ultra-functional lighting.

20. Basket to hang under the shelf

Basket to hang under the shelf (1)

We love this clever variant: the basket to hang under the shelf, for a cellar with 100% optimized space!