20 Decorating Ideas of White Wall in the Living Room

A white wall is truly a timeless one that can be found in many living rooms. However, even if this one has a lot of charm, it needs to be energized. The advantage, however, is that it provides a backdrop that you can put absolutely anything on. The choice is therefore very wide!

1. A frame wall

A frame wall (1)

The frames very easily dress a white wall. Display decorative posters, paintings or even photos to give a very decorative touch to your living room. For a bluffing result, do not hesitate to play on the accumulation! The key is to opt for a harmonious composition. Don’t try to align your frames, but rather let your creativity run free.

2. A wall of mirrors

A wall of mirrors (1)

Mirrors are real assets in the decoration of an interior, so they easily dress a white wall. For that, it is also necessary to opt for the multiplication while remaining harmonious in their materials, their forms and their aspects. Opt for original and strong shapes. The advantage of the latter also lies in their ability to reflect light and bring depth to the room. It is an elegant trick and which gives character to your wall.

3. A moodboard on your white wall

A mood board on your white wall (1)

The moodboard trend is very much in vogue, it’s time to enjoy it on a white wall that is a little empty and cold. It is an inspiration board that brings together images as well as text or objects to decline according to your tastes and your moods. Choose a suitable wall support: grid, wooden or cork board, and let yourself go by expressing yourself fully! This option personalizes your living room!

4. Wall shelves: a simple and effective solution

Wall shelves, a simple and effective solution (1)

The wall shelves are a valuable solution and do not lack strength. You put what you want in it and you change your decor as many times and as often as you want. They accommodate books, decorative objects, photos, posters or paintings for a wow effect. They can be very decorative thanks in particular to original shapes.

5. Hang a rug

Hang a rug (1)

For a really successful decorative effect, bet on a very fine carpet that displays shades close to or in accordance with your decoration in the living room. Graphic and geometric patterns are perfect for bringing modernity to your living room. Large weavings are also recommended in an ethnic or bohemian chic atmosphere.

6. The table or pegboard

The table or pegboard (1)

It is a very trendy idea now to dress up your white wall and even add a more colorful note to your living room. These are large perforated panels that were previously used in workshops for hanging tools. They are now popular in the office and exported to the living room. Their charm is due to their raw side, but they are also a real aesthetic asset. We can imagine them in an industrial atmosphere as well as in a Scandinavian or natural decor . You place shelves or decorative elements there very easily.

7. An accumulation of baskets

An accumulation of baskets (1)

Woven baskets piled up on a white wall, and presto! It’s an invitation to travel, especially if you opt for ethnically inspired models. You find them everywhere very easily that you mix with those that you brought back from your travels. And if this principle does not appeal to you, replace the baskets with juju jat which retain this exotic and warm spirit. They are perfect in a bohemian and ethnic decor that they reinforce. These objects, directly inspired by Cameroonian headdresses in colored feathers, have today become essential in the decoration!

8. Dress the walls of a living room with shelves

Dress the walls of a living room with shelves (1)

The wall shelves obviously among the existing solutions to decorate a blank wall. Practical and decorative, there are a multitude of styles, which can meet all decorative requirements. A wall shelf is an element of furniture in its own right to accommodate books, decorative objects, or green plants . All this while guaranteeing a minimum footprint. For even more inspiring ideas on the subject, I invite you to consult this buying guide.

9. Hang juju jat

Hang juju jat (1)

Now let’s move on to a most exotic suggestion for dressing up a white wall decor. Do you know the juju jat, this irresistibly ethnic and bohemian element, which can be found in the most sophisticated interiors? Originally a traditional Cameroonian headdress made of colored feathers, the juju jat immediately appealed to decoration lovers. The latter saw it as a shocking ally of the most singular and aerial, striking the mark at first glance. Great good for them, because today the juju jat is one of the must have in terms of wall decoration.

10. Weaving

Weaving (1)

If you want to bring a poetic and deliciously retro note to your white wall, wall weaving will be obvious to you. Macrame weaving is one of the most trendy in interior decoration, as evidenced by the many models available on the market and the abundant tutorials on the subject. Whether white or colored, wall weaving dresses the walls in the blink of an eye and can be seen in a living room, a dining room, a bedroom or an entrance. This wall decoration now has many followers, eager to bring a vintage note to their interiors.

11. Wall decoration made from hats

Wall decoration made from hats (1)

Not sure what to do with your hat collection? Instead of limiting them to the traditional but no less elegant round boxes, you should consider hanging them on your white wall to create an original decoration! Hats don’t just dress our heads and can be an added bonus that will exceed your rendering expectations. Simple, efficient and economical, this ephemeral and modular solution goes hand in hand with a wooden bench to better accentuate its light and friendly spirit.

12. Bring personality to a white wall by illuminating it

Bring personality to a white wall by illuminating it (1)

The white wall allows you to highlight a beautiful light. Choose it black or gold for a guaranteed wow effect.

13. By painting window or door frames in another color

By painting window or door frames in another color (1)

To bring pep’s to a white wall, we paint the frame of a door or window in a light or pop shade, like here.

14. By fixing white shelves on it

By fixing white shelves on it (1)

White on white equals discretion, the opportunity to highlight the small colored or black decoration.

15. Place a colorful piece of furniture

Place a colorful piece of furniture (1)

For an element to highlight another element, nothing better than the technique of contrast. In fact, against a white wall, the candy pink sofa shines in the living room.

16. Accessorizing it with a ladder

Accessorizing it with a ladder (1)

To dress up a white wall, think of the ladder, a very fashionable mobile storage that allows you to easily renew your decor since you hang whatever you want on it. The plus: place a light garland on one of its bars.

17. Associating it with a low library that accommodates books and small decorations

Associating it with a low library that accommodates books and small decorations (1)

The low bookcase allows storage without overwhelming the space. Bet on colorful blankets and quirky decor.

18. Giving it a function

Giving it a function (1)

You do not know how to add pep to your white wall? Find a function for it. Here, it turns into a storage wall by hosting an open dressing room.

19. Displaying your travel memories

Displaying your travel memories (1)

A white wall is an opportunity to dare the original wall decoration . Do not hesitate to display your objects unearthed while traveling such as a beautiful juju hat or a colorful macrame.

20. A strip of wallpaper

A strip of wallpaper (1)

To bring a sophisticated touch to a white wall, we dress it with a strip of wallpaper (tone on tone or vice versa). The idea: stick it on the wall and put it in front of a beautiful seat for a decorative.