20 Ways to Decorate a Bathroom With Pastel Colors (1)

Naturally, the variety of colors in different shades helps to create a specific appearance and to foster different energies in the environment concerned. To create a lively, moderate, cheerful vibe but with an elegant essence and a sophisticated touch, you should choose shades of pastel colors. A bathroom in pastel colors will undoubtedly be natural and sensual, endowed with a special atmosphere and a tame charm. Discover the bathroom models below to inspire you in this direction. They are all elegant as much as the others.

1. Contemporary


The light shade of purple imbues this bathroom with a specific neutral and relaxed atmosphere, but also full of vitality. The purple shade is lighter in the shower area to differentiate it from the rest of the room; which sounds like a really neat idea.

2. With French inspiration

With French inspiration (1)

Here is a typical French bathroom in which we used soft and discreet color tones. The pale pastel pink adds a subtle sultry vibe to it while the shower curtain with flamingo designs provides a light vibe.

3. Girly

Girly (1)

The soft pastel colors used in this bathroom reflect a cheerful and girly vibe. The palette of several colors, applied in a subtle and distinct way, fills this room and gives it a charming and adorable air.

4. Natural

Natural (1)

The creamy tones that prevail in this sleek bathroom provide it with a truly sophisticated and elegant vibe. The warm creamy hue adds zest and a warm earthy scent.

5. Royal

Royal (1)

Here is a bathroom decorated in royal style with a unique and distinct taste. The predominant pastel yellow shade is the generator of a really warm and powerful atmosphere.

6. Blue

Blue (1)

The pastel blue color is perfect for a cheerful and light decoration of a bathroom. This one is of a truly mature and sensual character thanks to the predominance of shades of pastel colors, both on the exterior wall of the tub, as well as on the rattan chair and the wooden wall panels.

7. Green

Green (1)

The pastel green shade of color creates a fresh and yet warm effect in this interior. Applied to the wood panels with an ombré effect, this shade creates a modern and elegant air, not to mention the pale green undertone of the wall.

8. Peach colored

Peach colored (1)

The pastel peach shade is great for a simple, traditional bathroom decor with a light scent. This place is also endowed with a certain freshness and a luminous aspect.

9. Unique

Unique (1)

The eccentricities found in this bathroom, along with the dark colored art board reflect a serious look, but the pastel and light color tones provide a calming and airy, jovial effect.

10. Pink

Pink (1)

This bathroom looks like a Barbie’s. Decorated in soft and charming color tones, it is imbued with an adorable and pleasant little girlish atmosphere.

11. Graphic

Graphic (1)

We adopt: colorful checks with geometric patterns for a chic and graphic effect. © amzn.to / Pinterest

12. Powder

Powder (1)

Trend of the season, the powder pink bathroom! 

13. Sky

Sky (1)

The sky blue tiles, to bring freshness and light to the room. 

14. Ground

Ground (1)

The colored floor for a surprising and luminous effect! 

15. Scandi

Scandi (1)

The Scandinavian style in the bathroom with a pretty pastel blue to enhance the whole.

16. A little bit of softness

A little bit of softness (1)

We bring a little softness in the bathroom with pink and retro tiling!

17. By keys

By keys (1)

If you don’t want to opt for an entire wall repainted in one color, go for touches of color like here a wall, the bathtub or the basin.

18. Vacation bathroom

Vacation bathroom (1)

Like a holiday feeling in this bathroom in total sky blue wall covering!

19. Terrazzo

Terrazzo (1)

Bet on terrazzo to make the splashback in the bathroom to associate with pink.

20. Nude

Nude (1)

A little softness in the bathroom? We say yes to this nude that warms the room.