15 Ideas of Gray Bathrooms Brightened Up With Beautiful Accent Colors (1)

Today, when it comes to neutral colors, gray seems to be the most popular. Some have even abandoned white and prefer to choose gray as the main color or background color in an interior design. Despite the beauty and elegance of this color, it must be said that sometimes it is not enough. Indeed, not all gray monochrome decorations are successful. Discover in this post some gray bathroom designs to which we have brought nice accent colors to avoid monotony.

1. The pink

The pink (1)

Pink may not be a color that one often chooses in a modern bathroom; however, it is sure to stand out from the crowd and add a more cheerful look to a gray bathroom. Pink is usually associated with femininity, but that doesn’t stop you from choosing it as your bathroom accent color.

2. Blue

Blue (1)

A bathroom in blue is timeless; impossible to get tired of it. However, it would be nice to try something different by changing the color that comes with it. Instead of a bathroom dressed in blue and white for example; you could go for the blue and gray combo.

3. The green

The green (1)

There are color combinations that are rarely found in the bathroom. The marriage of gray and green is one of these rare associations. Moreover, it would seem that this is the case in the other rooms of the house. It is important to choose the shades of colors well so as not to be disappointed. As much as possible, stay away from dark shades of green that would make the room dull and uninteresting. To give you an idea of ​​the beautiful combinations; light shades of gray match the lime green and olive green perfectly in Victorian, shabby chic and classic bathrooms. On the other hand, for a contemporary bathroom, small, more striking touches of green would be perfect in an essentially gray design.

4. Orange

Orange (1)

There are several colors that can be associated with gray, but orange is arguably one of the best. Orange has always been considered a risky color in interior design; until recently. Currently, we are starting to find it in more and more modern bathrooms. The great thing is that even with small touches, it won’t leave your bathroom indifferent. Orange is a color that we associate with joy, fun, dynamism … with everything that we can never associate with gray. So it’s a great idea to combine these two colors which seem to be opposite. Gray and orange are indeed an interesting combination.

5. Gray bathroom with golden elements

Gray bathroom with golden elements (1)

A gray bathroom isn’t just about matching furniture, flooring, and wall colors. Although these components are, in fact, very important, it is the accessories and decorations that play the key role here. Gray being quite neutral, you can let your imagination run wild here. For this reason, the combination of gray and gold is a very popular option.

Wondering what golden elements to include in a gray bathroom? Lights are perfect, in this case, as are cups for toothbrushes and soap dispensers. If you like original solutions , you can also choose golden accessories. Thanks to them, the gray bathroom will gain an original and a little more daring character.

6. A feminine bathroom with a little pink

A feminine bathroom with a little pink (1)

Do you dream of a gray and feminine bathroom? A combination of the neutral color with feminine pink is an interesting option. It doesn’t have to be too intense. If you want the interior to be stylish, choose dusty pink instead of fuchsia . It will delicately enhance the room. There are many options for using pink in a gray bathroom. This color looks great on a wall. You can paint it or choose modern tiles.

There are also much more daring models, such as those with pink furniture . Manufacturers also offer pink sinks, tubs and toilet bowls. Still, keep in mind that picking all of these items in pink might be a bit too much. This is why the most common solution is to choose only a pink sink or tub. In this way, the element serves as an interesting accent that will not overload the interior.

7. Gray bathroom ideas – with black

Gray bathroom ideas - with black (1)

Do you like gray bathroom designs with black decorations? It’s a timeless design that will always be popular – regardless of changes in trends. Such a color scheme is very characteristic of the industrial style, although it is also suitable for interiors in a glamorous style, as long as you choose strong lighting.

Black accessories used in a gray bathroom can be very subtle. In this case, you just need textiles, taps or dark decorations, like baskets for cosmetics. Are you feeling daring? You can always choose black cabinets, sinks and tubs.

8. A gray and white minimalist bathroom

A gray and white minimalist bathroom (1)

A gray and white bathroom is a very common choice, especially in small interiors . For this reason, many owners believe that such an interior is bound to be boring, and it is difficult to imagine anything new in this regard. Yet it is possible, because everything depends on the choice of interesting accessories – and not the most obvious.

9. Gray bathroom ideas – floral accents

Gray bathroom ideas - floral accents

Do you like floral and plant patterns in interiors ? They are very characteristic of the rustic and Provencal styles . They are also great in gray bathrooms. They liven up the atmosphere, while maintaining the classy style.

Gray bathrooms usually use tiles with a floral pattern on the wall . They should not be used on all the walls in the room, as this may overload the interior. It is better to highlight one of the walls, for example the one with the bathtub or the sink and the mirror. If you like bold, crazy designs, use the floral pattern on the floor. You can be sure that you won’t often see this solution in other interiors you visit.

10. A modern gray bathroom decorated with wood

A modern gray bathroom decorated with wood (1)

A monochrome gray bathroom looks really great if combined with wood. If the color of the room is dark, for example charcoal gray , be sure to break it up with wooden elements of a more vivid and natural color. You just need a few accessories to make the whole design really interesting.

It is worth noting that a gray bathroom with wooden elements is so universal that it can adapt to any style. This combination is perfect if you dream of a Scandinavian bathroom . But the interior is equally elegant in a traditional style.

11. A gray bathroom with dark blue decorations

A gray bathroom with dark blue decorations (1)

Are you looking for an interesting color accent to use in your gray bathroom? Dark blue is the absolute hit of recent seasons. Dark blue kitchens, for example, are very popular. But this trend is also creeping into bathrooms. In this case, care must be taken not to make the interior too dark.

Gray bathrooms can acquire a unique character if you choose tiles of different shades. You can also opt for a mosaic, especially if your gray bathroom has a shower stall.

12. Sexy gray master bath

Sexy gray master bath (1)

This smaller but still comfortable bathroom comes to us from Ange of The Blooming Hydrangea and is a perfect example of how sexy and grown-up gray can be too. The marble-effect porcelain floors are from Sovereign Stone and the wall color is Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams.

13. Large gray master bathroom

Large gray master bathroom (1)

This Kelly master bathroom from The Lilypad Cottage, shows a predominance of gray in a beautiful remodel. The gray walls take on hints of blue during the day. The color shade of the vanity is reproduced on the stone surrounding the tub. And marble, marble everywhere. This is how you make gray work by playing around with different shades and providing both white and dark gray for contrast.

Small touches of color appear everywhere: Fuschia, green, blue and yellow appear to embellish the look.

14. Gray and mint green spa

Gray and mint green spa (1)

In this sleek bathroom by Krista + Home, the combination of a medium gray with light, powdery undertones like this mint green creates a soft, spa-like vibe. The gray shade of the vanity is repeated in the photo frame above the tub, and the mint green patterned towels extend the color inside the cabinets.

Note the touches of neutral via the wicker basket and flowers scattered throughout the bathroom, as well as the brushed metal hardware that creates a soft and inviting look.

15. Scandinavian Vintage

Scandinavian Vintage (1)

Gray isn’t always synonymous with cool urban minimalism or modern styles. It goes very well with more vintage and organic looks, like in this Scandinavian bathroom.

Gray and off-white combine to give an impression of faded elegance, and the brick-patterned subway tile visually separates the shower space from the rest of the room. The pristine white floor creates a wonderful contrast. This is a great example of how to use the beauty of Scandinavian design in your bathroom.