20+ Inspirations for a Pastel Living Room1 (1)

Spring announces the return of the sun, flowers and heat. As soon as the warm weather arrives, you want to redesign your interior in a more cheerful way, especially the living room, the centerpiece of the house. Here are some spring inspirations for a pastel living room. Invite pastel colors into your living room!

1. A section of pastel wall

A section of pastel wall (1)

To bring pastel colors into your interior and more precisely in your living room, it’s very simple. All it takes is a few brushstrokes on a section of wall, for example the one behind the sofa, and you’re done! Powder pink, sky blue, apple green, light yellow or any other pastel color, here is your living room ready to welcome the return of spring. And we also think of wallpapers!

2. A sky blue sofa

A sky blue sofa (1)

Another way to integrate the pastel color palette into your living room: the sofa. Whether pink, beige or light yellow, your seat must be chosen with care . But be careful, when we say colorful, we are referring to soft shades like … pastel colors! Central element of the living room, the pastel sofa will bring additional charm to your room.

3. Light yellow curtains

Light yellow curtains (1)

As for the sofa, we prefer curtains in pastel shades. This creates an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. Generally discreet, your curtains and curtains must however be selected with care, that’s all that matters!

4. Pale pink pillows, throws and blankets

Pale pink pillows, throws and blankets (1)

It’s easier to bring little pastel touches here and there to your living room than to make a room 100% pastel, from the walls to the ceilings. Easier but above all prettier! Indeed, we prefer pastel shades in small decorations such as cushions and blankets.

5. Light fixtures in pastel colors

Light fixtures in pastel colors (1)

An essential element in a living room, the lighting. As in any room for that matter! And as much to have lighting that is as functional as it is beautiful , we agree. So we choose our lights with care and we do not hesitate to opt for pastel colors. If you already have lights and don’t want to change them, why not repaint them? Simple, great and inexpensive!

6. A light pink carpet

A light pink carpet (1)

Rugs, whether round, square or rectangular, are essential elements in today’s decor. And for a spring living room, why not opt ​​for a rug in pastel tones? With fringes, long or short pile, let yourself be seduced by a beautiful and large pastel rug (or several small ones, it’s up to you).

7. Mint-to-water furniture

Mint-to-water furniture (1)

As in this interior, dare to use pastel furniture! Plant holder, coffee table, chest of drawers … bring color to your living room. Play with the colors by choosing several pastel colors such as water green for your dresser, powder pink for your plant holder and light yellow for your small coffee table for example.

8. An armchair with light colors

An armchair with light colors (1)

In addition to the small furniture in pastel shades, why not install a pretty armchair in soft shades as above? Choose a seat that is as beautiful as it is comfortable.

9. Clear wall decoration

Clear wall decoration (1)

Indispensable, the wall decoration must be neat. And if your walls are white, you will need to decorate them, so you might as well do it with taste! For this, prefer tables in black and white or light shades as above.

10. Vases, flowerpots, candles …

Vases, flowerpots, candles ... (1)

Just like the cushions, throws and blankets, the small decoration must also be thought out with taste. For there to be a certain harmony in your pastel living room, add small touches of soft colors as above. Pink vases, sky blue flowerpots, beige candles … well-being and serenity now reign in your living room!

11. Powdery pink

Powdery pink (1)

To create a romantic atmosphere in your living room, dare to use powder pink in all its variations. A dark fabric sofa , a lighter patterned carpet, a very pale paint on the walls go well with the weathered white furniture.

12. A soothing blue 

A soothing blue (1)

If you like to recharge your batteries in a calm and soothing room on your return from work, dare without restraint the very pale blue in your living room. To accompany it, we favor light colors with a sideboard and white decorative objects.

13. Mixing tones

Mixing tones (1)

The advantage with pastel colors is that they blend together perfectly. You can then combine without moderation a candy pink sofa with a light gray armchair and a rug that plays with sky blue and pale yellow in your living room.

14. Blue gradient

Blue gradient (1)

The seaside style likes pastel tones so we don’t hesitate to install numerous linen cushions on the sofa in shades of blue. Light wood furniture and white curtains on the windows complete the decor.

15. Touches of pastel

Touches of pastel (1)

Bring softness into your living room with a few touches of pastel here and there. Pale pink cushions, a sky blue lamp, water green and light yellow vases create the decor.

16. Hints of sugar plum rose

Hints of sugar plum rose (1)

In this sober and refined living room, only a few touches of sugar plum pink on the wall bring a little softness to the room. To create a reminder on the sofa, you can also put some cushions in the same tones.

17. Sky blue trend

Sky blue trend (1)

Here, it is the sky blue which adorns this living room with its resolutely contemporary look. The curtains and the armchair envelop the large black sofa and add the right amount of delicacy.

18. Tender green

Tender green (1)

A cocooning atmosphere in this living room which has chosen to paint its walls in soft green. The decorative idea to remember: choose a different color for the moldings in order to structure the space.

19. Decor idea with vintage elements

decor idea with vintage elements (1)

During the 20th century, pastel colors were associated with femininity and children. They were very popular during the 50s and 60s, when they were accompanied by a decoration in bright colors and were used in interiors with daring contrasts, typical of the period. If you like vintage decoration, you can take inspiration from this type of decoration to introduce a pastel color in your living room and accompany it with some retro accessories.

20. Relaxing decoration idea

Relaxing decoration idea1 (1)

Pastel colors and, in particular, light shades of the pastel color palette have a recognized relaxing property. For this reason, they are an ideal choice for living rooms with a Zen atmosphere. If you want to create a living room that invites relaxation, consider the possibility of using a paint in light pastel shades. Walls painted in these colors pair well with fabrics in other shades of the pastel palette, but also with wood floors and designer wood and wrought iron furniture.

21. Repaint living room with pastel colors and furniture ideas

Repaint living room with pastel colors and furniture ideas (1)

As we have said, wood is a friend of pastel colors. For a successful living room decoration, accompany the pastel painting of wooden furniture of a light shade, such as oak, bamboo and maple. Resin furniture is also a good choice for decorating a living room painted in pastel colors.

22. Decoration idea with pastel colors

decoration idea with pastel colors (1)

Do you like the look of shabby chic living rooms or the rustic and country style decoration, typical for holiday homes? In that case, feel free to choose a soft pastel color for your living room wall paint, pairing it with furniture and decorative accessories in white, pink, yellow, blue or green for a more natural touch.