20 Beautiful French Country Style Bathroom Ideas (1)

We know the country chic style in the bedroom, living room or kitchen, but did you know that it is also available in the bathroom? With vintage mirrors, pretty baskets, harmonies of whites and beiges …

1. Attic bathroom

Attic bathroom (1)

The creative layout of this bathroom in this spacious room and with an attic architecture is a really ideal idea for the application of a French country theme. Natural light penetrates intensely through the large windows, generating opulent and luminous energy.

2. Sumptuous

Sumptuous (1)

In this beautiful bathroom, the plain white walls and the rustic wooden floor; the contemporary bathtub and the luxurious framed mirror, are sufficient elements to create a super attractive style characterizing a French country decor.

3. Dressed in beige

Dressed in beige (1)

This French country style bathroom looks a bit heavy due to the golden curtains which block the infiltration of natural light that is supposed to illuminate the place. However, the beige shade and the copper clawfoot tub create a certain balance.

4. Decorated in blue

Decorated in blue (1)

The pale blue color of the walls reflects a calm and relaxed vibe in this beautiful French country bathroom. It fits the rustic character freestanding tub and white painted iron chair.

5. Distinguished

Distinguished (1)

It is simply fascinating and dazzling this bathroom with the super refined decorative palette. The wood panels set up a classic vibe, and the black tub set in a corner with a shower curtain accentuates the elegant French charm of the place.

6. Elegant

Elegant (1)

The golden baroque mirror stands out in this magnificent bathroom as a focal point. The idea of ​​having placed the bathtub very close to this mirror is really nice and ingenious.

7. Formal

Formal (1)

This large bathroom is typical of a French country bathroom. It reflects a charming and pleasant atmosphere. Its particular layout adds an interesting visual effect. The pale blue color of the walls creates a calm and refreshing ambience.

8. Authentic

Authentic (1)

Here is an extremely chic and beautiful French country bathroom. The strikingly textured ceramic floor tiles establish an elegant and neat ambience.

9. Adorable

Adorable (1)

This is a very adorable bathroom with a peculiar and charming color scheme. The patterned blue wallpaper accompanied by white furniture, creates a relaxed and charming atmosphere.

10. Minimalist

Minimalist (1)

Here is an excellent example, for the creation of a magnificent bathroom in the French country style with the minimum of decorative elements and accessories. A serene and modern atmosphere reigns inside.

11. Bright

Bright (1)

The mix of light wood and white, for a bright and pleasant bathroom! 

12. Blue

Blue (1)

The aged blue which gently colors the room. 

13. Flowers

Flowers (1)

The bouquet of fresh flowers that makes you smile in the morning!

14. White bath tub

White bath tub (1)

The total white look and antique objects. 

15. Pattern

Pattern (1)

The vintage wallpaper that gives the room allure.

16. Unusual

Unusual (1)

This rustic and unusual bathtub! 

17. Chic

Chic (1)

The chic and vintage atmosphere of this unique bathroom. 

18. Mirrors

Mirrors (1)

The collection of small mirrors that dress the wall with style.

19. Established

Established (1)

The new life given to the workbench!

20. Rock

rock (1)

The softness and natural charm of this bathroom.