20+ Tips to Adopt Mediterranean Style in the Decor (1)

Want to extend your vacation by the sea? We adopt the Mediterranean style in our accommodation. On the program: an ocean of blue and white cushions, a tide of rattan objects and a storm of seashells on the living room shelves. The Mediterranean takes hold of our interior to make it a true blue and white haven of peace with the smell of monoi and hot sand. Focus on our 22 tips for adopting the Mediterranean style in your decor.

1. White and blue

White and blue (1)

The use of blue sparingly, as here with the pompoms in the basket and the bathroom sink.

2. Wood decoration

Wood decoration (1)

Paintings reminiscent of waves.

3. Modern

Modern1 (1)

The use of rattan to add a bohemian touch.

4. Blue decoration

Blue decoration (1)

The golden rule of the Mediterranean salon: blue and white! And seashells on the coffee table.

5. Natural Meditarranean decor

Natural (1)

The DIY on the sofa cushions and the use of the jute rug.

6. White decor

White decor (1)

The mix of white, blue and wood in the dining room.

7. Rattan pieces

Rattan pieces (1)

The rattan hanging chair to spend pleasant moments during the summer.

8. Blue in all over room

Blue in all over room (1)

The blue and white carpet.

9. Cushions

Cushions (2)

The blue cushions that subtly recall the Mediterranean style of the living room.

10. Living room

Living room (1)

The blue sofa that stands out in this white living room.

11. Ocean

Ocean (1)

The boat on the coffee table and the seashells on the shelf.

12. Board

Board (1)

The ocean painting that brings waves back into the living room.

13. Bohemia

Bohemia (3)

The bohemian rug.

14. Outside

Outside (1)

Mediterranean inspiration for the terrace.

15. Olivier

Olivier (1)

Adding potted olive trees to enhance your Mediterranean living room.

16. Wallpaper

Wallpaper (2)

Inviting the Mediterranean spirit into your interior thanks to the wallpapers: marine animals, waves …

17. Seashells

Seashells (1)

Decorating your coffee table with a jar filled with seashells.

18. A raw wooden bench

A raw wooden bench (1)

The Mediterranean decor gives pride of place to natural materials. Wood remains a safe bet. Choose authentic and rustic furniture like walnut or coniferous wood. As for the choice of furniture, the bench is a great ally to give a friendly touch specific to southern houses … Install it in the kitchen to arrange the dining area, in a living room as an extra seat or in an entrance hall to give character to space.

19. Linen linens

Linen linens (1)

A refined material that is delicate to the touch, linen is widely acclaimed in Mediterranean-style interiors. It must be said, it has many advantages: natural and ecological, it is also an excellent thermoregulator. In summer, it turns out to be a sizeable antiperspirant and in winter, it retains heat. Opt for linen on your bed linen, on the curtains or on the sofa for maximum effect!

20. A jute rug

A jute rug (1)

As you can see, natural materials are in the spotlight! To give character to your floor covering, opt for a plant fiber rug like this jute model. And for the touch of madness, choose a round and patterned rug! We also fall for the wall macramé, a bohemian accessory that can also be adopted for a Mediterranean decor.

21. A woven basket

A woven basket (1)

Few of the Mediterranean houses do not have baskets and woven baskets in their decoration. To store throws and cushions near the sofa, as a guide for a plant pot or as simple decorative assets on a piece of furniture in the living room, there is always a use for woven baskets!

22. A straw hat

A straw hat (1)

The straw hat evokes the heat of summer, the rays of the sun and the Provencal countryside. So why not make it a decorative asset? Hanging on the wall, the straw hat immediately sets the scene: here, it’s holidays all year round!