20 Decorative Tips for Minimalist Living Room

Opting for a minimalist interior allows you to refocus on the essential. No superfluous objects, no extra seats, no bulky furniture … Zoom on 20 tips for a minimalist style in the living room!

1. Opt for a minimum of furniture

Opt for a minimum of furniture (1)

For a minimalist style living room, we start by sorting out our furniture. Console, side table, seats, coffee table, pouf, bookcase … we try to keep only the essentials so as not to overload the room or clutter the passage . The ideal is to have a sofa, a shelf and a sideboard for example. But you will see that minimalist does not mean empty and impersonal.

2. Clear the space

Clear the space (1)

Having little furniture will inevitably free up space. It is necessary that each element in the living room finds its place . If you have too much furniture here and there or trinkets to not know what to do with, your room will be too cluttered and you will be far from the desired minimalist living room. So for a clear living room, we do not hesitate to make some diagrams and plans in order to rethink the space as well as possible. Thus, you will be able to move easily in your room.

3. Goodbye to superfluous objects

Goodbye to superfluous objects (1)

Clearing up space also means sorting through the small objects accumulated over the years. If trinkets are a source of dust, they visually clutter our interiors and prevent us from truly feeling at home. So if you opt for a minimalist style living room, you will need to do a great cleaning in your knickknacks. As here, leave only a pretty vase, one or two candles and a beautiful frame as decoration.

4. Don’t overload your walls

Don't overload your walls (1)

As mentioned above, a nice frame can be more than enough on the walls of your minimalist living room. Do not visually overload your living room by hanging a string of frames, wall shelves covering an entire section of the wall, paintings galore, macrame from floor to ceiling … Opt for a refined wall decoration .

5. A living room bathed in natural light

A living room bathed in natural light (1)

Ideally, a minimalist living room should be very bright. This central room of the house must be lit with natural light and not artificial using lamps, spotlights and lampshades in quantity. Obviously, if the exposure of our room does not allow it, we can opt for a few lights trying to best reproduce this natural light …

6. Choose designer lighting

Choose designer lighting (1)

Whether or not you enjoy a naturally bright living room, you will necessarily have to install lighting to be able to enjoy your room at nightfall or in the early morning, winter or during bad weather. Choose wall lights, spotlights or designer lampshades to integrate them perfectly into your minimalist living room as above.

7. Choose neutral and soothing colors

Choose neutral and soothing colors (1)

The minimalist style invites light and relaxing shades. We forget the anxiety-inducing or aggressive colors such as orange, red or green and we opt instead for a palette of soothing colors . Pastels, white, gray, beige but also black (at a low dose) or light wood-type brown are preferred colors for a timeless decor .

8. Bet on natural materials

Bet on natural materials (1)

The minimalist style likes to highlight raw materials like wood or stone . The natural materials such as linen or cotton are also among the best of minimalism. As above, choose small wooden occasional furniture and a cotton blanket for example for a stunning look!

9. Invite nature into your room

Invite nature into your room (1)

Whether in a Scandinavian interior, for an industrial atmosphere, for a shabby chic living room or in a minimalist style, nature is present. Bouquets of flowers, large green plants or succulents, invite greenery in your minimalist living room!

10. Choose quality over quantity

Choose quality over quantity (1)

In general, the minimalist style takes shape when we manage to compose with few elements but always with taste and style . In other words, we prefer quality to quantity. Less furniture, little or no small decorative items, clear walls … but everything you have in your living room is of high quality. We buy less, but better. This is also what lagom , the Swedish art of living, advocates .

11. Minimalist doesn’t mean cold and impersonal

Minimalist doesn't mean cold and impersonal (1)

As mentioned above, the minimalist style does not mean having a cold, empty and impersonal interior . On the contrary, opting for a minimalist living room is to furnish it in a light way while bringing a personal touch. This uncluttered style can perfectly convey an atmosphere of well-being and warmth! The proof in pictures.

12. Feng Shui in decoration

Feng Shui in decoration (1)

Evoking Feng Shui when talking about a minimalist style takes on its full meaning. Defined as the art of circulating energy , it should be taken into account when designing our interiors. Harmony and serenity are two key words of Feng Shui. Clear spaces, change the arrangement of furniture … if the energy does not flow smoothly, it can have negative repercussions on us.

13. Black & white

Black & white (2)

Minimalism is a style that honors balance (see Ying Yang philosophy). Therefore, by decorating your living room in black and white, you will find this balance which will provide a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

14. Minimalist shabby-chic decoration

Minimalist shabby-chic decoration (1)

The minimalist style of this living room also has a shabby-chic aspect due to the arrangement of furniture and wall decoration paintings, standing out as a focal point.

15. White sofas

White sofas (1)

It’s really nice to see how the design of this minimalist living room has managed to strike a perfect balance; he chose two identical white sofas and hung an elegant black light in the middle. It’s really awesome, isn’t it?

16. Elegant fireplace for minimalist style

Elegant fireplace for minimalist style (1)

The elegant fireplace brings a warm and cozy atmosphere to this modern minimalist living room. White leather sofas provide a contemporary and stylish look to this place.

17. Balanced furniture

Balanced furniture (1)

The arrangement of the furniture in this living room gives a balanced and stunning setting. With the introduction of the natural beige color, this place deserves the title ‘most exquisite minimalist living room’.

18. Monochrome appearance

Monochrome appearance (1)

This large and spacious living room is sober and elegant; due to the monochrome appearance of light and creamy color tones. The large window lets in natural light and adds a wonderful ambiance to this minimalist living room.

19. Contemperary minimalist living room

Contemperary minimalist living room (1)

The main elements of the living room including the sofa are positioned facing the large glass windows. It’s a really great and brilliant idea from the designer to achieve perfection in this contemporary minimalist living room.

20. Texture of decoration

Texture of decoration (1)

The play of texture in this living room brings liveliness while creating a minimalist setting with a particular eclectic feel. The blue damask patterned sofa, the wood strip flooring, the shag rug and the art board prime an excellent visual appearance.