20 Best Ratten Pieces to Put in the Living Room

Extend the summer in the living room by opting for a pretty decoration around the rattan. Mirrors, bench, rocking chair or even pendant lights have fun with this ultra-trendy natural material in the 1950s. To give a seaside atmosphere or step back in time, discover our 20 pieces to adopt in the living room.

1. A shelf

A shelf (1)

Does your wall dream of a shelf that reminds it of the 1950s? Easy with this rattan shelf that gives a whole new look to the living room. All you have to do is drop off a few books and decorative items. 

2. A coffee table

A coffee table (1)

As a coffee table in a small living room or as a side table in a larger living room, this round rattan table will become a natural and warm asset. Another tip: it will also be enjoyed in a living room with an exotic atmosphere.

3. A rocking chair

A rocking chair (1)

We fell in love with this rattan rocking chair which creates a sweet Scandinavian atmosphere in the living room. To warm it up and make it more comfortable, we advise you to place a beautiful white sheepskin on it. 

4. A sun mirror

A sun mirror (1)

Unearthed at a flea market or bought new from major brands, the rattan mirror has the gift of sublimating the decor. In the living room, it is hung above the sofa, or another equally decorative alternative: it is placed on the sideboard. Well seen! 

5. A suspension

A suspension (1)

Want to emphasize the decor of your living room with a natural touch? Nothing could be simpler with these two rattan suspensions that are installed on the ceiling at different heights to play the card of originality. 

6. A sofa

A sofa (1)

To add seaside style throughout the living room, opt for a large rattan sofa covered with plush white cushions. What we like in this atmosphere is the mix of industrial-style wooden metal coffee tables. A mix of styles that works wonderfully! 

7. A pouf

A pouf (1)

Sofa in gray fabric, white coffee table, and raw wood, all that’s missing is a rattan ottoman to complete the decor of this seaside living room. Its most decorative: a small “west” inscription to locate your guests.

8. A chair

A chair (1)

Very trendy in the 50s, the rattan armchair is making a big comeback in our interiors. 100% rattan, with a metal base, new or flea market, you just have to make your choice! 

9. A magazine rack

A magazine rack (1)

This small magazine rack will bring a real decoration to your living room with a slightly vintage look. We love its small tray which gives it the side table option, very practical once installed near the sofa.

10. A discreet armchair or stool

A discreet armchair or stool (1)

Fans of cozy, warm, and cozy interiors, quickly adopt a small armchair or a rattan stool. With their curves and their airy side, they fit into any interior. Scandinavian, countryside, contemporary, they have no trouble finding a place … whatever the style of your stay. The armchair is adorned with one or more graphic cushions and a pretty soft plaid to be on-trend. Installed near the library, it is the centerpiece of the reading corner. As for the stool, it can also play the role of a small side table near the sofa.

11. Sofa option for an assertive look

Sofa option for an assertive look (1)

Since the seaside style is more trendy than ever, we dare it in the living room by adopting a large rattan sofa. Covered with large beige cushions that will serve as a comfortable seat, it brings lightness and shine. To confirm this delicate and fresh atmosphere, you can accompany it with armchairs in the same style and a few baskets which will take care of the decoration once filled.

12. The baskets take center stage

The baskets take center stage (1)

The woven rattan baskets also know how to adapt to our modern interiors. In addition to being practical storage accessories (we slip our magazines or our remote controls inside), they are easy to stage to become real decorative elements. Our practical decoration videos of the living room.

13. An armchair inspired by the 70s

An armchair inspired by the 70s (1)

You liked the iconic Egg armchair by renowned designer Arne Jacobsen. Round and welcoming at the same time, it will undoubtedly create a chic holiday atmosphere in your living room for endless moments of relaxation.

14. A designer pouf

A designer pouf (1)

Whether it serves as a footrest or a small booster seat, this friendly ottoman will seduce you with its authentic and natural charm. Chic and elegant, it will bring an assumed exotic touch to your living room.

15. Trunks as storage modules

Trunks as storage modules (1)

Looking for storage modules for your overcrowded living room? Why not bet on this set of three trunks. Chic and practical at the same time, they will allow you to optimize your space while creating an original decorative space in your living room.

16. A pendant lamp for a warm and friendly style

A pendant lamp for a warm and friendly style (1)

Crazily original, this rattan pendant lamp draws its originality from its flattened ball shape. In all simplicity, it will illuminate your interior and bring a warm and soothing spirit to your space. A cozy atmosphere is guaranteed!

17. Seaside inspiration

Seaside inspiration (1)

The seaside style is on the rise in this interior marine atmosphere. The rounded lines, enveloping shapes combined with the soft cushions of this sofa designed in Kubu rattan ensure a cozy and comfortable welcome for guaranteed moments of relaxation.

18. An exotic booster seat

An exotic booster seat (1)

Colonial style lover, this wooden stool is made for you. It will be a comfortable, practical, and very decorative booster seat for your living room. As for its rattan seat, it will bring a touch of exoticism to your interior, in all simplicity.

19. An authentic piece of furniture

An authentic piece of furniture (1)

Want to rediscover the charm of small houses in the English countryside? This elegant shoe storage will find pride of place in your rustic interior. Painted white and accompanied by two rattan baskets, this piece of furniture is sure to add warmth to your space.

20. An ultra-practical coffee table

An ultra-practical coffee table (1)

Suitable for both indoors and outdoors, this clever white wood coffee table will not leave you indifferent. You will love the softness of the ecru cushions and the woven rattan of the four stools which will slide under the top in the simplest way possible. Practical and stylish, this coffee table has it all!