25+ Tips and Inspirations to Choose the Right Armchair (1)

The “Lounge Chair”, the “Emmanuelle” armchair or even the “Bibendum”: these armchairs have marked the history of design throughout the world. 

Want to buy an armchair? Cocooning and practical, we love it in our living room. Here are our 27 pro tips and inspirations to choose it well.

Tips to choose the right armchair

1. The dimensions of the chair

The dimensions of the chair (1)

The first criterion for choosing the right chair is definitely the dimensions. And all the dimensions! Armrests, backrests, height of the feet, depth of the seat. It is even better to trust this element before thinking about aesthetics.

2. The back of the chair

The back of the chair (1)

For the height of the chair, it depends on the one hand on your preferences as well as the style and space of the living room. Some of you like comfort while others will opt mainly for aesthetics.

3. The seat of the armchair

The seat of the armchair (1)

Our advice is also to listen to you. The depth of the seat is chosen according to the way you sit. Also, the function you want to give to the chair. If it accompanies a sofa, so in the idea of ​​adding an additional seat, the seat may be shallower. If it is to curl up there, a wider depth is undoubtedly to be preferred.

4. The comfort of the armchair

the comfort of the armchair (1)

Optimal comfort is ensured by the thickness of the padding of the chosen chair. High resistance foam (HR) is the most recommended, because it ages well, and is the most comfortable. The down and half-down bring you a feeling of comfort! While Bull-tex is especially resistant.

5. The shape of the chair

The shape of the chair (1)

Choose an armchair shape that fits your living room. Too large, it will clutter the room. Too minimalist, it can make it gloomy. Also take into account, of course, the style of the living room!

6. The armrests of the chair 

The armrests of the chair (1)

They also matter. Some models do not have any. This is the case with round rattan armchairs where the seat, the backrest and the armrests are one. However, they take up space, you must count them in your selection criteria. The armrests can change the entire volume of an armchair.

7. The fabric of the chair

The fabric of the chair (1)

Here, it is above all a question of taste and easy integration into the decor of the living room. Cotton is suitable for all styles of room. Velvet is suitable for an assertive interior, very boudoir is elegant. Wool is ideal in a Scandinavian decor.

8. The color of the chair

The color of the chair (1)

To avoid having the impression of having a heap of color in the living room, be sure to also choose the color of your armchair! Going for light shades is perfect for brightening up a living room. If you still want to go for a dark color, this should be done if your room is already very bright.

9. Opt for a footrest?

Opt for a footrest1 (1)

The footrest is to be chosen if your living room is large, otherwise it may clutter it up. You can also opt for a model that can be stowed away under your chair, folded up and in short stowed away easily.

Inspirations of right armchair

10. The EGG armchair

The EGG armchair (1)

The iconic “Egg Chair” was designed by the famous Arne Jacobsen in 1958. 

11. Emmanuelle armchair

Emmanuelle armchair (1)

Armchair emblematic of an erotic film of the 70s, it has become the star of the decoration. We love it mainly for its bohemian chic side that we sublimate with accessories.

12. Lounge chair

Lounge chair (1)

The Lounge Chair was designed by Charles and Ray Eames in the 1950s. This elegant chair with ultimate comfort is considered today one of the great classics of 20th century furniture design. 

13. Plastic Chairs

Plastic Chairs (1)

The Eames couple also created the “Plastic Chairs”, a rocking chair mounted on wooden glides that offers optimal comfort. 

14. LC3

LC3 (1)

The “LC3” armchair created by Le Corbusier is one of the key pieces that we would like to have at home. This legendary armchair is now produced by the Milanese firm Cassina. 

15. Bibendum armchair

Bibendum armchair (1)

Shapes reminiscent of the Michelin man? This is why the name Bibendum was given to this iconic 20th century armchair, designed by Eileen Gray! 

16. IKEA rocking chair

IKEA rocking chair (1)

How not to miss this timeless armchair from IKEA? 

17. Acapulco

Acapulco (1)

The origins of the “Acapulco” armchair are still unknown, but this model would come from the eponymous city of Mexico. In strong and comfortable rope, this armchair is above all very resistant to heat, and therefore can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

18. The “Platner” armchair

The Platner armchair1 (1)

The “Platner” armchair is an iconic model from the 60s. Become a design classic. We adopt it without hesitation in his living room, but also in this dining room!

19. The “Paulistano” armchair

The Paulistano armchair1 (1)

The “Paulistano” armchair is a classic of Brazilian design. The work of the famous architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha, the folded steel armchair and its leather seat ensure optimal comfort. We love its simple and elegant lines and its versatile color. 

20. The “Mushroom” armchair

The Mushroom armchair (1)

This iconic armchair from the 60s was created by the French Pierre Paulin. Its rounded shape (reminiscent of the mushroom, hence its name) consists of a metal frame covered with foam, then a seamless fabric cover. 

21. Louis Ghost armchair

Louis Ghost armchair (1)

The Louis Ghost armchair by Philippe Starck produced by Kartell.

22. The Panton chair

The Panton chair (1)

The Panton chair by Verner Panton, published by Vitra.

23. Barcelona armchair

Barcelona armchair (1)

The Barcelona armchair by Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, edited for Knoll.

24. The Diamond armchair

The Diamond armchair (1)

The Diamond armchair by Harry Bertoia edited for Knoll.

25. The AA Butterfly armchair

The AA Butterfly armchair 1 (1)

The AA Butterfly armchair by Airborne Design.

26. The Swan armchair

The Swan armchair (1)

The Swan armchair designed in 1958 by Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen. 

27. The ball chair

The ball chair (1)

The ball chair is an iconic armchair imagined by the Finnish designer Eero Aarnio.