20 Rustic Decorating Ideas for Your Living Room

In the world of interior design, “rustic” can have several connotations; and they are not always good. A rustic house can be a cabin decorated with animal heads. It can also be an uncomfortable interior with wooden furniture. And yet, it depends on how you adopt the style. It is quite possible to decorate your home with a rustic style; and elegantly. So, whether you live in the city or outside it, discover in this post some beautiful rustic decorating ideas for your living room.

1. Colors present in nature

Colors present in nature (1)

When it comes to rustic decorating, the color scheme chosen can have a big impact on the mood created. Make your decoration by choosing colors found in nature such as the different shades of brown, green and gray. You will be sure to invite nature inside even if your furniture is not technically “rustic”. 

2. Natural materials to cover the floor

Natural materials to cover the floor (1)

The ideal would be to have a wooden floor. However, a natural fiber rug would also be welcome if your living room floor is tiled. This kind of rug will not only bring a rustic touch thanks to the natural fibers; your living room will also benefit from a nice texture.

3. Long curtains

Long curtains (1)

Curtains are a must have for any home. They make a decor more warm, welcoming and they allow you to have privacy at home. Hang long curtains in your living room to make your walls interesting without having to hang decorative elements that don’t suit the style.

4. Checkered patterns

Checkered patterns (1)

You might be wondering what patterns could be suited to the rustic style. Place a few checkered cushions on your sofas and armchairs. You will see for yourself how splendid it is.

5. A sufficient number of furniture

A sufficient number of furniture (1)

For some decorating styles, it is better to have more furniture. Obviously, we are not talking about minimalist style but rustic style. Integrate as many cozy seats as possible to show that you welcome your guests with open arms.

6. A perfect imperfection

A perfect imperfection (1)

You certainly missed that with raw wood and stones with natural edges, the rustic style emphasizes imperfection. So don’t be afraid to use vintage or worn-looking elements in your living room.

7. A removable sofa

A removable sofa (1)

You might think that it sounds like a farmhouse, but a sofa with removable cover is more than welcome in a rustic living room.

8. Rustic art objects

Rustic art objects (1)

These are not necessarily bear photos. A board with other forest animals is also suitable. Don’t you find this rustic decor above to be both restful?

9. The frame

The frame (1)

Exposed beams are almost mandatory for this type of decoration.

10. The wood

The wood (1)

Who says rustic says wood! Furniture, table and even the walls are adorned with wood.

11. The stone

The stone (1)

The exposed stone walls perfectly bring out the wood in this decoration.

12. Dark paint

Dark paint (1)

Do not hesitate to paint one of your walls in a dark color to bring out the wood.

13. Accessories

Accessories (1)

Here, the ladder and the wicker basket are transformed into sublime accessories.

14. Furs

Furs (1)

Drape your sofa in faux fur for an even more rustic vibe.

15. The volume

The volume (1)

The volume of the room will allow you to arrange the large elements of your decoration.

16. The light

The light (1)

Bringing in light is essential to fully enjoy this decoration.

17. Clean

Clean (1)

A rustic decoration can perfectly be refined.

18. The sofa

The sofa (1)

A very soft leather sofa will be very comfortable to enjoy your living room.

19. Modern

Modern (1)

Play on the marriage between wood and more modern materials for a superb result.

20. Plants

Plants (1)

Integrate green plants in your decoration and they will blend perfectly into your interior.