30 Ideas of Bohemian Bedroom

A multitude of colors and prints, varied textures, fabrics and lots of worldly decorations; these are all characteristics of the bohemian style. It’s one of the funniest decorating styles to create from the ground up. If you would like to add something funky to your bedroom, we have put together some great ideas below to inspire you to create a bohemian bedroom decor.

1. With a macrame tapestry

With a macrame tapestry (1)

Here is a bedroom filled with sunshine and embellished with pretty prints on the bed set as well as a very interesting macrame tapestry on the wall. We love the eclectic and relaxed style of the room, as well as those open shelves adorned with luxurious green plants, which impose a pleasant and organic vibe.

2. Lamps and beads

Lamps and beads (1)

This cozy little corner is truly defined by bohemian style, of all kinds. From tapestries hanging from the ceiling to pearls on the cushions, there is a lot of appealing here. The neutral colored bedding is in perfect contrast to the accents all around. The bedroom is simply comfortable and rich in decor.

3. Sublime lamps

Sublime lamps (1)

For a little bit of whimsy, put special lamps all over the room. Pair them with patterned bedding and deep, earthy color tones. You will thus create a room that is both bohemian and relaxing. A bit of magical flair emerges from this bedroom.

4. A worn effect

A worn effect (1)

Go for all vibrant hues when decorating your room with bohemian flair, but pay attention to detail. Do not forget the prints, the worn-effect surfaces to integrate the eclectic and relaxed spirit.

5. A rustic dose

A rustic dose (1)

Bohemian style and rustic style have been combined for the decoration of this wonderful bedroom. All of these wooden furniture are arranged perfectly with earthy tones and with textures. Bohemian prints take center stage, offering interesting interior design worthy of the name.

6. Modern a host

Modern a host (1)

This bohemian bedroom has a real modern touch. The green, black and white color palette owes it its timeless character. But it’s the organic nuances and the honor it gives to the outdoor vegetation that perfectly complements the hippie side.

7. Sun rays

Sun rays (1)

So take a look at this wonderful setting that we discovered through Maggie Overby Studios. Cranberry and emerald green tones are juggled perfectly together. The sun above the bed provides a modern feel. But the bohemian style is seen in the way the fabrics and prints blend together wonderfully.

8. The charm of industrial style

The charm of industrial style (1)

We are totally won over by the charm of the mix of industrial and bohemian styles. Bricks and exposed beams are like a gift from heaven. The bohemian prints and the bed set do a marvel.

9. Vintage photos

Vintage photos (1)

A collection of vintage photos on the wall with chartreuse and teal color tones shines in every corner of this bedroom.

10. Install a bed canopy

Install a bed canopy (1)

Ideal for creating a cocoon enveloping the canopy is the perfect ally for the bedroom. If you opt for a bed canopy, it is obviously for its aesthetic advantages, such as that of creating a resolutely bohemian atmosphere conducive to relaxation. Indeed, simply hung on wooden rods, the immaculate veils breathe a warm, almost poetic note into the bedroom. Opt for a natural fiber rug to play reminders, accumulate green plants to accentuate the bohemian effect and close to nature.

11. Opt for a beautiful bed linen

Opt for a beautiful bed linen (1)

In the bohemian bedroom, every detail is important, from the color of the walls to the choice of the carpet that you want comfortable, through a selection of objects unearthed here and there and of course the bed set . Like the bohemian style itself, the bohemian bed set is imbued with diverse and varied influences, each more inspiring than the next. In practice, we focus on materials that are both noble and comfortable, neutral and warm colors, an accumulation of sheets or plaids, discreet patterns that make all the difference.

12. Abuse rattan

Abuse rattan (1)

Natural or tinted, on a headboard, a bedside table or mirrors, rattan gives character to the decoration, sometimes by giving it an additional bohemian touch, sometimes by infusing it with a retro charm and a touch of nature to the decor. . Allies inveterate bohemian decoration of the bedroom to the lounge, but also rattan cane broadcast their authentic aura that supplements the bohemian atmosphere, lively and vibrant.

13. Bet on the right decorative details

Bet on the right decorative details (1)

In this bohemian bedroom with a chiadé look, the good decoration points accumulate. But between the linen bed linen, the woven wicker basket and the accumulation of cushions, the bedside table topped by this bedside lamp is definitely an eye-catcher. Here, the all but bling bling golden aspect of the accent piece infuses a vintage atmosphere without overdoing it and subtly matches the color of the bedroom walls. Most ? Add a beautiful fabric wall hanging to add an extra bohemian element.

14. Bet on a Berber carpet

Bet on a Berber carpet (1)

Bohemian at will and ultra inspiring, the kilim rug has conquered all interiors. Beni Ouarain, Kilim, Azilal or Boucherouite, if all the variations of the Berber carpet match relatively different styles, we especially want it to breathe an authentic aura and tell a story. Indeed, this floor accessory that gives us desires for elsewhere, brings warmth and exoticism to the room it occupies while bringing an extra soul. Combined with pretty bed linen – preferably linen – it becomes a centerpiece of bohemian decoration.

15. A set of blankets

A set of blankets (1)

The bed is the centerpiece on which are juxtaposed blankets, sheets and soft top of the bed.

16. A white universe

A white universe (1)

The bohemian decoration is dominated by white, on the walls, on the floor and with the textiles.

17. A canopy

A canopy (1)

The draped bed canopy is an essential element.

18. Fluid curtains

Fluid curtains (1)

To bring lightness to the bedroom and let in the light, the curtains are vaporous.

19. Heather furniture

Heather furniture (1)

Bring a vintage touch with mottled furniture that you can twist or skate.

20. Ethnic motifs

Ethnic motifs (1)

Headboard, cushions and bedspreads are adorned with ethnic motifs to evoke travel.

21. Natural fibers

Natural fibers (1)

Rattan and wicker are popular for bringing a natural touch.

22. Pretty garlands

pretty garlands (1)

Electric garlands bring a touch of poetry to the bedroom.

23. Round mirrors

Round mirrors (1)

Multiply the small round mirrors or install an XXL on foot that you will have found.

24. A “green touch”

A green touch (1)

To complete the bohemian decor, arrange hanging green plants in suspensions.

25. Photo tables

Photo tables (1)

To polish up the decor, hang pictures on the walls, preferably black and white photographs.

26. Household linen

Household linen (1)

Create a warm space in the bedroom by accumulating household linen: rugs, plaid, cushions …

27. Soft colors

soft colors (1)

In the bohemian bedroom, warm colors mingle with soft colors. As here, mix the chestnuts with powder pink.

28. A hanging chair

a hanging chair (1)

Accentuate the cocooning aspect of the bedroom by installing a hanging chair! You will love to sit there with a book in your hands. 

29. The suspension in natural material

the suspension in natural material (1)

Rattan, cane, wicker … Choose your favorite natural material and install a pendant lamp in the bedroom. It dresses the ceiling and is essential in a bohemian bedroom! 

30. The cactus

the cactus (1)

It comes to dress a white wall and it adds color in the room: the cactus is essential!