20 Inspirations of Living Room with 20 Different Style Carpets (1)

The rug is the essential accessory to give style and allure to your living room. Quickly discover these 20 rugs to better find yours.

The carpet is the flagship accessory for decoration lovers! He transforms a room in no time, to give it style and character. Decorate your interior by taking inspiration from one of these rugs to find yours! Just make sure that it will blend in fully with the surrounding decoration… Unless you want to create a break between the two!

1. Evasion

Evasion (1)

In this living room that smells of travel, we continue the escape with a pretty blue carpet.

2. Bohemia

Bohemia (1)

A bohemian living room wouldn’t be really bohemian without its Berber carpet!

3. Persian

Persian (1)

The Persian carpet brings with it romance and character.

4. Overlay

Overlay (1)

Are you hesitating between two carpets? What if you let yourself be tempted by the layering?

5. Retro

Retro (1)

This retro living room has opted for a geometric rug, with a few touches of color.

6. Bourgeois

Bourgeois (1)

The chic and graphic carpet brings a touch of modernity to this bourgeois living room.

7. Sobriety

Sobriety (1)

In this sober and elegant living room, the gray carpet warms the atmosphere.

8. Graphic

Graphic (2)

Combine different rugs with each other for a nice graphic and trendy effect! 

9. Nordic color

Nordic color (1)

Soft and elegant, the white carpet brightens up the room!

10. Nature

Nature (1)

In a 100% natural living room, we opt for a wicker rug.

11. Bohemian chic

Bohemian chic

We love a rug with natural shades and irregular patterns to highlight the bohemian chic style of this living room.

12. Vintage

Vintage 2

Lover of vintage furniture? This rug perfectly complements the retro spirit.

13. Sea side

Sea side (1)

What could be more obvious than a blue and white striped rug in a marine-style living room?

14. Bohemian color

Bohemian color (1)

Think about it, the Berber carpet can also be adopted with a touch of color!

15. Cozy

Cozy (1)

There is no cozy living room without a small fur rug!

16. Multitude of colors

Multitude of colors (1)

Multitude of colors for rugs that will enhance your living room a little more. 

17. Berber carpet

Berber carpet (1)

Another Berber-inspired rug for a warm and cozy living room! 

18. A rug with stunning patterns

A rug with stunning patterns (1)

We love this living room rug with bewitching patterns! 

19. Refined rugs for a refined interior

Refined rugs for a refined interior (1)

Refined rugs for a refined interior. A powder pink carpet for a refined interior! 

20. A designer rug

A designer rug (1)

This rug with designer patterns pleases with its varied tones and totally anchored in the surrounding decor.