10+ Sofa Models From IKEA for Living Room (1)

The living room is one of the rooms in the house where we spend the most time. In order to furnish and decorate it well, the choice of sofa is important. Focus!

Select the right model, choose the right size, find a sofa at the right price/quality ratio … Fortunately, the Swedish giant offers a large number of sofas at affordable prices and just as aesthetic. Red, blue, white, Scandinavian style or velvet inspiration? You will inevitably find your happiness in the selection above! To help you out, we have selected 12 IKEA sofas to choose from depending on your needs, the size of your living room and your desires!

1. The VIMLE series

The VIMLE series

This modular sofa can be shaped however you like. You can choose the number of seats, the design and add elements, such as the chaise longue, the headrest … It is comfortable, flexible and easily recovers its shape. In addition, the meridian can be placed on the right or left of the sofa, it has storage under the seat.

2. The FRIHETEN sofa

The FRIHETEN sofa (1)

This sofa easily converts into a spacious bed, so it’s ideal if you want a convertible sofa for two to accommodate guests without difficulty. In addition, the meridian can be placed on the right or left of the sofa, it has storage under the seat.

3. The GRONLID series

The GRÖNLID series (1)

This sofa is ideal for a cozy interior. It has deep seats composed of a layer of polyester flakes which makes it particularly soft and welcoming. In addition, it is possible to opt for the small model and add one or two sections if you need a larger sofa. In addition, the sofa is completely removable.

4. The KNOPPARP yellow sofa

The KNOPPARP sofa (1)

This special low budget sofa is ideal for small spaces. Solid and practical, the designer of this Nike Karisson sofa explains “when you sit there, it’s like stretching out on a trampoline”. In addition, it is removable. 

5. The EKEBOL sofa

The EKEBOL sofa (1)

This 2-in-1 sofa has particularly practical storage shelves. A steel net adds a decorative touch and allows the sofa to be placed in the center of the room. Objects are suspended from this net. The cover is removable and therefore easy to clean.

6. The KLIPPAN sofa

The KLIPPAN sofa (1)

The KLIPPAN series was launched in the 80’s and hasn’t aged a bit. Comfortable and practical, this sofa can be placed almost anywhere. Its low price makes it a must have for studios. Its cover is removable.



This warmly designed sofa is perfect in a Scandinavian decor. Welcoming, it consists of seat cushions filled with high resilience foam to enhance comfort. The armrests are removable, so you can add or remove a chaise longue.

8. The SODERHAMN sofa

The SÖDERHAMN sofa (1)

This sofa is made up of very deep seats for incredible moments of relaxation. The cushions of different sizes make it an essential cocooning. Modular, it adapts to all spaces and all constraints. In addition, it is removable.


STOCKSUND sofa (1)

This sofa is more classic and adapts to any interior with a lot of elegance. Timeless, comfortable and resistant, it will sit in your living room for a long time. In addition, it is removable.

10. KIVIK sofa

KIVIK sofa (1)

This 4-seater corner sofa has it all! Its memory foam will ensure optimal comfort. Also available in 7 different colors, you will inevitably find the one that will match your decor!

11. The KNOPPARP sofa

The KNOPPARP sofa 1 (1)

This small two-seater sofa will adapt to all interiors, even the smallest! Light and aesthetic, it is distinguished by the few materials that compose it.

12. The KNISLINGE sofa

The KNISLINGE sofa (1)

The high-back KINISLINGE sofa will support your neck while ensuring very good sitting comfort.