8 Inspirations of Art Deco Lounges to Put in Living Room (1)

Although the Art Deco style has its own characteristics, nothing prevents you from adopting it in your own way by associating it with a few details of a different kind. Whether it’s an exotic, vintage, glamorous nod or whether the Art Deco style is revisited in a more modern way … Discover 8 Art Deco rooms designed differently to help you find inspiration!

1. Classic Art Deco living room

Classic Art Deco living room (1)

The Art Deco style is always a sensation in classically inspired interiors. It does honor to the Haussmannian apartments and is an exception in the old interiors adorned with moldings and old parquet floors. Here, we find it through its golden decorative details as on the suspensions, the base of the coffee table or the side tables. Not to mention the graphic shapes found on the furniture!

2. Modern Art Deco living room

Modern Art Deco living room (1)

Unlike the classic style, would you like to revisit the Art Deco spirit by modernizing it? Take inspiration from this modern and elegant living room. Here, it is the materials that give an Art Deco atmosphere with the use of velvet on the sofa and ottomans as well as brass on some accessories such as plant pots or the coffee table.

3. Vintage Art Deco lounge

Vintage Art Deco lounge (1)

For a living room with an Art Deco spirit subtly associated with a vintage atmosphere, fall for period furniture such as this armchair with delicious curves and this tripod-style floor lamp. Choose intense colors like this deep blue for a decor that will not lack personality!

4. Graphic Art Deco

Graphic Art Deco Salon (1)

The Art Deco style is a die-hard fan of geometric shapes. Why not take the opportunity to choose furniture with graphic lines while varying the shapes to offer an unparalleled game of perspective. We fell in love with this round table with a cone-shaped base that emphasizes the volume of the room.

5. Exotic Art Deco

Exotic Art Deco Salon (1)

Do you like the elegance of the Art Deco style but you dream of a warm living room? Mix the Art Deco spirit with an exotic atmosphere like this living room. To reproduce the same atmosphere, simply adopt Art Deco-inspired furniture (velvet sofa, side tables and brass lighting, vintage sideboard …) and combine them with an intense green wall to recall nature and some tropical accessories!

6. Art Deco chic living room

Art Deco chic living room (1)

Because it is one of the flagship materials of the Art Deco style, don’t forget to use marble in your living room. On the floor, on the top of a table or in imitation on the wallpaper, marble is the chic asset to infuse the Art Deco spirit into your living room!

7. Glamorous Art Deco

Glamorous Art Deco (1)

What if you bring a glamorous and feminine side to your Art Deco style living room? Here, all the Art Deco elements rub shoulders with softness, poetry and delicacy with a palette of pink and purple. Associated with hints of gold, these colors will add character to your decor!

8. Intense Art Deco

Intense Art Deco (1)

We end with an Art Deco living room with intense and deep tones. Here, the wallpaper with graphic patterns gives depth to the room while the dark colors (black and dark green) create a special atmosphere that leaves no one indifferent …