20 Ideas to Modernize a Living Room

A real living room, the living room is a place where it is important to feel good and at ease. We like to receive loved ones there, relax and make it a pleasant and welcoming place. Here are some decorating ideas that will allow you to make your living room a more up-to-date room.

1. Bet on pastel

Bet on pastel (1)

Pastel colors are very trendy. They bring softness to your living room and make it a relaxing and welcoming place. It is preferable to use them in small touches in order to highlight them more and to avoid overdose. So, place some pastel cushions on your sofa to give it life and modernity. Complete this effect with the help of coordinating pendant lights, chairs and curtains. Do not hesitate to mix the colors for a more trendy effect.

2. Repaint a wall

Repaint a wall (1)

And yes, repainting one wall and only one will immerse your living room in a very current and trendy style. For that, you must choose this color among assertive colors. Then opt for an aubergine shade, a duck green or an intense blue. Place your sofa along this colorful wall to accentuate the effect and give more relief to the room. We only reserve this clear color for a single section of wall to avoid obscuring the room and avoid the feeling of narrowness.

3. Install a graphic mat

Install a graphic mat (1)

The carpet remains and remains a timeless and essential accessory. Its very presence instantly brings warmth to the room and gives it a warm and friendly atmosphere. Choosing a rug with graphic patterns will give your living room a very modern style. It will enhance the space as well as your furniture. You can also choose to coordinate these with your carpet for a total look effect. Remember that the combination of black and white is the best solution here to give elegance to your living room.

4. Minimalist furniture

Minimalist furniture (1)

If there is one decoration trend that is on the rise, it is minimalism. Indeed, this fashion defends the idea that less is synonymous with better. Thus, we choose fewer rooms to furnish and decorate our living room but we choose them with more care so that each of them is put forward as best as possible. The Scandinavian style lends itself readily to the implementation of this trend. Then opt for furniture with clean lines and sober colors. You can enhance the whole with a few elements in more flashy colors to give life to the whole.

5. A colorful sofa

A colorful sofa (1)

Why not opt ​​for a colorful sofa? Indeed, this piece of furniture essential to any living room is now adorned with shimmering colors for a guaranteed modern effect. You will find a wide choice of colors, from bright red to mustard yellow, including mauve and duck green. It’s up to you to choose the color that will go best with the rest of your room. Likewise, you can opt for a patterned model if your walls are plain. In any case, you can then accessorize your sofa with contrasting cushions which will enhance it even more.

6. An original coffee table

an original coffee table

Ideal for putting down a cup of coffee or improvising a meal tray, the coffee table is an element that can bring modernity to your living room. To do this, all you have to do is choose the right model. Among all the possible solutions, nesting tables are an interesting choice. Indeed, they offer sufficient space and a very modern and light design. In addition, they are perfect in small interiors, the smaller of the two tables being able to slip under the larger one when not in use.

7. Combine colors in the living room

Combine colors in the living room (1)

Sometimes it only takes a few changes to make your living room more modern and attractive. By marrying the colors together, we obtain a harmonious room, in which it is good to meet, with family or friends, at any time of the day. The good idea is to bet on a monochrome of a single color, available to infinity. A beautiful blue, a soft pink, a bucolic green … which will dress the living room from the floor – with a carpet – to the ceiling – by focusing on a pretty light.

8. Draw inspiration from elsewhere for a modern living room

Draw inspiration from elsewhere for a modern living room (1)

To modernize your living room, draw inspiration from decorations around the world and infuse small touches of the exotic. Without switching to the total look, but making sure to name only one style. So, you can evoke the spirit of a Moroccan living room with a braided pendant light , bring some ethnic touches with a kilim or Berber carpet or travel to the tropics with some textiles with exotic prints.

9. Give rhythm to the space in the living room by creating ruptures

Give rhythm to the space in the living room by creating ruptures (1)

We move the lines to transform, casually, his living room. Quite simply by visually punctuating the space, by creating dedicated areas and places. There, a reading corner, delimited by a pretty decorative bookcase , placed across the room. Here, an office area separated from the rest of the living room by a green wall. The easiest way is to give rhythm to the space by playing on colors. We create ruptures by changing the paint on a section of the wall, then we associate the color of the wall with that of the furniture or the carpet. Result, we end up with a living room that looks split.

10. Dare the wallpaper

Dare the wallpaper (1)

An obsolete time, wallpaper is once again (very) on the rise. We appropriate it to twist a living room a little sad and we play with it. We choose a geometric graphic pattern, a tropical pattern or a floral pattern that we put on a section of wall only, or we put on a complete makeover by opting for plain wallpaper, in a vibrant color, which will suffice to renew the look of your living room.

11. Bet on a dark wall

Bet on a dark wall (1)

A modern living room is a daring living room. What is more daring than a dark – even black – wall in a room where the importance of light is constantly praised? However, think again: a dark blue wall, a deep green or even black, on the contrary, reveals the light of your furniture. Of course, avoid the black or charcoal gray sofa, we prefer it beige, white or blue, so that it stands out well on this pretty frame that you have created for it.

12. Declutter the space for an airy living room

Declutter the space for an airy living room (1)

Declutter the space for an airy living room

13. Mix materials in the living room

Mix materials in the living room (1)

To wake up your living room, play with volumes, effects and materials! Sure, you have that nice hardwood floor and nice massive furniture, but your white walls aren’t in the best taste. To add a twist to the room, create a pleasant mix of genres: velvet on the sofa, a high pile rug, metal on the coffee table.

14. Choose the right lights

Choose the right lights (1)

If natural light is a real asset for a modern living room, it is essential to add a few touches of decorative light. For this, we come to pimp the traditional round chandelier, which we quickly got tired of and we opt for an original pendant light, triptych, bare filament bulbs, industrial street lamps , sconces in a recycled way … All ideas are good to pimp the too smooth style of your living room. In any case, we forget the obsolete halogen, the pale table lamp and the discreet ceiling light, we look for the light, the beautiful, the dapper.

15. Go for a colorful sofa

Go for a colorful sofa (1)

To change everything, we can sometimes be content to swap just one of our furniture. The central element of the living room being the sofa , we exchange our discreet old sofa for a beautiful colorful sofa. No need to bet on chick yellow if you are not daring, nor on a blood red if you are looking more to create a relaxing atmosphere, but an intense terraccotta, a pretty olive green or a discreet old pink will wake up. your living room.

16. Paint a wall in color

paint a wall in color 1 (1)

Your range of colors in focus, choose a paint to paint a wall in one of the colors you have chosen.

For more effect paint the one at the back, so that you see first when you enter the room. Do not be afraid of a strong color since it is only a wall. A painted wall can energize any living room that’s a little too conventional.

Don’t want to paint your wall? So why not cover it with wallpaper. There are all kinds of them: plain with graphic patterns in black and white, imitation brick, or flowers… The important thing is to stick to the range of colors you have chosen.

17. Makeover your furniture

Makeover your furniture 1 (1)

Sometimes we lack storage furniture. The problem is that walnut, mahogany, and even cherry wood furniture, if there are a lot of them, can darken the living room. So since we have to keep some of them, why not transform them by painting them.

By coloring the chairs, the coffee table and the shelves in white or in fresh colors, you will brighten up your living room.

18. Change or cover the old sofa

Change or cover the old sofa 1 (1)

A sofa with faded fabric or worn leather can ruin the decor of any living room. Bring modernity by covering the fabric sofa with a white cotton cover, machine washable or by arranging a plaid of one or more cheerful colors on the old leather sofa. A mountain of colorful cushions will make the sofa even more soft and comfortable.

19. Hide the tiles

Hide the tiles1 (1)

The beige tiles that you find in many homes or apartments, while practical to maintain, are far too impersonal. Hide these tiles under imitation parquet adhesive strips or place a large, cozy rug under the sofa.

20. Add potted plants

Add potted plants1 (1)

Potted plants, ficus, areca, kentia, palm or Zamioculcas, all over 1.50m high, will add freshness and color to your living room. Depolluting, they will allow you to breathe better quality air.