20 Ways to Provide Retro Trend to the Bathroom

Our bathroom takes a little trip back in time by adopting the retro style! Chic and bright, we can’t resist this trend! Black, white, brass … The retro trend invites itself in our bathrooms to create a delicate and refreshing atmosphere! Zoom on 20 retro bathrooms that inspire us!

1. Hypnotic

Hypnotic (1)

The graphic and mesmerizing tiling!

2. Bright mint green

Bright mint green (1)

Celadon green, bright and refreshing.

3. Black & white basin

Black & white basin (1)

Black and white, sober and elegant.

4. Golden

Golden (1)

The golden, chic and vintage pendant lights!

5. Bathtub

Bathtub (1)

The so retro free-standing bathtub!

6. Square

Square (1)

Square basins!

7. Mirror

Mirror (1)

The triptych mirror!

8. Dark wood

Dark wood (1)

The dark wood furniture, for more character!

9. Graphic floor

Graphic floor (1)

The chic and graphic floor!

10. Details

Details (1)

Vintage taps!

11. XXL

XXL (1)

The XXL basin, original and practical!

12. Grey

Grey (1)

The shades of gray, chic and soothing.

13. Blue

Blue (1)

Light blue, bright and sparkling!

14. Parquet

Parquet (1)

The parquet in the bathroom!

15. Green

Green (1)

The green plant, for a touch of color and freshness!

16. Modern bathtub

modern bathtub (1)

This old-fashioned bathtub.

17. Washbasin

Washbasin (1)

This very vintage washbasin duo.

18. Metro tiles

Metro tiles (1)

Metro tiles, a trend that is making a strong comeback at the moment.

19. Washbasin and reclaimed furniture

Washbasin and reclaimed furniture (1)

The vintage association of the pedestal washbasin with the recycled furniture.

20. XXL mirror

XXL mirror (1)

The vintage XXL mirror which brings a real cachet to the bathroom.