20 Ideas to Adopt a Colorful Sofa in the Living Room

To energize your interior, add a touch of extravagance! You can opt for a wallpaper with original patterns , for a section of wall in a vibrant color or for a colorful sofa! Indeed, the colorful sofa is a real asset in the decoration. Green, blue, mustard yellow, lavender, red… All these colors can enhance your living room and create a unique space. Discover 20 ideas for adopting a colorful sofa in your living room.

1. Blue, the ally of the living room with character

Blue, the ally of the living room with character (1)

Blue is the perfect tone for daring color. Neither too lively nor too eccentric, blue is the spearhead of chic salons with chic atmospheres. It gives the room a certain cachet and has the advantage of going wonderfully well with a wide range of colors. Whether with neutral colors such as gray or white or with more flashy colors, blue does not clash and offers an undeniable modern side . Historically, this color is linked to calm. It’s a perfect shade to soothe without oppressing . The Klein sofa , which nods to the artist, blends in perfectly with classic interiors.

2. Orange, for a vibrant living room

Orange, for a vibrant salon (1)

Orange is a stimulating color, perfect for energizing and brightening up your interior. This bright color offers a touch of pep to your room and will make it, with certainty, more welcoming and warm. As the Riviera sofa demonstrates so well, orange is synonymous with good humor, light and joy in the home. Opt for an orange sofa, it will enchant your living room without any effort!

3. Green, a one-way trip to the tropics

Green, a one-way trip to the tropics (1)

Long neglected, green has come back in force, bringing with it a scent of vacation and tropical atmosphere. Blending as well with an industrial decor as with a more classic atmosphere, green does not fail to give character to the room. Accompanied by touches of raw wood or steel, this color gives a resolutely modern touch to the space. Synonymous with luck, green can be accompanied by multiple neutral colors such as white or gray. With the Kiwi sofa , give your living room an exotic atmosphere that invites you to escape!

4. Beige, the ultimate serenity

Beige, the ultimate serenity (1)

Beige is a safe bet to create a calm and soothing atmosphere in the living room. Halfway between very light brown and off-white, beige can be found in many classic or summer-inspired decor. Soft and relaxing, this shade can easily be combined with natural materials such as wood, rattan or even linen. Parquet and exposed beams here go wonderfully with the Saint-Tropez sofa for the viewing pleasure.

5. White, for a chic and elegant living room

White, for a chic and elegant living room (1)

White represents both calm, purity and serenity. This color can also convey innocence as well as peace. For a living room with an unrivaled character, breathing elegance and refinement, the Van Gogh leather sofa is just right for you! Its timeless color brings a breath of freshness and luminosity to your living room.

6. Gray for a refined decoration

Gray for a refined decoration (1)

Gray, a classic color that never goes out of style, offers an exceptional palette to those who know how to tame it. Gray has the particularity of blending into all styles and bringing a modern touch to any room. Perfect color to capture the light, it helps to create a harmonious and delicate atmosphere in the living room. The Nuage sofa meets all tastes by combining gray with metallic details on the armrests for a very elegant look.

7. Old pink

Old pink (1)

To add a touch of color to a cocooning interior, the old pink sofa is ideal!

8. Coral

Coral (1)

Pantone’s living coral is the trendy color of the year! This is why we opt for a coral sofa. 

9. Yellow

Yellow (2)

The yellow sofa easily sublimates an interior! Accompanied by a clear decoration, you will not make a mistake in taste! 

10. Baby pink

Pink (3)

A pink sofa on a black background creates an original and elegant space.

11. Pastel blue

Pastel blue (1)

To add color to your living room without taking any risks, we fall for the pastel blue sofa. 

12. Simple orange

Orange (2)

The orange sofa immerses your living room in an electric atmosphere. We love to associate it with brass furniture. 

13. Green

Green (1)

The green sofa goes well with neutral walls or floors. It is ideal for adding color without taking any risks. 

14. Orange and brown

Orange and brown (1)

Add color while discreet is possible thanks to this orange sofa that blends into the decor accompanied by a wooden coffee table

15. Green and yellow

Green and yellow (1)

For a colorful living room without taking any risks, go for the yellow and green composition. A yellow sofa, white and a section of green wall are enough to enhance your interior. 

16. Blue Duck

Blue Duck (1)

Duck blue is perfect for bringing energy to the room! 

17. Yellow and white

Yellow and white (1)

If you want to add color without creating an overly vibrant space, choose neutral colors like black and white to decorate your living room and spice it up with a yellow sofa. 

18. Forest green

Forest green (1)

Forest green is ideal for a chic interior! 

19. Pink

 pink (1)

You have to dare the pink sofa, but accompanied by an Art Deco decoration, it will sublimate your living room! 

20. Orange leather effect

Orange leather effect (1)

To play with color while maintaining a classic interior, opt for an orange leather effect sofa.