50 Creative Ideas of Pallet Coffee Table

An original and inexpensive coffee table to make yourself? It’s possible with pallets! Here are 50 pallet coffee table ideas to inspire you or get started!

1. With wheels

With wheels (1)

Let’s start this list with this beautiful pallet coffee table on casters. This coffee table retains the reclaimed look of the pallet. Its raw appearance blends wonderfully with the style of the living room.

2. Vintage industrial

Vintage industrial (1)

A very nice mix of industrial and vintage style for this coffee table. For practicality, this coffee table is also on casters. Here, the feet of the pallet are replaced by a metal structure.

3. With lifting platform

With lifting platform (1)

For DIY enthusiasts, this pallet coffee table is both design and functionality. We love its clever and practical opening system to store the accessories lying around in the living room. You know, the TV remote control for example!

4. With a glass top

With a glass top (1)

A pallet coffee table with a glass top, which helps protect the wood and gives a more modern and contemporary look to this piece of furniture. This coffee table is made from 3 pallets, casters, and a glass top. The space between the boards is here used to store wine bottles. A great idea if you are short of space in the kitchen!

5. Rustic and retro style

Rustic and retro style (1)

The model above is a very beautiful coffee table with a rustic and retro style. A small touch of originality brings an interesting contrast, the red castors!

6. Outdoors

outdoors (1)

The wooden pallet coffee table can also be used outdoors, for example, to compose pretty original and DIY garden furniture. Above you can discover a very beautiful coffee table with a vintage look made from 2 wooden pallets. It is fixed on casters to be able to move it easily.

7. Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style (1)

The palette can also be used to make a coffee table that will complement the Scandinavian look of the living room, proof with the photo above! 3 EPAL pallets stacked and fixed on casters. The wood of the pallets retains its raw appearance, which goes particularly well with the very white look of the living room.

8. Colorful

Colorful (1)

Another great idea to “customize” a pallet coffee table. Here, the palettes are painted to bring a colorful and original touch. A glass top is also attached to the top for easy maintenance and cleaning of the coffee table.

9. Raw and aged appearance

Raw and aged appearance (1)

Above, a very beautiful coffee table with an aged and raw appearance, in a living room with a chic Scandinavian style. A very nice mix!

10. DIY coffee table

DIY (1)

This DIY coffee table includes space to put bottles

11. With a raised glass top

With a raised glass top (1)

An original and very trendy customization idea on this coffee table incorporates a raised glass top. The pallet retains its original aged appearance, we can indeed notice that the corner is damaged. This ” raw ” look contrasts beautifully with the more modern style of glass and metal used for the legs of the tabletop as well as for the casters.

12. With integrated planter

With integrated planter (1)

You can make this outdoor pallet coffee table yourself. Well thought out, it even includes a planter!

13. On wooden legs

On wooden legs (1)

A pallet coffee table on wooden legs, original, to give a unique accent to your living room!

14. Two levels

Two levels (1)

Above, a 2-tier pallet coffee table. The lower level is used to store magazines or living room accessories. The coffee table is painted white to better blend in with the style of the living room.

15. Raw look

Raw look (1)

A gorgeous photo of a coffee table made with a wooden pallet, glass top, and casters. The result is more than successful! We love the “ raw ” aspect of the palette which contrasts with the small decorative objects placed on the tray. We also like that the glass top is slightly raised.

16. Contemporary and trendy look

Contemporary and trendy look (1)

A nice DIY idea for a pallet coffee table. We love its look and its contemporary and trendy appearance. Easy to clean, the glass top also provides additional protection.

17. On colored feet

On colored feet (1)

An original and unique pallet recycling idea for a coffee table with colored wooden legs!

18. With handles

With handles (1)

A beautiful coffee table fabrication from wooden pallets. The top retains the raw appearance of the wood and the pallets below are repainted. Handles are attached to each side to facilitate the movement of the coffee table.

19. With 2 stacked pallets

With 2 stacked pallets (1)

A paint that reinforces the raw appearance of the wooden planks of the palette. A very trendy result for this coffee table is made from 2 stacked wooden pallets.

20. Vintage

Vintage (1)

A magnificent coffee table in a vintage pallet. The distressed look of the palettes pairs beautifully with the interior of this retro trendy living room.

21. Green

Green 1 (1)

A ” flashy ” green color for this pallet coffee table. The painting gives it a ” youthful look ” and brings a modern and contemporary aspect.

22. With large wheels

With large wheels 1 (1)

An original creation, a small coffee table made from a wooden pallet with large casters. A glass top is also attached to the top of the coffee table.

23. With stainless steel tray

With stainless steel tray (1)

A very nice mix of genres with an old-look pallet coffee table and a stainless steel tray! Most pallet coffee tables use a glass top, but as you can see it is quite possible to fit another type of surface on it.

24. Black

Black (1)

Black color for this pallet coffee table, which brings a nice contrast with the armchair and the rest of the decoration of this living room, while offering a reminder with the color of the wall and the carpet.

25. With storage bins

With storage bins (1)

Original and practical customization of the pallet with this coffee table which incorporates storage bins. Ideal for storing magazines, books or even putting some decorative items.

26. Elegant

Elegant (1)

Pallet furniture can also add an elegant touch to the living room.

27. Without feet

Without feet (1)

An original idea! The coffee table is made from a pallet only and a glass top. The coffee table has no foot, it is placed directly on the ground. Not very practical for the household, it can however be used as a temporary coffee table if you are entertaining guests for a chic picnic in the living room.

28. Multicolor

Multicolor (1)

A very nice idea of ​​pallet customization for a coffee table with a unique look. The planks in the palette are painted in several different colors.

29. Quirky and original

Quirky and original (1)

An “ offbeat ” and original coffee table! Each palette is a different color. The offbeat layering brings an original look to this coffee table that will perfectly find its place in a child’s or teenager’s room.

30. Three levels

3 levels (1)

Above, a fabrication of a 3-tier coffee table from wooden pallets and with the use of glass tops as well as casters for customization.

31. Functional with drawers

Functional with drawers (2)

A very functional pallet coffee table for the living room, with drawers positioned between the pallet boards.

32. In an outdoor living room

In an outdoor living room (1)

The pallet is also suitable for outdoor use! Above is a beautiful outdoor living room with a coffee table made from a wood pallet, casters, and a glass top.

33. Yellow

Yellow (1)

A color that brings ” pep ” to your living room! The pallets used in the manufacture of this coffee table are painted yellow.

34. With tray

With tray (1)

A gorgeous photo of a coffee table made from stacked wood pallets. A tray is also integrated into this piece of furniture, which gives it both a functional aspect and a unique look.

35. In a Scandinavian living room

In a Scandinavian living room (1)

We fall for this simple and elegant Scandinavian living room which incorporates a small model of pallet coffee table. The mix of materials brings a unique atmosphere to this room and reinforces the ” nature ” side.

36. With cushion

With cushion (1)

A coffee table with recycled pallets. The author of this DIY decided to put a cushioned surface on the coffee table, so it can turn into a side bench when he receives guests. You can also notice that the 2 palettes used for this coffee table are different colors. One is painted white while the other, the lower one, keeps its natural wood look. The cushions for the pallet also provide a nice cozy appearance in the living room!

37. With space for baskets

With space for baskets (1)

Recycling pallets for the manufacture of this coffee table. Between decorative objects and functional pieces of furniture, this coffee table allows you to store baskets in the boxes available between the boards.

38. Rose on a balcony

Rose on a balcony

A small balcony accommodates this very ” girly ” 2-tier coffee table. The pallets are painted pink and glass trays are positioned for easy maintenance.

39. Natural look

Natural look (1)

A very nice realization and use of wooden pallets for this coffee table with a very natural look.

40. With a concrete top

With a concrete top (1)

Concrete is more and more trendy in decoration, especially for the worktop in the kitchen. You can also use it to customize a wooden pallet and turn it into a contemporary and unique coffee table. We love the very raw look of concrete which pairs beautifully with wood.

41. Marine atmosphere

Marine atmosphere (1)

A pallet coffee table was revamped to give a marine atmosphere to the living room. First of all thanks to the color of the navy blue paint, at the anchor, but also with the use of the rope for the drawer handles.

42. Restyled and personalized

Restyled and personalized (1)

This coffee table model made from the recycling of 2 pallets offers further customization, in particular with the use of paint but also with an original and unique tray integrated between the wooden planks of the pallet. For the final touch, the 2 pallets are stacked and positioned on small feet.

43. With staggered pallet boards

With staggered pallet boards (1)

We love this idea! This do-it-yourself coffee table uses the wooden planks of the pallet in an offset position to create a unique and designer piece of furniture.

44. Modern with red lacquer

Modern with red lacquer (1)

The red lacquer used in the manufacture of this pallet coffee table brings a modern look to this piece of furniture.

45. Industrial look for your living room

Industrial look for your living room (1)

This pallet wood and metal coffee table will find its place perfectly in an industrial living room.

46. On hairpin legs

On hairpin legs (1)

We love this coffee table made from a pallet with hairpin legs, you can even choose the color of the hairpin legs.

47. For the garden

For the garden (1)

This white coffee table can be used both indoors and outdoors.

48. With metal feet

With metal feet (1)

In a different style, discover this pallet coffee table with a resolutely industrial look. The seller offers different options for the metal structure.

49. Rustic shabby chic look

Rustic shabby chic look (1)

Above, discover a charming pallet coffee table! We love the rustic/shabby chic finishes of this quirky creation.

50. With fluorescent feet

With fluorescent feet (1)

With its hairpin legs, this pallet coffee table takes up the codes of industrial design. The flashy yellow color brings a modern touch that contrasts wonderfully with the wooden planks painted in gray. We imagine this unique creation in a modern or contemporary living room.