40 Ways to Use Gray Color in the Living Room (1)

Elegant, comforting, soft or deep, gray is a popular shade for the living room . And for good reason, it mixes as well with black and white as vitaminized shades such as red or yellow. It can also be mixed with natural shades such as snow, blues or greens. As you can see, gray opens up a wide range of possibilities. In terms of style, the observation is the same since it readily blends into a Scandinavian, industrial or even ethnic atmosphere. Here are a number of ways to integrate and associate it to compose a decorative universe in your image.

1. Gray coatings

Gray coatings (1)

I have already briefly mentioned the question: gray can be found in your interior in different forms, in particular thanks to the coatings. Gray paint is a quick choice for bringing gray to your room. In a matter of hours, it’s easy to repaint one or more walls in your room. Here, we will obviously take into account the shade of gray but also the finish. A satin paint or a matt gray paint will not have the same results and will not influence your decoration in the same way.

Gray coatings1 (1)

If you have the feeling that your room is already dark enough, I advise you to opt for a satin paint. If on the contrary you have a room bathed in sun all day, the mat can help you create a contemporary and powdery atmosphere.

2. Wallpaper

Wallpaper (1)

Another coating that is also relatively quick to apply and which will not ruin you is wallpaper. What is interesting with the wallpaper – not only in gray for that matter – is that it will allow you to bring a pattern into your decor. Scandinavian moods were / are fond of simple and geometric patterns.

Wallpaper1 (1)

We can also think of wallpapers with tropical, contemporary and elegant patterns which are a slightly more sober alternative to green printed wallpapers. It is also quite easy to find more sober and more classic printed papers on the market. Gray patterned wallpaper is a perhaps a little more vibrant alternative to painting.

3. Gray tiles coverings

Gray tiles coverings1 (1)

It is found everywhere when it covers the ground. It’s also an obvious choice for walls when it comes to the kitchen and bathroom. Gray tiles are easy to live with. We do not see the slightest dirt or dust daily. It is a neutral coating which will harmonize with all your desires of decoration and atmosphere. If you have a remodeling project but it’s not very advanced yet, choosing gray tile is easy.

4. Marble coatings

Marble coatings (1)

Less common than tiling, we have marble. I could even have spoken of the large family of granites which can be a way of bringing a touch of gray to a room. Splashback, wall covering, worktop or washbasin, marble is easily made room in the kitchen and bathroom. Marble and granites are natural or at least composed of natural materials. And the marble will immediately create an elegant ambience in your room. It is often associated with luxury and sustainability. Speaking of sustainable, you can also choose to create a marble staircase to bring a very Haussmanian touch to your interior. 

5. Polished concrete

Polished concrete (1)

In a radically different atmosphere, you can choose to put a touch of gray in your interior thanks to waxed concrete. It is a more modern and raw coating than marble. Both on the floor and on the wall, waxed concrete is an easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain coating. 

Polished concrete 1 (1)

Even in the form of decorative objects, concrete will allow you to create an environment combining modernity and authenticity.

6. Add gray to your decor with furniture

Add gray to your decor with furniture (1)

The different coatings are not the only ones that can be gray. The furniture can also be colored. We can of course find in the shops gray furniture for the whole house. It is a neutral and timeless color, so it is often integrated into furniture collections. But what interests me more – from a sustainability perspective – is inviting you to repaint or re-stain the furniture you already have in your home.

Add gray to your decor with furniture1 (1)

Wanting to bring a touch of gray to your interior can be done in an environmentally friendly way and rather than changing the furniture, why not give a second life to those you already have? We can therefore choose the paint, easy and quick to apply.

7. Gray textiles

Gray textiles (1)

Change the textiles in your room for gray models. In all the rooms of the house, there are decorative elements in fabrics. It can be a pair of curtains or in the bedroom, there is the headboard, the bed set, the bed rails, the lamp shades … As with the furniture, it is very easy to find gray textile accessories. It’s easy and in addition there is something for all budgets. Even if you are on a budget to change up the living room decor, you can find a gray sofa cover without breaking the bank! 

8. Modern and contemperory

Modern and contemperory (1)

Gray is a real chameleon, it adapts to all your decorative desires and it can allow you to create many different atmospheres. One of the atmospheres that I really like with gray is a modern and contemporary atmosphere. We are a little above the trends that come and go. We like pretty things. We also like a certain simplicity. And gray makes it possible to create this type of universe both in tune with the times and with a certain elegance.

9. Classic chic and timeless interior

Classic chic and timeless interior (1)

Always in the idea of ​​elegance but anchored in a past temporality, there are the classic chic atmospheres which can perfectly suit gray. Light gray is going to make you feel like your room is a bit bigger than it actually is and that sounds good to me to take in a style that can be pretty laden with detail.

Classic chic and timeless interior 1 (1)

Dark gray is also found in chic classic interiors. Dark shades are elegant. But it might not be the easiest choice to live with when you don’t have 4m high ceilings and large windows to the outside.

10. Rock atmospehere

Rock atmospehere (1)

I like the difference. I like when the personalities are seen in the decor. It’s also the music I listen to every day. The rock style is not often discussed on decoration blogs / sites and I find that a shame because these are atmospheres which have character and which allow the use of gray very easily. Rock is often associated with black but in decoration, not everyone necessarily dares to use this color. Gray is therefore an alternative to black. Gray can also be textured for a more grunge and lively feel. With wood and / or leather, gray combines wonderfully to create an interior full of authenticity.

11. Cozy and friendly atmosphere

Cozy and friendly atmosphere (1)

We come back to more versatile atmospheres, with cozy and conviviality. I wrote at the beginning of this article, gray especially in its light shades is synonymous with softness. A gray sofa is an invitation to family peace after a long day or a long week. The gray with wooden furniture in the dining room will create a friendly and pleasant atmosphere to share meals on a daily basis. The serenity of light gray is a sure bet.

12. Total look with one tone of gray

Total look with one tone of gray (1)

The tone on tone is singular in decoration. It has been around for many years, but it has recently returned to the forefront of the decor scene. Tone on tone is the use of the same color on different juxtaposed elements of your decoration. This allows certain details to be visually erased.

Total look with one tone of gray1 (1)

A desk or shelves painted in the same gray as the wall will seem much more discreet. Tone-on-tone isn’t just for dark gray. A tone of light gray can be interesting when you have a small room and you’re trying to make the space bigger than it actually is.

13. Gray and yellow

Gray and yellow (1)

Gray is a neutral color and therefore can be associated with a wide choice of colors. This year, the famous Pantone brand has decided that there will not be one but two colors this year. One of them is gray – a light, soft shade. And the second is yellow. Not a garish yellow but a solar yellow, bright and frank.

Gray and yellow1 (1)

This color duo is not particularly new. The fact that it is designated as the colors of the year by the paint sign will just put this color association back in the spotlight. What is interesting here is especially the bright side of the yellow which will energize the gray. A touch of good humor that can’t hurt right now!

14. Warm colors associated with gray

Warm colors associated with gray (1)

Always in the idea of ​​trendy and warm colors, we can associate gray with the color terracotta.

Warm colors associated with gray1 (1)

The gray will bring a certain softness. It will counterbalance the very summery terracotta. I find that the mixture of the 2 colors creates a hyper contemporary and modern atmosphere.

15. Shades of gray

Shades of gray (1)

For those for whom yellow or terracotta would be too much (too much anything you want), you can opt for shades of gray. We take a shade of gray that we like and we will work on the lighter and darker shades. This will give your interior a nuanced dimension. You can also have fun playing with the finishes and the different materials to accentuate the idea of ​​shades.

16. Gray and white

Gray and white (1)

We are in a soft and cozy universe but also very bright. This color mix is ​​probably the easiest choice to make. Even if you do not feel the soul of a decorator, it is difficult to miss you by associating these two colors and this is valid in all the rooms of the house!

Gray and white1 (1)

17. Use it in decoratives

Use it in decoratives (1)

Brighten up your gray living room with linens: curtain, cushion, plaid … © Pinterest

18. Mix gray and blue

Mix gray and blue1 (1)

In the living room, the mix between gray and blue is ideal for creating a cocooning atmosphere! © Pinterest

19. Gray atypical pouf

Gray atypical pouf (1)

For a living room that is out of the ordinary, replace your gray sofa with atypical poufs! © Pinterest

20. Little gray in the living room

Little gray in the living room (1)

If you are cautious about having an all gray living room, you can settle for just a few rooms.

21. Mix the shades

Mix the shades (1)

Mix the grays for an amazing result.

22. With pastel

With pastel (1)

In order to make the gray living room softer, accessorize it with pastel colors like pink.

23. Play with wood and brick

Play with wood and brick (1)

To contrast the all gray, play with wood or as here, with a brick wall.

24. Elegant use of gray

Elegant use of gray (1)

Make way for simplicity for a gray and chic living room. The extra trick? The bottom of the shelf painted in gray which creates an elegant reminder of color.

25. Water green with gray

Water green with gray (1)

Want another color that goes wonderfully with gray? Bet on the green water.

26. Minimalist style

Minimalist style 1 (1)

In a brighter spirit, this living room gives pride of place to white. Opt for airy decorative objects and a minimalist style.

27. With flowers

With flowers1 (1)

Invite flowers and greenery to add a touch of freshness to the ambiance!

28. Add geometric decoratives

Add geometric decoratives (1)

Give character to a gray sofa with geometric cushions.

29. Raw gray

Raw gray (1)

Opt for a monochrome and mix the effects of raw and worked materials.

30. With black or white accessories

With black or white accessories (1)

Combined with black or white accessories, gray is seamlessly integrated.

31. Yellow decoratives with gray paint

Yellow decoratives with gray paint (1)

To awaken gray, pair it with shades of yellow.

32. Anthracite wall

Anthracite wall (1)

Here the depth of the room is highlighted by a section of anthracite wall.

33. Scandinavian atmosphere

Scandinavian atmosphere (1)

Another living room with a Scandinavian atmosphere and the same success for this gray which goes perfectly with white.

34. Neat decoration in gray

Neat decoration in gray (1)

Gray is not just a bad weather color! It can also go perfectly with white, for example, in a living room with neat decoration and layout. 

35. Black and gray mix

Black and gray mix (1)

Gray mixed with black (itself turning gray) will be a nice effect for a classy room.

36. Associate gray with different colors

Associate gray with different colors (1)

Gray can go very well with other colors like here, with orange and other lighter tones!

37. Succumb to the gray on your furniture

Succumb to the gray on your furniture (1)

Here, gray is perfectly suited to a large sofa.

38. Contrast for a deep effect

Contrast for a deep effect (1)

We like to contrast white with a charcoal gray to bring extra depth to the room. © Pinterest

39. Dark gray with simple furnitures

Dark gray with simple furnitures (1)

Extremely sophisticated, charcoal gray creates a cozy atmosphere, very appreciable in the living room or the bedroom. In such an elegant setting, you can bet without fear on furniture of great simplicity.

40. Charcoal gray with vintage decor

Charcoal gray with vintage decor (1)

Do you have a crush on vintage decor? For a retro feel – without going overboard! – bet on charcoal gray.