20 Ideas of Chic Living Room Decor

Trends in living room decor are adding the finishing touches to your dream home. Even though trends tend to change over time, some stick around for decades and can redefine your home’s interior. This season’s best living room furniture ideas combine pops of bright color with smart functionality and even bright lighting. And you can do all of this on a fairly reasonable budget. Today, I invite you to discover 20 chic living room decors that will allow you to transform your home.

1. A chic wall decoration

A chic wall decoration

It is absolutely not necessary to hire an interior decorator or designer, because decorating the wall yourself is possible. It can be decorated with a few square wooden acting tables with inscirptions as Love, Peace, and other according to the drawings of inspiration.Des mandala , trendy and chic, can also be inserted in the squares of wood to hang to the walls. This trick gives a simple and minimalist atmosphere to the room while respecting the chic style of the decoration.

2. Wooden crates

Wooden crates

Opting for wooden crates irrevocably returns to the recycling trend . These can be used as storage compartments or decorative drawers for books or magazines. It is a question of decorating, of course, but also of optimizing the space with cheap and intelligent furniture.

3. An accent wall

An accent wall

Add a touch of color to the walls by repainting them with the remains of paint lying at the back of the garage. In the establishment of a chic and economical decoration, each object can find its right place. Focusing on the contrast with white walls will add dimension to the living room.

4. Eco chic furniture

Eco chic furniture

Of old pallets can be transformed into furniture eco chic as a coffee table or shelf. Avoid wasting materials by reusing them. It’s chic and at the same time ecological.

5. Old wooden doors

Old wooden doors

Old wooden doors or shutters can be used as decoration on a living room wall. It is possible to hang pictures or drawings to customize and give character to the room. A few brushstrokes will suffice to make them look like new. They can then take place on the walls as decorative accessories. The idea is atypical, but the chic side brought to the living room decor is undeniable.

6. Wall plate holders

Wall plate holders

Hanging legacy or unused dishes will turn the wall into a true work of art.

7. Golden touches

Golden touches

Betting on golden decorative objects bring a refined touch and light to the living room. It is interesting to hang a large mirror with golden edges to enhance the room. Gold frames can work just as well for displaying cute family photos on the wall. This golden touch can be found in other accessories such as an ornamental vase or decorative plates .

8. The cushions

The cushions

To optimize the chic and comfortable effect, cushions and throws must not be damaged. Give the sofas a makeover by giving them style with clusters of colorful or printed cushions. They are practical to brighten up the room and give it a warm and cozy atmosphere.

9. The sofa and the armchairs

The sofa and the armchairs

Main elements of the living room, the sofa and the armchairs play an important role in displaying a chic style. They are the first elements that grab the attention of visitors. Thus, it is essential to choose elegant and refined models. In leather or retro, it all depends on preferences but above all on the allocated budget. However, sofas and armchairs already in place do not have to be replaced with new ones, as the necessary budget would be far too large. To achieve the desired chic effect, simply give them a makeover by dressing them with colorful covers or printed fabrics, cheaper and more beautiful.

10. The painting

The painting

Equally important is the choice of mural . Painting part or all of the wall with dark colors such as midnight blue, green or wine red gives the living room a contemporary museum feel. In contrast, lighter colors like pastel accentuate the light and brighten up the room.

11. Plants


The houseplants are chic decoration and cheap. With a mixture of green plants in pots, the room comes back to life. Potted cacti on a shelf, an Areca palm in a corner or a Phalaenopsis orchid in the center of the coffee table help create a warm and chic space. To optimize the originality of the decor, hanging plants like ivy are ideal. The more plants there are, the more beautiful the rendering will be.

12. Curtains


Opt for curtains in light shades so that natural light enters the interior of the living room. A chic decor doesn’t have to be dark and faded.

13. Scandinavian decoration

Scandinavian decoration

The colors, materials and prints typical of the Scandinavian style offer several options for decorating the living room. This chic, refined and minimalist decor relies heavily on lighting . Installing floor lamps and a ceiling light is easy, but accentuates the chic side of the decoration.

14. The gray living room

The gray living room

Gray is a color that is generally associated with elegance and softness . Choosing this shade as the theme of the living room refers to the chic style. Sophisticated without being extravagant, a gray living room stands out for its delicacy and finesse.

15. Add gray

Add gray

If there is one color that suits all styles, seasons and trends, it is undoubtedly gray. It is a color that has always been on top of trends; and it’s not about to stop.

16. Books on the walls

Books on the walls

Another smart way to make your living room look fresh without spending a fortune is to give all those books in your home a much bigger place. A wall of books in the living room adds color, contrast and class to the living room without looking old-fashioned. It also allows you to rearrange patterns and colors by simply moving the books.

17. Wood and metal shelves

wood and metal shelves

Wood and metal shelves are among the latest trends. Today, we are moving away from modern polished finishes to turn to rustic and traditional materials. Also, wood and metal bring this natural touch to the living room. These shelves can contrast with appliances like televisions. Finally, you can also use them as benchmarks to create pretty displays.

18. The Edison bulb in the living room

The Edison bulb in the living room

Then if you want to add bright touches to your living room, Edison bulb lighting is what you need this season. Edison bulbs have made a comeback in recent years, and with styles such as industrial and rustic becoming very popular in the living room, now is a great time to try Edison bulbs. They can come in the form of pendants, chandeliers or even stand-alone recessed lights and each of them is unique; gorgeous and eye-catching in its own way.

19. Small colorful sofas

small colorful sofas

If you are not a fan of gray, you should definitely try adding colorful little sofas. Whether it’s a sparkling velvety red or an attractive emerald green, a bright yellow sofa or a tangy orange, this season is perfect for lovers of bright colors. The best way to achieve this deco style is to ensure that the rest of the living room remains as neutral as possible even when you repeat the color of the sofa with small accents and accessories.

20. Decor for small living rooms

Decor for small living rooms

It might not fit a trend that everyone can relate to, but for most city dwellers with limited space, the idea of ​​modular, adaptable and multitasking living room decor can be a must have. A small sofa that converts into a bed when needed, a dining table that doubles as a work table, bunk beds with workstations located below, etc. Today, there are a lot of space saving solutions.