20 Ideas of Trendy Lights for the Home

Bringing light into the house is the primary function of lighting. But their decorative potential is enormous. Materials, colors and design of your lights can add extra style to your interior. So do you prefer designer suspensions, charming floor lamps, ethnic wall lights, natural or industrial table lamps? Here is a selection of ideas for making the right choices and celebrating the trends of the moment.

1. Wired metal lamps

Wired metal lamps (1)

Wire-frame metal, in black or white version, is a must for industrial style. So it makes sense that we like wired furniture and wired lighting. You can opt for minimalist geometric shapes, chandeliers with tassels in a stylized version or more organic shapes reminiscent of fish traps …

2. The essential filament bulbs

The essential filament bulbs (1)

Energy saving bulbs gave us nostalgia for filament bulbs . So here they are back, but with the performance and savings of LED technology . They are so beautiful that they are showcased for themselves. And the shape of the globe can also have an effect for a little more creativity. They give the decor a style that is both vintage and modern and they certainly sublimate the industrial style.

3. Black woven plant lamps

Black woven plant lamps (1)

The industrial style can be perfectly mixed with natural materials , wood in mind. We can therefore choose suspensions in woven wood, table lamps in plant fibers, XXL floor lamps in knotted reed. The main thing is to choose black , which is reminiscent of wired metal lights.

4. Concrete obviously

Concrete obviously (1)

Ah concrete and industrial style, it’s a great love story. On the ground, on the walls, as a work surface, concrete can also find its place in the form of lights. The shapes remain simple like the factory ranges. You will find real concrete pendant lights on the market as well as concrete effect lamps, which are lighter and easier to transport.

5. Lamps straight out of the factory

Lamps straight out of the factory (1)

They immediately set the tone! The factory bowls , the spotlight as the cinema or XXL suspensions in juice know in no time giving undue touch perfect to your interior. For them, you can hunt for the part recovered in a workshop or prefer a clean or aged reissue, for which you can be sure to meet electrical standards. Also think about the details that change everything: visible bolts, metal hooks, tubes in the shape of pipes …

6. Terracotta light fixtures

Terracotta light fixtures (1)

The clay is a fundamental matter of ethnic style. Both natural and mineral, it offers a beautiful contrast with plant materials. For a modern effect, we like it worked in simple shapes , like turned or molded but rather without patterns. And for the colors, go for the natural: cream, gray, brick … without enamel, it’s perfect. Here is the ideal material for a table lamp base, with a beautiful filament bulb or a simple sandblasted globe.

7. In wood and braiding

In wood and braiding (1)

Long live wood for lighting in an ethnic decor! Worked in a contemporary way with machine-cut pieces that fit together perfectly or in irregular plaited strips for an organic effect, the choice is yours. To be in tune with the times, we prefer light materials. Exit exotic wood or dark stains!

8. Natural fiber lamps

Natural fiber lamps (1)

Suspensions, table lamps or floor lamps, the natural fiber lampshade is always a good choice. The irregular fringed finishes are at the heart of the trend but you can also choose a stay with a touch of color and maybe play with more accumulation suspensions in the same spirit hung in clusters.

9. Cane lamps

Cane lamps1 (1)

The cane shade is making a comeback. For a suspension, a floor lamp or a table lamp, it combines delicate and refined patterns that play with light and a form of natural simplicity. We like the cane associated with simple and unadorned designs, possibly mixed with black lines for modernity.

10. Braided lights

Braided lights (1)

The braiding of vegetable fibers offers an infinite range of possibilities! You will be able to bring delicate patterns into the play of light of your suspensions or your table lamps. A good way to give rhythm to the decor without bringing contrasting colors. Everything remains soft, fine and subtle. For the materials, you are spoiled for choice: rattan, paper, ropes … As long as the fiber is clear, it blends happily with the natural trend.

11. Fabric lampshades

Fabric lampshades (1)

The textiles are very kind lampshades, under certain conditions. For the colors as for the shapes, we favor simplicity. Of neutral colors like white or beige or blue-green light. Geometric or organic shapes, it depends, but always in the purity. For the material, we prefer cotton, veil or thick, or linen and its authentic texture effects. You will thus illuminate your interior with grace and simplicity.

12. Precious materials: terrazzo, mother-of-pearl, marble …

Precious materials, terrazzo, mother-of-pearl, marble ...

Chic style loves precious materials. For your lights, bet on biscuit, terrazzo, mother-of-pearl or marble supports. The two-material aspects or even with material inlay are also suitable for this decoration. On the other hand, to stay chic, we avoid overloading and we favor simple lines and refined designs .

13. A touch of gold

A touch of gold (1)

Simply essential, gold is the hallmark of chic interiors. For table lamps, pendant lights or floor lamps, you can therefore bet on it without risk. The brass is obviously the party. For a modern effect, we avoid the total-look and we favor a golden tube, a golden border or a golden band which will bring preciousness but in all subtlety.

14. Glass, essential

Glass, essential (1)

Sandblasted, pure, faceted … glass is both absolutely simple and knows how to play with light thanks to its brilliance and transparency . So chic! It is therefore essential for all lighting, in a living room, bedroom or even in the bathroom. The globes or the tulips, very simple, are always the best effect.

15. Bold design and mix of materials

Bold design and mix of materials (1)

The design in luminaries original are the heart of this trend. Geometric shapes, mix of materials, aerial shapes … There is no rule: it is daring that takes precedence. Also think about the lights that sculpt the light and give it a real place in the space of the room. We love !

16. Roundness takes precedence

roundness takes precedence (1)

The round or oval shapes , ultra simple , are ideal for easily illuminating your interior. We then put on the materials to give personality to the luminaire. As always in the design decoration, we play to the full the black and white contrast.

17. High-tech lighting to make life easier

High-tech lighting to make life easier (1)

Design objects in general and lighting in particular fully integrate technological innovations . You will find connected lights that change color on demand or play your favorite music. Other wall lights light up when you pass your hand in front of it. Some lamps include a USB port in their base to charge your laptops. Discreet options that change your life.

18. Floral patterns

Floral patterns (1)

On textiles or on paper, the charm trend asserts its romantic heritage. Here are floral patterns or Liberty prints. To be sure not to make a false note, we rather choose the pastel patterns for its lampshades and we stay on clear and bright backgrounds so that the light diffuses throughout the room.

19. Classic or baroque details

Classic or baroque details (1)

If historical details inspire you, now is the time to let loose. You can opt for Grand Si├Ęcle pendant lights revisited in a refined style . If you like marble, polished wood, baroque moldings for your table lamps, go for it. Small advice: keep the sense of measure to stay in tune with the times.

20. Pastel tones

Pastel tones (1)

The pastel colors soften historical styles. Sky blue, powder pink, coral, soft yellow will give your lighting the necessary grace to integrate your charming decor. Think of it for the feet of table lamps but also for fabric lampshades or modern and yet so charming openwork metal structures.